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As the years go on, we start to find out more and more terrible things big corporations have done to their workers, their consumers and the environment.

University of Virginia Law professor Brandon Garrett wrote a book called Too Big to Jail. He told Vox prosecutors haven't been following through with the prosecution, only stopping at fines. As much as the fines have gone up in amounts, they have expressed leniency with corporations in hopes they stop breaking laws.

That hasn't seemed to have happened.

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Content warning: This article contains content that may be upsetting or triggering for some readers. We care about you folks so just be aware.

Have you ever saw or met someone who just instantly made your blood run cold? Those sudden moments when your hair stands on end and something in your gut tells you to proceed with caution?

There was one kid in high school that always did that for me, and others around him. I remember one of my first full conversations with him was him explaining how he had learned German so he could read these really gruesome horror stories that involved dismemberment. He frequently spoke about satanism and went way beyond the “normal" teenage spooky-kid persona. There was something dark there.

Later one before we all graduated it turns out he and a bunch of buddies got high and tortured this poor dog to death. They killed it for fun. Although he claimed to regret it later in life he proceeded to do some pretty scary and sadistic things. Anytime he was in the same room I was on edge and turned out it was for good reason.

Redditor belvedere789 wanted to hear the chilling encounters others have had with those who have a truly evil vibe.

No words…

​“My dad. After a particularly bad fight with my mom where he ended up beating her nearly unconscious, he kidnapped my brother and I when we were toddlers while trying to avoid arrest. Not sure if my mom didn't charge him or what."

“As we were growing up he started to beat my brother and I as well, he would act normal in front of his friends despite hitting us moments before they saw him. When I was 18 he tried to beat my brother who was fighting back and not allowing the beatings to happen now that he was older and bigger, and when my dad started losing the fight he broke a beer bottle against a wall and tried to stab my brother."

“I grabbed the pocket knife I was carrying and told my dad I'd stab him if he came any closer to my brother. My mom finally called the cops and they charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. The police sent him to a mental hospital for a week's evaluation as my family began packing our things so we could move in with another family by the time he was home."

"My entire family called the mental hospital and told them to be extremely careful when evaluating him, he had successfully manipulated people his entire life. My family packed our things and moved in with family he had never met before."

"3 days later the mental hospital released him on good behavior and because he made a few cards to my mom explaining how he was going to be better and how he was sorry. On the way home from the mental hospital he spotted by a hardware store and bought multiple knives, a saw, and some rope. He put them in his backpack on top of his card saying he was sorry and that he was going to be better from now on."

"He came home to an empty house, unexpectedly. He messaged every family member asking us to forgive him and come home so we could talk things out. None of us responded…He used the rope to hang himself, once he realized his plan to murder us had completely failed." -throw-a-way-9002

Always trust your gut folks.

“Worked with this guy who was very outgoing and most would describe him as nice but a little odd. He always made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and avoided him when I could. A work friend asked why I was rude to him and all I could say is that he gave me the creeps. He had never did anything specific or say weird things, it was just odd vibes. His wife and he killed a little girl they adopted. Beat her to death. Trust your instincts." -bgreen134

Sometimes it is just biological…

“I work in a k-12 school. Met a kindergartener whose eyes were just.....soulless. He wasn't rambunctious like the other kinders...calm and steady but bad things always happened around him. Grade 3 he faked a murder scene in the forest behind the school and would take kids back there to freak them out."

“In grade 10 there were stories of him planning a school shooting. He was expelled and charged. But I believe now the charges are dropped. I have never once felt comfortable with him in the room. He's still a minor now."

“I'm worried about what he will be like as an adult. In all my years I've never met a kid like him. We tried several social interventions on the school level. He was good at always giving the correct answer without any emotional response." -SnooGoats9114

Imagine the type of person that could justify this…

“My old boss. Superficially charming, obsessed by money, evil to the core. Just one tale amongst many: A colleague who had recently become a father was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. Being a small, close-knit community in a foreign country we rallied 'round and did as much as we could for the grieving widow."

“Our boss contacted her and told her that she would look after the child, who would never want for anything, then tried to buy her. Our boss, rich, childless and in her fifties, turned up at the house with a bag of money and tried to take the poor, fatherless child from its mother and, then, on being rebuffed, refused to help with any costs at all. I have so many others." -leobeer

He started young…

“There was this guy who grew up in the neighbouring street as me, and he was just a really, really bad person. It probably doesn't sound like much now, but when he was about 11 he'd do things like borrow video games, never give them back and then just swear blind he never borrowed them in the first place."

“This sounds minor, but it kind of went from there really - as he got older he'd start to steal money, beat the sh*t out of people for no reason, etc. His ex-girlfriend took out a restraining order on him after they broke up because she was frightened of him."

“The best example I can give of what he was like was when he heard that someone had said something about him that he'd taken offence to. The person who'd done this was in the pub one afternoon with his wife and kids, and this guy walks into the pub, doesn't say a word and just headbutts him in front of his family."

“But at the same time, he could be quite well-spoken and charming when he wanted something from somebody, and it's only recently occurred to me that he's obviously a sociopath. He's now living in a tent and addicted to heroin, and I think it was always going to go that way." -hashtagthoughtbomb

Sounds like the office bully…

​“Extreme narcissist, the guy sent emails to me and my boss about my poor work performance while I was sitting at my dying mother's hospital bed. When I returned from that trip a week later he was literally standing in my office with a tape measure. Apparently he took my absence as an opportunity to take my office… permanently. I have a higher job title than this guy to top it off. And no, he didn't get the office.” loucall

A chilling assessment.

“I did a clinical assessment on a sexual sadist who had killed several people and enjoyed hurting people. He had this nervous energy and excitement talking about it that was chilling. He was curious about why he was the way he was, but it didn't bother him. Creepy dude." -justhanginhere

Glad they were safe.

“I was on the subway coming home from work one night; I had an hour and a half commute and one transfer. I noticed a creepy (think Riff Raff from Rocky Horror) guy in my peripherals staring at me, so I made sure to keep my awareness up."

“About 45 minutes later I transferred to my streetcar, a 25 minute ride to go. I hadn't noticed him at all until I was seated - he was sitting four rows behind me. When I went to ding for my stop he started getting up so I quickly decided not to get off and went to the front of the car."

“At the next stop it seemed like he was waiting to see if I was going to get off so I mimicked leaving and thankfully he hopped off. I jumped back inside the car and looked over - as the door was closing he flashed me the creepiest, scariest rumplestiltskin smile I've ever seen in my life and waved. I took that streetcar to the end of the city and called myself a cab." -MoreShoe2

It ended up being the Elizabeth Smart kidnapper…

“I told this story before.. Back in Feb 2003 I was living in San Diego. My son was a toddler at the time and we liked to go to the zoo or other places to check out animals and stuff on Fridays, my day off. That day we were driving around Lakeside, CA where they have a lot of farms with horses and cows, etc."

“As we were driving back that afternoon I pulled up at a stop sign in front of El Capitan High School. In front of me to the right at the corner was a man in flowing robes and long unkempt hair. He looked like a religious prophet of some sort. Typical California. Nothing to see here, right? Then this guy turned to face me and I saw pure f**king evil coming from his eyes."

“I am getting chills writing this right now, all these years later. I can still see it. It's fucking creepy as hell. Anyway. This "guy" was Brian David Mitchell, aka the sick f**k who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart... Crazy deep angry eyes."

“I pulled on passed him, drove home and thought nothing of it until, Elizabeth was rescued a month later in Salt Lake City. Then the story came out that he had her locked up in the hills in the little town of Lakeside, CA." -catjugglinpimp

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

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