People Share The Most Important First Date Red Flags To Look Out For

Love itself and the search for it can be a total mess.

But no matter how much we thirst for it, we have to be diligent and look out for warning signs that a potential partner isn't a good fit.

Red flags and warning signs are always jumping out in front of us.

Follow your instincts and trust your guy.

If you think there's something off, they probably could be!

Redditor Artistic_Pop_3323 asked:

"On the first date, what were some immediate red flags that made you not go on a second date?"

On a first date years ago the man I met was easily twenty years older.

Found out he used his son's photo. Whacko.

Sales Pitch

"Dude spent the whole date talking about how he used to sell drugs."


"I had a first date like this, too! Guy admitted when we first met years before, he was selling drugs and was also still in a relationship with a girl while trying to go out with me."


That Guy

"On our first date, he told me he was in med school, at the University in the town we lived in. I knew immediately there was no med school, but thought perhaps he was taken his pre-med classes or something, so went on a second date. He had spent an hour telling me how when he got done with his military service he had worked as a military contractor doing 'spy' work in Iraq and 'if I only knew the things he’d done!'"

"We stopped by his apartment to pick something up and while there I noticed all his mail was in a different name than he had given me. I 'magically' got a text from my work, told him I had an emergency and had to go immediately into work and handle it."

"After I told him there wouldn’t be a 3rd date, he got spooky angry and I caught him in the bushes outside my apartment, late at night, several times. I eventually had to get a restraining order - in the name he gave me. After that, I never saw him again! Thank God!"


worst date ever...

"She was still married and said she just wanted to know if she’d 'be able to still get dates if they split up'… worst date ever."


"Was hit on by a married woman, not my wife though. We talked for about an hour because I wanted to see what her game was. After telling her that I was married, she got really angry at me. I thought, WTF? Is there some kind of weird double standard going on here? She got really pissed off when I asked her why it was OK that she was married but not OK if I am married."


Need to make an order...

"Few years ago met up with a guy at a bar and like the entire time he would not stop talking about how he couldn’t wait to go to Russia and get a mail-order-bride."


"Maybe he was trying to make you jealous. Like, 'Oh no, I might lose out on this prime life partner opportunity, better make my move posthaste!'"



eye twitch GIFGiphy

"He was about 10 years older than his pictures, he didn't stop twitching the entire time, and he kept pressuring me to go back to his place. I noped the f**k outta there."


Umm... maybe get through the first course before offering your place?

By the Knife

Mad Addams Family GIFGiphy

"She pulled out a switchblade mid conversation to slice up a passing ant."


For My Own Good

"I was planning a first date with this guy years ago and he suggested bowling. I said it was fine, but I've done it once a few years prior and I was legitimately terrible at it. The group I was with at the time made it fun regardless of me being totally uncoordinated."

"He offered to teach me, but I said another time- I just wanted to get to know him in a relaxed environment. He suggested we still bowl, minus the lessons and he could also share in the hilarity of my lack of skill. I was down. The night came and the lessons started almost immediately."

"How to stand, where to stand, everything I'm doing wrong, I'm not taking it seriously, he's trying to teach me 'For my own good.' He became mean. Not one smile except when he saw me at the start. I told him this was not the fun/chill night I said I was looking for and he told me it would be if I took the game more seriously. He was actually angry about the whole night."


Order Again

"He tried to change my order with the waitress because I didn’t order what he’d recommended."


"Oh my God, I came here to say this exact same thing! He suggested something, but I wasn't feeling it. I ordered, and he grabbed the waitress as she tried to walk away, and said 'No, she'll have [xyz] instead, thanks.' And let her go, and that was that. It didn't even occur to him that she wouldn't listen or that I'd be pissed. Walked right out of the restaurant."



"I once went on a first date with a guy who was clearly not over his ex. He spent the entire time talking about her, comparing me to her, and even showing me pictures of them together. It was a huge red flag for me and made it clear that he wasn't ready for a new relationship. Needless to say, I didn't go on a second date with him."



wrestlemania 22 eating worms GIF by WWEGiphy

"He told me he had worms. Not in a casting, fishing, or terrarium kind of way. Full on internal parasites."


"Hahaha, I once had a date graphically describe the time he had to remove a tapeworm from his own butt.. while I was trying to eat spaghetti at an expensive Italian restaurant."


Oof... this is why I'll never date again. #Singleforlife

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