first dates

First dates can be a lot of pressure. You barely know the person you’re going out with, and maybe you’ve talked a bit in person, but this is the first time you’re going to be with them one-on-one for an extended period of time.

The activity can make or break a first date.

Sometimes, a relationship that could’ve been really special never even starts because the first date was bad.

I like to walk around New York City on dates, and duck into whatever store or restaurant looks interesting. It’s a good way to get to do something you’ve always wanted to but never had a chance to (on one of my first dates, walking around the city led us to get our fortunes told), and it’s a great way to get to know the other person.

The women of Reddit have their own ideas on what an ideal first date would be, and they’re ready to share!

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Love itself and the search for it can be a total mess.

But no matter how much we thirst for it, we have to be diligent and look out for warning signs that a potential partner isn't a good fit.

Red flags and warning signs are always jumping out in front of us.

Follow your instincts and trust your guy.

If you think there's something off, they probably could be!

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When planning a first date, most people chose to meet over a drink or a cup of coffee.

The stakes are low, it gives you plenty of time to determine whether or not there's chemistry, and should things not be going well, you can swiftly wrap things up after taking your last sip.

These days, however, people like to be a little bit more creative when it comes to first dates, and thus will organize a slightly unusual activity.

Sometimes, the risk pays off, and fun is had by both parties, leading to a second date, or even a lasting relationship.

Of course, there is every possibility that attempts to be creative could end up backfiring, sometimes even before the date even takes place.

Which doesn't stop people from trying them over and over again.

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Dating is hard and they say that you often find the person you're meant to be with when you stop looking. But for many people, that's not really an option, especially if they live somewhere like outside a major urban center, where the dating pool is far more limited.

Navigating dating life can be tiring, too — especially when your date does things that really irk you or turn you off.

Everyone has different things that bother them of course!

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Sometimes, well, many times, being single is the way to go. And we seem to learn that lesson the hard way.

You know within minutes if a date has gone off the rails.

I'm not talking about a "let's ease into this because of nerves" situation.

Crazy is crazy! Once you get that feeling of... "I'd rather be home listening to Adele," just go home and listen to Adele.

RedditorZuzpowanted everyone to share about the times they quickly realized being single was the better option. They asked:

"What was the moment you realized that you shouldn’t have showed up to a date?"
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