People Explain Which Nonsexual Things Have Been Hypersexualized

People Explain Which Nonsexual Things Have Been Hypersexualized
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You know there are some randy people in our midst when they see a banana and get aroused when thinking about its phallic shape.

But you know what? Sometimes, a banana is just a banana.

Libidinous individuals have a tendency to sexualize the things around us that have nothing to do with what happens in the bedroom.

Curious to hear from strangers on the internet, Redditor tmime1 asked:

"What is one thing that is so sexualized in society but has nothing to do with sex?"

Many thought these were inappropriate scenarios.

Father Figure

"The word daddy"


"I don't even understand how it got to this point. Calling someone 'father' in bed is the creepiest thing ever, so how did 'daddy' get a pass?"


Common Porn Theme

"Step siblings."


"More broadly, people just like to fantasize about things they shouldn't do. Lots of men and women have an undeniable (and literal) lust for the taboo. Actual incest is still too much for most people, but most people still think that banging a step-relative is creepy enough to feel like it shouldn't get done -- and therein lies the attraction, I think, for people who are into it."


Competing For Looks

"Pageants for preteen girls."


These are related to things you put in your mouth, but for actual consumption.

"Eating a popsicle."


Oh Lolly Lolly

"I ate a lollipop at Disneyland once as an adult, bc my dad used to buy me them as a kid, and it was nostalgic. Two different crazy older ladies stopped me to tell me I was disgusting. I offered to buy them lollipops. They declined. I don't get it man. It's candy."


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Sexual A-Peel

"Eating a banana in public makes me uncomfortable for this reason."


X-Rated Veggie

"Same. I also used to hate scanning cucumbers when I worked at a checkout as a teen."


The frequent depiction of sexual teens in TV shows and movies were mentioned.

Teen Drama

"Teens in young adult media. There doesn't always have to be a romance subplot/sex scene."


The Actors Portraying Teens

"Doesn't help that teens are usually played by actors in their twenties or even their thirties."

"Just write college aged or young adult characters if that's what you want to tell stories about."


Authenticity Is Overrated

"The teen characters in these shows always have very adult resources, conversations, opportunities, drama, and perspectives ...clearly, nobody wants to watch shows about actual teenagers. Imagine watching 30 min of someone eating Takis, scrolling their phones, failing statistics again, and having infrequent and sh**ty sex."


False Narratives

"Seriously! I hate every movie and show that involves young adults and the trope that teens just do 'drugs, sex and parties' all the time! This isn't true and is so overdone. Let it die."

"Teens can be immature, can have sex and do drugs and that happens irl. But they're real people with real agency too. Some of them mature up fast because being in sh**ty families makes them realize they have to raise THEMSELVES because their a**hole parents won't. Some of them are more intelligent than adults give them credit for. I hate that movies and media underplays that. It really gives a false narrative for young and old people alike."


Food is evidently a very common sexualized thing in society.

The manner in which one licks a lollipop or Popsicle can be very arousing because of what the act simulates.

But It wasn't until I saw Call Me By Your Name that I realized the full potential of a peach.

Let's just say Call Me By Your Name was to a peach what American Pie was to the eponymous dessert.

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