People Break Down The Most Evil Corporations In The World
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As the years go on, we start to find out more and more terrible things big corporations have done to their workers, their consumers and the environment.

University of Virginia Law professor Brandon Garrett wrote a book called Too Big to Jail. He told Vox prosecutors haven't been following through with the prosecution, only stopping at fines. As much as the fines have gone up in amounts, they have expressed leniency with corporations in hopes they stop breaking laws.

That hasn't seemed to have happened.

Redditors shared which companies are the most evil of them all.

Redditor outdropp asked:

"What is the world's most evil company and why?"

It's incredible what lengths they will go to for money.

A bad history.

"Chiquita bananas - I'm not sure if they're that evil currently but they have a really bad history of killing protesting workers, starting wars and supporting terrorist organizations."

- joujamis

"Ah yes. United Fruit Company. Who used their connections with the American government to overthrow a government in Guatemala because they cared too much about labour rights. And that's not all they've done. Massacre and bananas go hand in hand."

- ballsofstyle

"Imagine destabilizing an entire country just to secure a f*cking banana crop. Absolute bastards."

- SquilliamFancySon95

"The term 'banana republic' came from their relations with nations like Honduras."

- AlliedAtheistAllianc

"Was looking for this. Kinda crazy that the clothing brand Banana Republic became so popular despite this morbid allegiance."

- Alive-Contact9147

"That is bananas."

- Christmas_Panda

Poisoning everything and everyone.

"I am a little biased since I just saw Dark Waters but Dupont."

- Skeledenn

"The montage where they went over every contaminated product still haunts me. I got rid of every teflon pan I had and switched to cast iron after that. Obviously too late, but it's a start.

For those interested, the document on DuPont and Teflon manufacturing is available on YouTube in some countries. It's fairly disturbing however."

- JustStopBeingPoor

"I live 20 minutes away from Parkersburg WV, and you'd be surprised how little people in the area know about DuPont."

- chadwick_dean

"Then the PR campaign is working effectively."

- koushakandystore

"I came for this. DuPont is the biggest evil company most people haven't heard of. They have their hands on or in everything that's made yet no one know much about them. I'm convinced it's because they have so much money they pay to stay under the radar."

"Also you know, they poisoned our entire planet with C8."

"The entire reason weed was illegal and hemp wasn't popular in the United States is because in WWII they lobbied to get the contract to make all the rope for our navy during the war for cheap using nylon. In turn they wanted to have their competitor, I can't remember the name, put out of business and they made hemp rope that was way strong and cheaper to manufacture. So congress put a HUGE tax on hemp that paved the way for weed to be illegal to smoke and hemp pretty much impossible to grow legally."

- MrBojanglez

The own or operate nearly every brand.

"Nestle - Too many reasons to list."

- LyannaCeltiger88

"I'm thinking now maybe I should avoid Nestlé products but they apparently operate SO MANY different companies it would be nearly impossible to avoid Nestlé. I'd have to make drastic life/diet changes, adjust meal planning, my morning routine, shopping routes, budget for more expensive alternative products, etc. Plus I'd have to take time to research and memorize what companies are Nestlé-owned and make sure the alternative companies aren't equally unethical."

"Like boycotting would take over my life and would likely be viewed as an unhealthy obsession..."

- akzj

"I checked out r/f*cknestle as one of the folks who replied on here suggested, right in their main page is a picture of all the companies. Just take a screenshot and save the photo to your phone. Instant access and reminder for the companies. That's what I did."

- bluefl0werz

"They also have this linked in the pinned post where you can type a brand and see if it's a Nestle brand. It's not perfect, I searched for Crunch since it's a Nestle Crunch bar and it didn't show, but it's better than nothing."

- FromUnderTheWineCork

"Try the app Buycott. It's free and let's you avoid companies you don't like and tells you how others are ethically and whether their product is ethically sourced."

- ClearlyDoesntGetIt

Leaders in the climate crisis.

"Most fast fashion brands. Child labor, wasting horrible amount of water while polluting it, burning or throwing the unsold clothes into the ocean etc."

- Lord-AG

"I can't help but thinking that all mainstream products in the world are built on top of suffering, and that anything remotely ethical is just extremely expensive and scarce."

- drum_playing_twig

"It's completely down to money, end of story."

"Did you know that over 90% of everything you recycle, doesn't actually get recycled? That only 20-30%, depending on where you read, of all cardboard actually gets recycled, as in properly used again?"

"That the cost of buying new cardboard for companies now is CHEAPER than recycling it, or buying recycled cardboard."

"That recycling companies like Biffa sell their recycling by the ton, and were caught mislabeling nappies, sanitary towels and clothes marked as "waste paper" which is cheaper of course."

"Recycling is a BUSINESS, and like all businesses, profits are all that matter."

"We need to wake up to the fact that buying an electric car, replacing your lightbulbs, buying bags for life, eating less meat, it's all a puny drop in the ocean even if you combined everyone doing it. Because 100 companies produce 71% of the world's total pollution."

- Dynasty2201

A sketchy church.

"I mean Church of Scientology is pretty sketchy."

- Christmas_Panda

"There was a period of about 8 months on Reddit back somewhere in 2014-2016 in which former Scientologists were all sharing their experiences on here and then it was like it all of a sudden stopped. It made me wonder if Reddit corporate got pressure from the church."

- Christmas_Panda

"I like this reply because Scientology is not a religion or anything similar and should be considered money making COMPANY."

- ilove-bananas

Asbestos in their baby powder.

"Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that asbestos lurked in its baby powder."

- planecompanyshort911

"Scrolled this far just to find J&J mentioned. It was unbelievable how long they kept this under wraps despite reports from way earlier regarding how carcinogenic their powder was turning out to be. Especially increasing incidence of ovarian cancer in women."

- akdsouza

"J&J doesn't have anything on Bayer…"

- DrEnter

No wonder many are crying to "Tax the Rich," or in other cases "Eat the Rich."

These corporate entities are literally destroying everything they touch and getting away with it.

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