The fear of very common or necessary things in life can lead to a whole host of problems. How do you handle being afraid of someone you need to see regularly, like the dentist? Redditor Rycax’s wife has this exact problem. The original poster (OP) doesn’t think his wife handled the situation in the best […] More
Divorced People Break Down The Irreconcilable Differences With Their Former Partner
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When marriages or relationships fall apart, infidelity is not always the cause.

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People Confess Which 'Adulting' Tasks They're So Tired Of Performing
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We may not like it, but getting older is pretty inevitable.

With age may come wisdom, but it also comes with lots of responsibilities.

And some days, we're just over it.

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When it comes to taking criticism, everyone has their limits. Redditor Routine-Hat-4545 is a 28-year-old woman who is in a happy marriage and prides herself on having selective hearing when it comes to facing criticism. One day at work, her patience was tested and her subsequent reaction left a coworker in tears. Feeling not too […] More
There is such a fine line in friendships. We all like to believe it’s not there, but it is. That line between keeping and losing a friend. The reason it’s fine is because there is always one or two unforeseen issues that have yet to be tested. Often one of those issues has to deal […] More