It can be hard to slog through the plethora of mediocrity to find a truly good sci-fi and fantasy series, but finding a truly good one can be nearly life-changing.

Save some time by checking out some of these series if you're looking for something with substance.

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Back in the day, the generations before us only had five channels, or less to chose from for their tv entertainment.

And even then there were stills shows that got overlooked, thank goodness for the idea of implementing reruns.

Now here we are, with more television than we'll ever be able to watch. Thousands of shows on thousands of channels, worldwide.

So of course, tons of great work will go unnoticed. But maybe we can remedy a few situations.

Let's help some shows find an audience...

Redditor Plus_Bison_7091 wanted to make some noise about all the tv shows that have been criminally neglected, they asked:

"What is the most underrated tv series that barely anyone knows?"
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Hint: It's not Friends.

It's just not. Stop telling people anything about Friends was revolutionary. The shows creators admitted that it was literally a stolen and white-washed Living Single - a show which, incidentally, had a slammin' theme song.

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We didn't have video games available to us until much later when we were kids so my brother and I watched a bunch of television and movies.

However, our mother was very firm in her belief that we couldn't sit and stare at a screen all the time so he and I had to make our own fun.

We'd make blanket forts, for example. We'd play tag. We used to play on top of parked cars... yeah, that got us in trouble before.

But those memories are some of the sweetest I have. We had a knack for making our own fun.

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Have you ever seen someone take to the role of villain so easily and so well that you forever associate them with that role from then on?

Whether or not it's the first time you saw Othello in your community or the first time you saw What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford as a murdering, unfaithful husband—it sticks with you.

It can become difficult to separate the human actor behind the role from the role when you're younger and even more so, when you are deeply affected by the movie. They become the face of something you loathe, and it's difficult to divorce them from that.

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