Ah married life, that's when you're living the dream.... well so they say.

Those of us unmarried relics wouldn't know but it's sure fun learning about.

Who hasn't wondered what the most major life changes will be once vows are swapped and the clergy says "you may kiss your partner."

Maybe the biggest surprise is that there is little to no change.

That would seem like a letdown.

Let's find out.

Redditor BoboDClown2019 wanted all the matrimonial partners out there to speak up by asking:

"Married people of Reddit, what did you only start doing in your relationship after you got married?"

The Regulars.

"Costco is now considered a date so that's something."



"Wife legit wants a Vacuum cleaner for Christmas. No necklaces, no diamonds, just another Dyson stick vacuum that we can just keep in the basement. This will make her happy. I meanwhile will feel like a bad 50's husband, but its a sacrifice I make for my wife."



"Cooking, my husband was a chef and has always been amazing at cooking, I never really cooked at home (unless mr noodles or frozen dinners count). Once we moved in, I started calling my mom (who is also a chef) and asking her how to make certain dishes. Turns out I'm pretty damn good at cooking, somethings that I've made, both my mom and hubby wanted to learn the recipe form me!"

"Starting learning to cook 9 months ago."


RIP my love. 

"Quit checking out every room I walked into for hot available females. My wife was seriously, always the most beautiful person in the room and we would talk about anything and everything under the sun. She was my best friend too. Rebecca passed away from breast cancer on May 17th of this year. I'm still not looking. RIP my love."


I Got Out. 

"Most of these are good... mine's not. After I got married was when my (now-ex) husband's abuse became apparent. He straight up told me he owned me now and could do whatever he wanted to me.""

"Yeah there were signs before hand (hindsight is 20/20) but once it was legal, it became glaringly obvious. We had our first married fight on day 1 of being mr and mrs.

"Took 3 years but I got out."



"Honestly if you talk to any just married couple, most don't feel any different at all. Nothing changes."

"It just becomes more socially acceptable to start discussing having kids."

"The only thing that really changed for us was that I was suddenly comfortable getting loans in both our names and combining our finances. Finances are likely the most important factor when it comes to marriage."



The Guinea Pig. 

"Cooking, sadly my mother never taught me how to cook so my husband was my Guinea pig. I feel bad because it took me a few years to learn how to make food edible."


Coffee Forever. 

"My parents both never drank coffee and didn't really care for the taste of it. Someone gifted them a coffee maker as a wedding present. They tried it out their first morning married and have made coffee every morning since."


For the Very 1st Time....

"We started having sex. We were both virgins."

"It's been an amazing 4 years! The first time was was way better then everyone said it would be and it's been fun for us to learn and explore everything for the first time together."


Money. Money. Money.

"Share finances (we did some before but it becomes more integrated), bought a house together, no condoms, life insurance and such being in your spouses name, a lot more compromise on decisions... nothing is different right away but you start doing these things slowly."



Living Situations. 

"Lots of realizing I suck at cohabitation and need to clean up after myself more. Learning to say no to the things I want even if it doesn't put us in a bad financial situation we got goals and stuff so I want those to happen more than some upgraded SSD for my computer."


Hey Hubby....

"Calling him my husband. That's about it."


"Ours was the same way. It's kind of a relief though isn't it? It's hard to explain but saying "wife" instead of "girlfriend" when we met new people was so much easier."



"Honey, what's wrong?"

"Everything. I married my husband, who was in the Navy, at 18, and he immediately moved me across the country and then got deployed, leaving still teenage me alone in a strange place trying to take care of our home alone."

"My sweet, elderly neighbor, who had been really lonely because her son didn't visit often, came over the first week with some flowers from her garden. I was so touched I started crying, and she said, "Honey, what's wrong?" I was like, "How do you write a check to pay bills?????"

"She helped me, and we became really good friends. I'll never forget her."


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"Dear & Moose"

"He tried calling me "dear" when we were dating. I jokingly told him "don't call me dear, I'm not your wife," he never did it again. Fast forward a few years, we get married and walking out of the court house he whispers in my ear "I can call you dear now." So now he calls me dear and I call him Moose."


The Brood. 

"Having children."


"I always found it funny that despite how religious her side of the family is, my mum and both her siblings all had a daughter that had a kid before getting married."


Same Old. Same Old.

"Having the same damn thoughts and voicing them at the same time. 🤦♀️"


"Or wearing basically the same clothes. Feels like that started happening more and more often."



Nothing special.

"Nothing special. The usual things that go with being married, co-habituating, taxes, sharing things."

"If you start doing things you didn't do before you were married, you may run into problems. Be who you are all the time, and that way when you do find the right one they like for you for all of that."


The Annuals. 

"Creating 'traditions' together. It is our wedding anniversary this month and I am looking forward to arguing about how big the chunks of bacon should be while making home made pizzas, listening to flashback Friday all while wearing my wedding dress."


Let's Chat. 

"Honestly if you talk to any just married couple, most don't feel any different at all. Nothing changes."

"It just becomes more socially acceptable to start discussing having kids."

"The only thing that really changed for us was that I was suddenly comfortable getting loans in both our names and combining our finances. Finances are likely the most important factor when it comes to marriage."


Putting Work In....

"Gardening. She loves it. I see it as more chores, but I love her so I will happily do extra chores to see her happy."


"This is literally what my dad told me when I'll know I've found the right woman. When I'll willingly do extra chores just go make her happy."

"Unmarried at 33....."


Bon Voyage....

"Nothing really changed. We had already been living together for almost 10 years... getting married was basically just an excuse to party and go to Hawaii."


"How fun was that wedding? You had an excuse to party, sounds like it was really really fun!"



8 years +

"Not much. Taxes and finances obviously changed. I think the thing that actually changed is now I’m more forward about voicing when I have a problem. But I don’t think that’s because we’re married I think it’s because we have been together for 8 years and we’re secure enough where we can hash out problems or even fight without feeling like the relationship is in jeopardy."


Read to Me

"I know a couple, where the husband started reading books to his wife to replace some of their date nights. It was like, one of the most romantic things I've ever heard and something I never realized I missed from childhood and would want in a relationship."



"Buying her more things to let her know that I care about her. She doesn't expect it, but it's great to see her eyes light up over anything from flowers to a new ring or necklace. Also, only asking for a basket of breaded fish and some vinegar for my birthdays since I don't really care to celebrate getting older anymore."


Let's do Wendy's

"Bickering about who pays for McDonalds when we're together. When we were dating we would usually pay for ourselves or spot each other on occasions. But since we got married we have an unspoken word of if we get food one of us has to pay for both. It's stupid, but it's funny and but at the same time. Usually ends with us laughing and stealing each other's fries."


wendy delivers GIFGiphy


"We're each other's hype man. When he or I wake up feeling crappy, we just lay together and say how awesome we are and how we can get through the day to come home and be fat."


You always want to be comfortable around your life partner... but maybe not too comfortable like keeping the bathroom door open when it's occupied.

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