Not everyone has to watch what you want to watch.

It does feel odd when you dislike something that everyone seems to love, though, doesn't it? Think of the hottest series trending online right now. Maybe it's a show, or a new movie, and everyone is just over the moon excited about the latest installment or the revelations the film will finally offer about the world at large.

And you think, "Meh."

This is not as uncommon as you might think.

Reddit user, theycallmemomo, wanted to know what other people might not agree with when they asked:

"What's your controversial tv show/movie opinion?"

Maybe your opinion isn't controversial in its content, rather in the thing you're arguing against. You couldn't possibly hate this beloved cult classic that's become an internationally smash hit, right?

Very Minor Changes Throughout

"Breaking Bad was god awful (and yes I gave it a chance, went all the way to season 3). There was no character development, Walt was awful before the show started and he continues to be awful. The only interesting part was how Walt ruined everything he touched, but even that got tedious after a while."



"Forget die hard , home alone is not an Xmas movie. Whilst taking place at Xmas the plot has very little to do with Xmas. This is a movie for any time of the year. An Xmas movie needs to have Xmas central to the plot such as elf, miracle on 34th street , jingle all the way , a Christmas carol etc"


She Doesn't Even Go...Aw, Forget It

"Mean girls is boring at best and cringey at worst. Quoting it in everyday conversation doesn't make you clever or funny, it just means you're hung up on a mediocre highschool movie from 20 years ago."


Multiple awards from recognized institutions can't be wrong, can they?

Unless they are and these films are over-hyped nonsense. ​

You Either Get Busy Living, Or Get Busy Offering Unwarranted Film Critiques

"Shawshank isn’t a good movie"


"It's alright, but I don't understand why people think it's the absolute best movie ever. There's nothing particular about it. The acting is good, but nothing you wouldn't expect from the actors. The script is also good, but I didn't really get invested in any of the characters."


A Lot Of Walking For Little Payoff

"Lord of the Rings sucks and so does The Hobbit. Books and movies."


"Wow, I legit thought I was alone in thinking this.I just don't get them. I mean, visually stunning, ground breaking cgi cinematography etc. But I'm just not into the story"


Look What They Did To My Boy...

"The Godfather and The Godfather II are both below average movies with no real value beyond a cinematic imitation of Rembrandt’s style and a first-to-market novelty."


"Same, I recently rewatched it with my friends, remembering it being awesome. I found it such a snoozefest and was just waiting for it to be over."


And then there's these, opinions so far out of left field they weren't even in the park. Granted, everyone's opinion on something as trivial as film and television is valid, and not everyone thinks the same way, but, wow.

Some of these...

A Little More Time On Dany's Completely Warranted Freakout

"The Game of Thrones ending was great. Just a little rushed is all"


"I 100% agree. If they had given them 2 more seasons and the budget to do it right, it would have been great. Instead they said, hey fit 2 wars and resolve the rest of the plot in, oh idk, 2/3 of a season."

"It would have ended the same. That was how it had to end. It's GoT, it can't have a "happy ending".


The Avatars Will Be Fighting Until The End Of Time On This One

"Avatar (the show not the movie) isn't as good as reddit makes it. It is ok but not That good. Oh and Korra > Aang"


"Sorry but korra > Aang is just an incorrect opinion except if you're a 12yo girl"


Somehow Palpatine Has Returned?

"Rise of Skywalker was the best of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Yes it was batsh-t nonsense, but more than the other two it came across feeling like it understood it was batsh-t nonsense and just f-cking ran with it. The other two have this weird teacher's pet quality, looking for approval and validation, trying to be 'correct' but ultimately coming up short and largely failing to have their own identity or purpose. Skywalker just kicks over the desk and runs out of the room screaming and that was frankly a lot more fun."


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They Call Him Baba Yaga

"John Wick is boring as f-ck."

"Edit: Because people have asked - I love mindless action, I love a well choreographed fight scene, but I need more plot than ‘guy kills everyone standing between him and killing the guy who killed his dog.’ I have the same problem with zombie movies and yes, I know how pretentious it sounds."


So long as you can back up your claim with evidence, everyone can think what they want to think about film and TV. That's the joy of watching fiction in this form, the discussion aspect of it. Everyone can see the same thing and think something totally different, even if it's not the accepted norm.

But "Mean Girls" is a classic and we will not be taking any further questions at this time.

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