To be a woman, living in this world, cannot be easy. Especially with guys like this wandering around out there free and clear.

WARNING: Some stories contain graphic content.

Reddit user, u/SunDcg22, wanted to know what creepy guys to avoid when they asked:

Ladies, what are some creepy guy stories? [NSFW]

"Strawberry Grandpa" Should Become A Thing

When I was 15 years old I had my first summer job at a cafe. We had a regular, older guy, probably 70ish, who came in pretty much every day. He was very nice, and since he was so old I thought of him like a grandpa figure - innocent, sweet and nice. One day when I was heading home we accidentally (at least on my end) shared the same bus so we started chatting about life. He told me about his wife and his travels. He gave me strawberries that he had just gotten. I don't remember why but I got uncomfortable by something he said, and gave the strawberries away when I got home.

Shortly after that my summer job ended and I didn't see him any more. Out of the blue one night he calls me - I have NO idea how he got my number - and asks if I would like to meet up, have "some fun" on the town and of course spend the night at the hotel room he acquired. He offered me money for this evening. I hung up. Disgusts me to this day, I was a literal child and he was old enough to be my grandpa.


SPOILER: It Was Creepy When Christian Grey Did It

I knew this guy who was a singer in a local band. One night after he got off stage I was talking to him and mentioned I had just had my 18th birthday. Nothing happened that night but fairly soon after he was texting me (he already had my number from prior to this), and asked if he could call me. I said sure and he called. He started asking me these weirdly sexual questions that were verging on 50 shades of grey type questions (like "what if i wanted you to call me master?", "i want to tie you up and leave you like that all day. Doesn't that sound perfect?").

And when i got uncomfortable and mentioned that i had a boyfriend, he started grilling me all "but are you going to marry him? Its not like it's going to last." And i eventually had to be like "idk if itll last or not but the goal would be marriage at some point yeah. I need to go". He tried contacting me a few times after that but i pretty much ghosted him as politely as i could


When No One Speaks Up, Evil Wins

I was at a boba tea stand when an older Caucasian male started talking to me, stroking my arm and saying he needs a girl like me to keep him company. I was about 15 and absolutely terrified, the worst part was the people at the stand/other customers heard him and didn't do anything. I look young for my age too so they couldn't have confused me as an adult women


Punch 'Em All In Their Stupid Faces

Welp, one day, when I was a minor, I started receiving weird messages on WhatsApp from married 40 year olds. Turns out my number was posted on one of those """"dating"""" sites you go to when you click porn ads. I don't even know how it happened, if this was a joke or a mistake (it was on the profile on a woman I have zero idea of who she is, probably twice my age), but what I know is that I received several messages offering me money to meet and f***, d*** pics, dirty call it.

I lied saying I was a man, insulted and blocked the hell out of them because they didn't believe me I wasn't that woman. It was one full month, every day, and one day they stopped and I changed my number. It makes my blood boil to remember that amount of cheating even said that they didn't mind if I was a young boy, he would f-ck me anyway. Totally disgusting. I wanna punch every single one of them.


Fulfilled The "Creepy Guy" Prophecy

A boy a year under me in school used to write me songs and try to serenade me, about once every 2 months. If he were more confident I'd have thought it was sweet but there was something in his eyes that creeped me out. Last I heard he was jailed for assault or something...


Just A Magnet For Awful...

A guy once complimented my eyebrows and asked me if I shave my vagina in the same sentence like it was the most normal thing to ask people. He got big mad when I wouldn't tell him.


A Horrific Tale That Never Ends

I went on a date with this guy that seemed really really sweet. The date went decently, so we stayed in touch. I invited him to hookah one night, and he never showed. I got worried that something happened to him, so when I got a call from an unknown number I answered quickly. It was a man claiming to be with the local Sherriff's department, but he refused to give me his badge number. He claimed this guy had been in a horrible rollover accident on the highway, and was pronounced dead on scene. He claimed that he had no next of kin, and I was the only person that he'd been in contact with for the last 6 months, and that's why they were calling me. I was suspicious, but still felt terribly. I was trying to find out if I could get ahold of his ashes so I could spread them somewhere nice.

2 days later, this guy calls me. He claims the officer that called me simply looked into the car, saw the seatbelt wrapped around his neck, and "figured I was dead," he went on to say that he had been resuscitated in the ambulance and was released on the day he called me. Nothing but cuts and bruises. I am immediately suspicious, and call the Sherriff's office. There was no such accident, and no Sherriff's deputies by the name I was given from the mysterious caller. I was confused, I couldn't think of any point of the not so elaborate ruse, so I cut off communication with this guy. Clearly something was off about him.

Unfortunately it didnt stop there. Despite my having blocked his phone number, I started to receive photos from random phone numbers. Photos of me. At work, out to eat, even AT HOME. I figured out that it was him when he eventually sent a message claiming that he had stopped someone trying to break into my house.

I got a restraining order pretty easily, and he stopped contacting me for a week or so, so I started to think he had finally gotten scared off. Then I received another text message with a screenshot of a meetme profile with photos of me, claiming to be a prostitute trying to meet with people in the area under my name. The message said that he had discovered the profile, knew it wasnt me, and contacted his attorney. He claimed they had sent the mystery profile owner a cease and desist. None of that made ANY sense. I was scared sh-tless of this guy. I bought a gun, and trained my dog as a guard and protection dog, and registered her so that I could take her everywhere with me. It's been 2 years since I've heard from him, but I still catch myself looking over my shoulder.


*looks for bin to vomit in *vomits

In uni there was this socially awkward, shy guy who often sat next to me during Spanish classes. He looked like he could use a friend, so I made an effort to say something every time I saw him — just regular conversation, nothing special. Apparently he was struggling financially, because he never had any stationery and often asked me to lend a pen or a pencil. I like to bring extra just in case, one pen or two is no big deal. After twelve pens or so this started to really irritate me, so I said "hey man, this is not cool, I'd like to have my pens back". He apologized a lot and brought all of them next time in working condition and not even chewed. End of story, right?

Well, some time after his dorm roommate sought me out and told me to throw any pens I got back from that dude in the garbage bin ASAP. Turns out, the roommate walked in on him sticking the pens up his butt and moaning my name.

And that is why I don't lend my stationery to anyone now.



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