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This Fan-Made Rendering Of 'Baby Jabba' Is Some Serious Competition For 'Baby Yoda'


Unless you've been living under a rock for the later half of 2019, you've seen the internet craze that is baby Yoda.

The little creature has taken over everything from meme culture to merchandise, and now, he's inspiring other baby versions of Star Wars creatures.

Before any challengers approached, Baby Yoda dominated the internet.


But now, a new challenger approaches. And his name? Baby Jabba.

Baby Jabba surfaced on Twitter and was equal parts disturbing and amazing:

And people are already stanning Baby Jabba hard.

But yet, Baby Yoda is so cute that a lot of his stans are refusing to let Baby Jabba have any of the attention.

Baby Yoda is pretty darn cute.

I mean, how can you resist those eyes?


But does Baby Jabba stand a chance?

This may turn into the next major disagreement among Star Wars fans.

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