Married People Divulge The Things They Miss About Being Single
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Many single romantics wait a long time hoping to find their soulmates, and when they do, they want to shout from atop the highest mountain to declare their love.
So the next natural progression is to tie the knot, and what follows is the whirlwind and arduous process of planning a wedding.

But after the honeymoon is over and the matrimonial bliss settles, married couples find their humdrum groove existing as a part of each others' better halves.

But there comes a time when an individual reflects back to a different time and becomes nostalgic.

Wanting to pick their brains more, Redditor Morticiar asked:
"Married people of Reddit, what do you miss about being single?"

Things change when you share a space with your beloved.

Moving Objects

"Things being where I left them."

– Linison

Once Upon A Mattress

"My own bed."

– Pelles2613

"My husband and I use our own blankets. This was a game changer."

– wheres_mr_noodle

Peaceful Night's Sleep


– bloopie1192

A Personal Method

"Hmm the things I miss? Ahh, cleaning the way I want. I have a thing about liking to clean when no one else is around, just because how I do it takes time and has a weird system to it."

– Historical-Ad4794

"This is the only thing that resonates with me here. I am most productive when I am completely alone. I haaaate being observed while I clear, or do anything. I don’t want any comments. I don’t want to hear that I missed a spot, I don’t want to hear their method of cleaning, I don’t want to hear anything. I want to put in earphones and enjoy my cleaning."

– Ok-Second1272

Foul Emission

"I could go without all the rank-a** farts."

– widespreadpanda

These Redditors talked about independent luxuries.

A Team Effort

"Not having to consider anyone else when making a decision."


"Someone once said 'Being married is just asking another person what they want to eat for dinner until one of you dies.'"

– Fran_Kubelik

Being Spontaneous

"Just being alone and being able to do whatever I want."

– TheDarkKnight1035

No Judgment

"Not having to justify myself to another adult if I'm getting takeout 2 days in a row."

– InannasPocket

Is it selfish? Maybe.

My Leftovers

"Not having to share my leftovers.When I was single I could treat myself to chinese food and the leftovers were mine. Now I have to be considerate and share, it's terrible."

– Good-Caterpillar-907


"Sleeping in the middle of the bed like a starfish. Also eating in bed and having 5 pillows to myself."

– VodkaMargarine


"Quietness………. Except for tv,music of video games it was so quiet in my house . Now a wife and 3 little girls it’s a mad house. Sometimes when it’s just me and the dog I look over and apologize to him."

– mikeypipes01

My Clicker

"Controlling the remote at all times."

"Watching ANYTHING without constant streaming commentary."

– Xhxxghchd

I doubt most of these Redditors have any ill-will toward their spouses, as these gripes are minor.

Some of these complaints could also apply to annoying roommates as well.

But the bottom line is, just because someone yearns for aspects of their single life–like watching TV without the extra "noise"–it doesn't necessarily mean they would opt to be alone forever.

Because that kind of silence could be even more deafening.

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