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When it comes to acceptable male behavior, there is plenty of room for improvement.

So the gender that knows best about these issues best mentioned a few points of contention where they believed men could do better.

Curious to explore what some of those are, Redditor lifesabystander asked:

"Men, what do wish your fellow men would stop doing immediately?"

There was plenty of discussion on bathroom etiquette.

Improper Aim

"Peeing on the floor in front of the urinal. What the f'k is wrong with you? Now everyone else has to either step in your piss or try to long distance pee into the f'king urinal."

– GueroInfernal

Keeping The Seat Dry

"Dude, don't f'king pee all over the seat of a public toilet. Why the f'k would you do that?"

"Edit: Don't do it outside the urinal and all over the f'king floor either.Clean if you make a mess, but don't just leave it there man. That's an a**hole move."

– howwouldiknow--

DNA Wall

"Stop wiping your boogers on the wall at the urinal. Publicly shaming the next person i see doing this. edited for decorum."


Proper hygiene gets the spotlight here.

Be Clean

"Being super unhygienic. Wash your f'king hands with soap and water. Clean your f'king a** so you’re not sporting skid marks on all your underwear."

– CoMMoN-EnEmY

Mind The Backside

"Wash your a**, please. It won’t turn you gay."

– scaryboilednoodles

"I've had enough gay sex to assure you there is no correlation."

– theblackmeridian

"They let the water trickle down their ass and say its “clean enough”. The horror stories ive heard from women…"

– Global_Yam1340

And this behavioral display in the presence of women needs to go.

Not Putting Your Dukes Up

"Fighting over women, let her go. Move on."

"Getting into a fist fight over a lady because you both like her etc, Aint worth it."

– lolparty247


"Harassing women who are minding their business. If someone isn’t interested don’t insult them or do worst. I’ve seen stories where women lose their lives because they reject a man. Ridiculous."

– kingjcpymd

Flirt Elsewhere

"If she’s working out, leave her the f'k alone. I don’t care how good she looks in spandex, a sports bra, leggings, etc. She’s not there to date. Find her on Tinder."

– BeerJunky

Poorly Expressing Regrets

"Stop asking me for forgiveness at the nightclub after groping my girlfriend. You harassed her, not me. She shouldn’t have to have a boyfriend for you to respect her."

– Zackmaestro

Cowardly Attitude

"Honestly, it’s hard to believe the things people have said to my ex wife and daughter when I wasn’t there. No one has ever spoken to me the way they’ve said men speak to them out and about. I can’t think of anything more cowardly."

"I think this falls into the same category, only willing to treat women with respect when there is a man there to defend them. It took me years to realize this is the reality most women live with."

– painterman2080

Based on the examples above, there were plenty of male-centric issues we could all do without.

I do strongly agree, however, that urinating into the urinal is a good starting point.

That's a personal one for me, as I've slipped on a puddle of urine at a public restroom. I landed in the puddle created by the reprobate who probably mistook the bathroom drain itself for a urinal.

Do the right thing, fellas. Aim properly.

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