People Explain Which Simple Mistakes Can Get Someone Killed
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Reddit

People who aren't necessarily daredevils like to say they like to live life by throwing caution to the wind.

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People Confess Which Words They Mispronounced For The Longest Time
Brett Jordan on Unsplash

As with any language, English has a wide variety of dialects.

Pronunciations in one region—even within a single country—can vary.

But then there are those creative pronunciations that are just wrong—no matter the region or country.

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People Describe The Weirdest Rules They've Encountered Because Of One Person's Actions
Photo by ahmad gunnaivi on Unsplash

Don't pee in a pool.

Like... who did that so that it had to become a rule?

Who was that dumb?

Rules are rules, and there are many good rules.

But so many rules are just arbitrary because some idiot chose to be... well, an idiot.

Redditor Googunk wanted to hear about the times we've all been hindered because someone else was a mess. They asked:

"What stupid rule did your work have to make because one idiot ruined it for everyone?"
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People Share The Biggest Rookie Reddit Mistakes They've Ever Seen

Reddit is one if those internet things that either you totally get, or you absolutely don't.

To some, it's a ridiculous echo chamber of people who live to egg one another on.

To others, it's a supportive community with its own sort of rules, culture, superlatives, and even language.

Whichever camp you fall into, there's some stuff you need to know if you're gonna survive.

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People Explain Which Lessons They've Learned The Hard Way
Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash

I think as humans we can't help but make life hard.

There are lessons and signs and ways that show us an easier route, but we have to learn the hard way.

Why is that?

Maybe it's just life.

Learning the hard way makes the lesson more rewarding, or some such nonsense.

I'll take easy from now on please.

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