People Break Down Which Corporations Are More Evil Than Anyone Realizes
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Loyal customers who patronize a variety of businesses tend to look the other way if they sense something about the company is up to no good.

But when a corporation has such a terrible reputation that is beyond the pale, it leaves a once faithful patron no choice but to no longer require its services.

Curious to hear from strangers who refused to associate themselves with a company, Redditor lubedupduck asked:

"What's a corporation that nobody seems to realize is evil?"

When it comes to handling your finances, these are the corporations apparently ones to look out for.

Not Free Or Easy

"Intuit, the maker of TurboTax. They’ve worked very hard for years to make sure filing your taxes is neither free nor easy."

– Allied_Biscuit

Credit Bureaus

"The credit bureaus - Equifax, Transunion, Experian."

"Their business model is based on building up as much information about you as they can from sources you can’t vet, control, or have the ability to approve. You can’t look at the raw data (just their compiled reports). It’s your job to correct the data that they gathered (vs them validate the data). You have no control and can’t stop them from gathering the data. And their analysis has direct implications on many of your financial activities."

"Ohh and my favorite above all - they are a data company having some of the most personal information about you which has direct financial implications on your life, but if (when) they are breached and that data is exposed it’s your problem to deal with the repercussions."

– Tifoid

Missed Payment

"I had a Credit Card with Elan for years that I didn’t use. I had it on auto payment and the only thing on there was yearly fees. I never closed it out because it was an older established line of credit and closing it would impact credit score. Randomly they had an update and their system rejected my bank routing. So I missed a payment and surprise surprise nobody contacted me to let me know I was delinquent on the $20 (from their yearly fees). My credit dropped 80 points from that one missed payment. Elan, Equifac, Transunion, Experian all gave me the run around and basically said tough sh*t. Took months to settle and my credit is still stuck in low 700’s despite only missing one payment in a decade which I paid the entirety of the balance and closed out the card."

– snacknslash

A Costly Reputation

"Goldman Sachs. The other financial companies think they're evil, which is saying something."

– Cyberzombie

These are companies whose alleged dealings in other affairs make negative impacts.

Bearing Rotten Fruit

"The Dole and Chiquita fruit company . The things they did in the mid 1900's would have been evil by 1600's standards."

– Diddy_Block

Not So Slick

"Shell. This company started wars in Africa."

– radeakins

"Every oil company is insanely evil. I think most people realize this. In fact, a picture of Steven Donziger (an American political prisoner who dared to cross Chevron) was on the front page earlier."

– nirad

A Bad Connection


"In 2018 A California fire chief said Verizon throttled his crew's Internet speed during a wildfire crisis to 1/200th of its original data plan, even though the fire department had an 'unlimited' plan."

"Fighting wildfires and their data is throttled."

– Alston518

Not So Wholesome Grocer

"Whole Foods."

– theCurseOfHotFeet

"I worked for Whole Foods from 2007-2013. I remember a mandatory 'unions are bad' presentation that every employee had to attend. The whole thing was basically 'oh we treat our employees so well, we don’t need unions!' And then they warned us about sneaky union folk who would try to trick us into signing up for a union."

– imaginaryblues

Earning The Uniform

"I worked for Best Buy for like 6 months during college and they did the same thing. It was really aggressive training, and pretty laughable considering how dogsh*t the pay and hours were. They seriously made employees 'earn' their blue polo shirt, you had to work with no uniform until then."

"Even sadder was that several people in my training class actually believed it, I remember one girl thanking them for 'educating' her about how bad and unecessary unions were."

– rachelgraychel

People refuse to engage with the following services, and it's understandable as to why.

Reviews Suck

"YELP Bunch of leeches."

– AllTheCoconut

After The Flood

"I ran a store years ago. In 2011 the area had torrential rains in the spring. My store flooded, but that's an understatement. The entire city block flooded like you see on the news - cars floating, people being rescued, etc. The day after the water had subsided and cleanup started. The street was still blocked off. Anyway, I had the door open to my store with fans helping to air it out. I even put a sign up outside that said 'closed due to flooding, sorry'. Well my employees and I are in there cleaning away and out of nowhere I turn around and this young guy is standing in the middle of the store. I said, 'sir, sorry but we're closed'... He said, 'well your store hours say you're open'. At this point I'm about ready to kick him out - we're literally shoveling mud out of the store, how could any sane person think the store was open. I explained that the whole block flooded and all my merchandise was ruined."

"He got pissed off, yelled at me about not being accommodating and threw a glass cup across the store, shattering it and giving me even more to deal with. A few days later I found out he left a one star yelp review. He said I was abusive and racist (we're both white). He said the store was in deplorable condition and said he was filing a safety hazard concern with the city. I appealed to yelp with pictures of the flood and some jack@ss from yelp responded to me with something rude like, 'Next time you close your store to the public, maybe actually keep the doors closed.' F'k that company so much."

– Any_Ad_7571

All Those Extra Charges


– choref81

"The f'k they need to add all those extra fees for a digital f'king ticket for its not like they are actually printing a ticket and having someone post it out."

– Mccobsta

Even the Mouse was put on blast.

Not So Magical

"Disney..i will die on this hill."

– LordofMushrooms

"They alone are responsible for f'king up copyright law."

– BlartIsMyCoPilot

A Testimonial

"Former cast member Disneyworld - I can attest to this being true. 2005-2006 was when I was down there. A kid died on the Rockin' Rollercoaster in MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios) - a seizure, I believe. I worked at the other end of the park in Sweet Spells. The guests were asking about the death because they were there. We were strictly told not to discuss it and just say we didn't know or hadn't heard anything. That poor baby died and we had to act like everything was ok - happy in fact. Another incident was the winner of the marathon that year dropped dead of a heart attack after crossing the finish line - everybody saw it. They drag your body out in a way as to not disturb guests (so if that means lifesaving help could get there faster, they don't if it would upset the guests) once they drag you off park grounds local teams can declare you dead. Even if you were dead. Even if everybody saw you die. It's traumatic."

– InterrobangDatThang

Following Traditions

"Yep. Worked there 2005-2006. Very racist. It is written in their rulebook. The 'traditional look' - I was made to straighten my natural hair because Black hair is 'unprofessional' to them. And because in their College Program your housing, transportation, and food is based on you working there, I had no choice."

"I worked with a lot of kids who had nothing - fleeing Hurricane Katrina and had nowhere to go, also kids from overseas whose families sacrificed so much for them to be there -- Disney banked off the fact that many of us there came from nothing and we're just scraping to get by. We were told we were lucky and not to question what they'd do. I hate them."

"Two words: Grocery Bingo. These mfkrs made us play real hunger games for our food. Imagine splitting a bag of Chef Boyardee, Pop Tarts, and Cheerios amongst four roommates - and that might be your food for the week. I stole food from my shop for us, but you can't live off of cookies and fudge. I hate them."

– InterrobangDatThang

If the product itself is satisfactory, it's one thing. But when a company is involved in controversial matters that tarnishes their brand, it it worth being loyal?

How much do you not know about the businesses you wholeheartedly are committed to?

These questions are definitely something worth exploring if you care to.

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