Man Shares Some Of The Funniest Ways Women Have Rejected Him In Viral Twitter Thread 😂

Twitter user and avid dater Jake (@squidslippers) is making headlines once again for his dating life.

Last time we saw Jake, his professor was helping him figure out a way to ask out Hannah using ethos, logos, and pathos points of persuasion. Things seemed to go well with Hannah, but Jake is now back in the dating game. This time he's sharing his most brutal rejections. Ouch!

Folks could definitely relate to Jake's dating pain.

That wasn't the kind of protection she needed?

It wasn't just the guys suffering. The ladies had war wounds of their own.

No. Just no. No bags on heads. Ever.

We'd call her a hypocrite but we can't find her.

It's brutal out there, kids. Stay safe.

H/T: Twitter, BestLife

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