Women Explain What They Wish Other Women Would Immediately Stop Doing

There's something special about women sticking together and bonding through many of life's ups and downs.

No matter what, they seem to have each other's backs because they can relate to many situations that can cause them to be vulnerable.

But that doesn't mean they never scoff at certain behaviors exhibited by members of their own gender.

Curious to explore the things women can't stand about other women, Redditor EvilLord007 opened up a lively discussion after asking:

"Women, what do you wish your fellow women would stop doing immediately?"

These Redditors discussed the damaging effects of flaunting their beauty enhancement procedures.

The Look

"Doing heavy plastic surgery/photoshop and then going out to their young teenage girl audience saying its compleatly natural."

"Like idc if you do it for yourself BUT DONT SAY ITS REAL WHEN ITS NOT."

– SquareUnderwear69

It Comes At A Cost

"I call this the Kardashian Effect."

Obviously, plastic surgery has been around a long, long time and used to be mostly for rich people...but all of these reality shows and fake celebrities are making it more popular than ever, and that pressure is reaching a lot of young and impressionable people."

"I personally know people who have taken out loans and gone into debt so they can get a boob job or get their lips done. And the worst part is...it doesn't even look good."

"Someone I used to know was a very pretty, natural looking girl...then she moved to Vegas, has gotten a ton of work done, and looks like a creepy Barbie doll. It's weird."

– onamonapizza

Having A Bad Influence

"This specifically relates to influencers but they need to stop denying that they've had plastic surgery. It feeds into the unrealistic beauty standards we already have."

– littleecce

Compliments aren't always generated from a genuine place.

Fake Niceties

"The fake nice compliments which are actually insults."

"I’ve got a coworker who compliments me and then looks at me like I’m crazy when I take it at face value."

"Lady you’re 40. I don’t think either of us have time for mental warfare. Be nice or don’t, but don’t play this A** backwards high school game."

– rizcriz

Wearing It Well

"Had a friend who dealt with something similar like this:"

"Wow you're so confident wearing that blouse."

"Thank you. I figured if you can do it, so can I. So thank you!"

– Sir_Meowsalot

Unsolicited Beauty Tip

“'Your eyebrows would be fierce if you shaped them.' -Random lady in my pregnancy yoga class."

"🤨 Girl step back or I will sit on you."

– Beckella

Judgy Behavior

"I just hate that women still care about that stuff after high school. Were all grown ups now, we can do what we want. I don’t need to be in your little group of cheerleaders, just leave me and my ugly cat jumper alone."

– Zeefzeef

Women call out other women who are trying to convince them of something they have no business suggesting.


"Policing other women based on your own choices. Example- oh you’re a certain age. You should get married, I had a child by that age."

"You also owned a house and a car and you’re healthy AF."

– deceptionaldpka

The Scheme

"Trying to get me to join their MLM."

– cherrycherry13

The Sales Pitch

"Always remember when my wife got invited to 'just a girly hang out with some wine, I'll also show you some of the make-up stuff I've been working with' with one of the other mums from school."

"Soon enough, the sales pitch starts..."

"Which, whatever, she liked some of the products but wasn't really keen on buying a £20-a-month membership just to be allowed to buy them."

"But what really irked her was that this woman always said how busy she was with work. After seeing what her work was (inviting friends over for pitches, and filling out order forms), my wife quietly fumed. She's working 10 hour days in a tough field trying to get settled on the career ladder, while MLM Wine Mum With Husband Earning Big City Bucks huffs about work being so busy."

– AndyVale

Leave My Face Alone

"please stop pointing my acne out and recommending a thousand products . I know my pimples .I get you are trying to help but please don't."

– Frenzy008

Mothers can have a tendency to perpetuate a horrible mindset about body image.

Pitting Daughters Against One Another

"Stop competing with their own daughters. Like fr, wtf?!"

– Louise_Nguyen

What Mom Thinks

"On Christmas Eve, my mother said 'you girls get your weight from your daddy,' my mother is not a skinny woman, she has always been my size or bigger."

– theminutia

Creating Sibling Rivalry

"My sisters and I are always being told we're so hairy in comparison with her, legs, pits etc. Feminine toxicity at its finest."

– moshennick

The Harsh Critic

"My mother would always try to tell me my butt and boobs were too small."

"I was shocked when a past FWB was like 'idk why you keep saying your a** is too flat. It’s really not.' One of the first times I felt like my false reality of my appearance shattered."

"Wtf is with parents sh**ting on their kids’ appearances?"

– savwatson13

Ladies, did any of these scenarios sound familiar or resonate with you?

What would you add to this list of grievances?

Please share in the comments below.

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