Providing health care for someone we love is demanding work, and it becomes physically and emotionally draining over time. It can also drain our other, also important, relationships, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor gydvmoih found himself giving his wife an ultimatum while he was providing care for his mother. With his […] More
New traditions can be really uncomfortable.  Culture shock is a real thing–experiencing moments of other people’s culture can feel unpleasant or even very, very wrong in extreme cases.  This can happen when traveling, but you can stay domestic and still be culture shocked. Redditor tostolhhlbl found this to be true of his wife, who was […] More
Weddings are known for inducing so much stress. The planning and arrangements can take their toll on anyone. But Redditor MadMOH2710 isn’t sure if everything that happens under the stress of planning a wedding is justifiable. The original poster (OP) gets into a fight with her best friend and isn’t sure if she overreacted. So […] More
Going through a pregnancy and giving birth is an emotionally draining experience. It affects every aspect of a person. And, 80% of people giving birth will experience one form of postpartum anxiety and depression. We must normalize talking about these things with our family and with mental health professionals. Redditor newdadthrowaway8003 encountered this very issue […] More
Family dynamics are hard for all of us to deal with from time to time, but it can be especially hard with toxic environments and other complications, like differences in income. One family struggled with being a blended family, according to the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Specifically, Redditor Plane-Tadpole3888 was cornered repeatedly with issues of […] More