Everyone has their idiosyncrasies that can be perceived as extremely annoying.

You may live with someone who unconsciously chews their food without entirely closing their mouth.

Or they may talk to themselves as you are trying to focus on your studies or working intensely from home.

But let's get specific.

People may have specific gripes about another gender but they may be non-confrontational.

Thankfully, Redditor slipz4001 granted us permission to air out our grievances by asking:
"Women of Reddit: What would you like all men to stop doing, immediately, as of right now?"

According to these women, men are stubborn when it comes to their own health.

Losing Sight Of What's Important

"If you have a medical issue please get it sorted... Stop ignoring it!. My partner has been ignoring a problem with his eye and never saw a doctor and had an appointment last year but missed it as he felt he couldnt miss a few hours of work."

"Luckily i made him sit in A&E and told him not to come home until they have seen him."

"He was seen and his sight can now be saved.... If hed have left it he could have gone blind."

– leebling

Saved By The Ex

"My ex had been having health issues for a while. Massive fatigue from simple things like climbing stairs or even just moving around his apartment, night sweats, and his mouth smelled like something died. This went on for months until I finally called his mom and was like 'PLEASE tell your son to go to the doctor. What he's going through is absolutely not normal.' She heard about his zero energy, stopped me, and says immediately (she was on speaker), 'Go to the emergency room.'"

"He had leukemia. The doctor said if he'd waited a few more weeks he would've been dead."

"He's in remission now and doing really, really well!!"

– chibimonkey

When The Body Is Trying To Communicate

"In early Oct. my husband was experiencing severe pain under his ribs. He suffered through it, it got better and would then come back. The pain was so bad he'd vomit and say it felt like he was dying. Wouldn't go to the hospital. I convinced him to go to a doctor and when he came home I asked what they said and he said he didn't bring it up. Then wtf did he even go for?"

"On Dec 22, it happened again and he was scream moaning. I got him in the car, took him to the hospital, vomiting and screaming. Turns out he had severe pancreatitis, gall stones and needed to have his gallbladder out. It completely derailed x-mas, although I'm glad he's ok."

"But, f'king hell, come on. Go to the f'king doctor if you're in that much pain. Your body is telling you something is very wrong."

– idrow1

Things unfortunately did not end well.

A Late Diagnosis

"My Dad finally decided to go to Urgent care because of multiple health issues he could no longer ignore. He went in to see the doctor in May and died that October of terminal lung cancer."

– sharksarentsobad

It Began With A Stubbed Toe

"I had a diabetic co-worker who stubbed his toe. As it began to discolor, he refused to go to the hospital, and would show it to everyone around for lulz. My boss took him off the schedule and told him he can't come back unless he sees a doctor. By that point, the damage was so severe that they had to amputate the toe. It didn't heal, so they had to amputate the first metatarsal. The sudden loss of mobility caused a blood clot to form, which went to his brain and killed him. He went from stubbing his toe to dead in about 6 months."

– LemonFly4012

Women discuss the inappropriate behavior or conduct typically exhibited by the opposite sex.

It's Offensive

"Stop. neglecting. basic. hygiene."

– gorosheeta

They Don't Need To See That

"Sending unsolicited dick pics. Not that all men do, of course."

– SereneGoldfish

Hands Off

"If you aren’t my husband you have no business touching my waist or lower back. Ever. Stop that now."

– gainswor

Women Can Speak For Themselves

"Suggesting that women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted somehow misunderstood the situation."

– GuacIsExtra27

Let's talk about sex, baby.

Porn Is Not A Tutorial

"Treating the stuff they see on porn hub as if it's realistic. Internet porn is not sex ed fellas, nor is it real life. Talk to your partner; communication is key to good sex for both partners."

– catls234

Uncomfortable Gesture

"Yes. Attention men: sawing your hand in and out of a vagina is not erotic or even bearable. Stop it. Stop it a lot."

– onmyknees4anyone

Basically gentlemen, if you are experiencing prolonged physical discomfort, it's not un-masculine to seek professional help.

Also, women would appreciate it if you keep your hands and dick pics to yourself–unless you are given permission.

There you have it folks.

Did you take notes?

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