People Describe The Most Evil Person They've Ever Met
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Evil isn't always on the surface, and it isn't always so easily defined.

Years after your time with someone, you might realize their actions had an evil core Selfishness, pain, and chaos, laced throughout their interactions.

You don't need to understand evil.

You just need to feel it.

Reddit user, Adrhhhy12, wanted to know the epitome of evil when they asked:

"(serious) Who is the most evil person you've ever met?"

What is it in some people that makes them evil?

Is it their desire to, to quote a film, watch the world burn?

To make others miserable?

Some People Live Off The Chaos

"My ex wife. I've never met anyone that thrived on conflict like she did. I had to constantly walk on eggshells around her and be hyper aware of her moods. It took years of therapy to undo the webs that she spun in my mind."


"I'm sorry, man. My SIL is just like that. But according to him, we "can't judge because [we] only see her a few times a year and when there are parties she is at her worst". Makes no sense to me. Walking on eggshells is ALWAYS a sign that something is wrong."


Don't Ever Mess With The Dog

"My former friends mom."

"She drinks all day, spends her husbands money, and is a selfish narcissist."

"She injured her leg years ago working at a troubled youth clinic. A “bad kid” attacked her for “no reason” but the more I grew to know her and saw how cruel she was I believe she said something very hurtful and is also milking government money with her injury."

"My friends boyfriend suffered a freak accident and almost died. While he was in the hospital, they got a dog to help him with his recovery."

"Fast forward to them breaking up, he kept the dog and she traveled the country for a few months. They were still friendly. He asked her to watch his dog while family (with an aggressive dog) came to visit. She agreed, then the mom refused to give the dog back. (She was now living with the mom post break up)"

"It wasn’t in his name so he had no merit to get the dog back, besides massive court fees."

"She took a stroke survivors support dog from him. Lol. I felt so bad for him. He talked with attorneys and they said they can get the dog back for sure but it would be pricey and she will be vengeful."

"He ended up having to get another dog."


There has to be an easier way than murder.


Get Out While You Can

"Former step dad. Mom filed for divorce and had the papers served as she got on a plane to England (from America) so my step dad couldn't find her."

"My step dad's brother called my mom after a hunting trip and begged her to leave him as he spent the entire trip discussing how he was going to kill my mom and hide the body."

"Unfortunately my former step dad's brother died before he could file a police report."


"how did he die tho?"


"Massive heart attack. Dude saved my mom's life, I'm certain."


Seems Like There's An Easier Way Out Of This

"My high school rugby coach’s wife was murdered. She was shot as she waited for the bus. Everyone made a show of supporting him as he seemed to be really devastated."

"He left his volunteer position as our coach a few months later.Turns out he paid someone to kill her so he could get out of his marriage. There was a huge undercover operation to catch him."


Repeated, Violent Patterns

"My first ex husband. It wasn't just a matter of "he cheated!", though he did that, too. He was abusive to me, and tried to kill my son (can't think of him as "our" son)."

"He went to prison, and when he was out, he continued the same pattern of behavior with other women and children. He went to prison again. Not sure what he's doing now, but I can guess..."



"A kid I knew from gym class in 9th grade ended up killing his mom and stabbing his brothers before fleeing across pastureland I used to deer and turkey hunt on."

"This was in the late 1990s and the guy is still locked up in a Texas prison. He told investigators that he murdered his mom because she wouldn’t let him see his girlfriend."


And then there's people like this, bottom of the barrel, scum of humanity who probably shouldn't be allowed others.

Yet they were. And that's how we got where we are.

So Evil You Don't Know Where They Ended Up

"I had a student who beat his girlfriend, his mother, and his sisters. Showed absolutely no remorse. Threatened his female teachers. The kid was a f-cking psychopath."

"He dropped out after getting suspended a bunch of times. Probably in prison or dead now."


Not Enough Time Behind Bars

"My school friends stepdad. He was violent even when friends visited her, one time he threatened us all (my friend, her sisters and her mom) with a huge knife, luckily we were able to leave the apartment unharmed."

"That man is a f-cking monster and I hope he’ll burn in hell. Bastard is out of jail already thanks to my country’s sh-tty justice system."



"A Muslim family was out for a post-iftar stroll during Ramadan when a van pulled up and someone opened fire, killing the wife and wounding the husband. The baby in his stroller was covered in blood but physically unharmed. Obviously, everyone assumed this might be a hate crime and there was an outpouring of support from the entire community. "

"The ER where the couple was taken was so full of well-wishers and prayer vigils that they actually had to have security move some people outside to clear the hallways for emergency crews to get through. Days later they found the husband's side chick, still in possession of the murder weapon."

"She'd helped the b**tard fake a hate crime to get out of his marriage/ the lies he'd told his wife about being in a nonexistent PhD program. So evil."



"A South African ex-police officer. He boasted about killing suspects by dropping them out of helicopters over the sea or shooting them pointblank when they were caught instead of arresting them."


"As a South African this doesn't surprise me. I've been told to my face by the police to kill home intruders and dump them instead of trying to call the cops."


Radiating Evil

"Ronnie Lee Gardner, he killed a bar tender in a robbery gone wrong, then had his girlfriend sneak a gun into a court house and shot and killed an attorney. I was a Court Security Officer during one of his death penalty appeals. I didn't technically meet him, but was in court with him, that man just radiated evil."



"My stepmother. That woman has no soul. Child abuse against her 3 step kids, the youngest was 1. Runner up would be my father. He sat back in silence and allowed the abuse. F**k them both with rusty barbwire. NC was the best thing I ever did."


“go bag”

"Coworker’s husband. Seemed like a picture perfect family from the outside, always pleasant at company functions and 3 kids were sweethearts. Then she brought a 'go bag' to the office and he found out she was going to run. Apparently abuse had been happening at home for years. He stabbed her to death that night, took the kids to school in the morning, and set the house on fire. Caught himself ablaze and the neighbors saw him run out of the house. He’s in prison for life but good God, those poor children."


Placing Blame

"Hands down the mother of one of the girls that bullied me when I was a child, her daughter treated a lot of kids like hell and her mother not only didn't do anything about it, but actively encouraged her into keeping the act up and partook in it (either by actively laughing at the kids being mistreated or by scolding them if they tried to defend themselves from her daughter). I almost blame her for my traumas more than her daughter."


Uneasy Presence

"Someone from my school bragged about killing animals for fun and one of my friends told me he once started showing people pictures of mutilated dead animals that he claimed to be responsible for. He killed animals like turtles, snakes, all sorts of rodents, and lots of bugs too but still in a messed up, torturous way. Idk if he was evil as opposed to just a f**ked up person but I always felt really uncomfortable around him."



"The most evil people I’ve ever met were not criminals; they played by the rules and simply didn’t care how their actions affected others. If they could press a button that would make them $1000, but would make someone else homeless, they’d press it endlessly."



"Probably the woman who threatened to fire me for wanting to take time off to be with my new born twins who had suffered from strokes while in NICU despite my already being approved for the time off 5 months in advance."



"There was a guy in high school that took pride at "f**king up" the life of others, like incriminating them of things they didn't do, spreading false rumors to friends of the person in an attempt to leave the person friendless. People like this exist."


"I always wonder to myself if there is a floor to the depths of human depravity then I read comments like these and I'm reminded that their clearly isn't."


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