People Break Down How Attractive They Believe They Are


We all want to attain it.

Some people dedicate their lives to having it.

But who can say what is and is not attractive?

The older you get, the more serious and realistic you get with the topic.

And grapple with whether it really matters.

RedditorBig-Courage-7297 wanted to know what some people really thought when they looked into a mirror.

They asked:

"How hot do you think you are? Why?"

Depending on the minute and the era, I fluctuate in my response. Oh, and depending on my sodium intake.

Middle of the way...

Mackenzie Ziegler Makeup GIF by Brat TVGiphy

"5, am not ugly nor a beauty."


"'Perfectly balanced, as all things should be' JK... you probably look great."



"I give myself a solid 'alright for an old guy' out of 10."


"Comparing myself to when I was young I feel like a 2. However if I look around at other guys my age, I'm doing pretty great. Simply still having a full head of hair puts me in the top 15%."


"Occupying the latter half of the age bracket here too. And while I’ve never considered myself wildly attractive, one of my wife’s work friends once remarked to her, 'you didn’t tell me your husband was a silver fox!' I keep that one in my back pocket for gloomy days."


Mama Said...

"My mom said I'm a 10/10."


"His mom also said I’m a 10/10. Im starting to think she says that about everyone who’s been inside her."


"Don't listen to these jealous haters you be that 10/10 and strut your stuff."

"Learning to love yourself, doesn't mean you don't see your own flaws but know where to improve and where and how you want to grow. Appreciate the goodness within even when it's hard, and work to have your ideal to be reflected on the outside too. Loving and forgiving yourself is the greatest peace you'll know, because everyone else might be gone at the end and you'll be left with you and your memories, make good ones. Spread positivity. 💕"


Changes with time...

"I think most people's scores fluctuate with age. I like to think I was a solid 8/10 in my early 20s. Then my metabolism crashed and I was working a desk job. I got real fat, got lazy, less effort, dropped to a 4/10. Got my s**t back together, lost the weight, started putting in the effort again, back up to an 8 if not higher in my 30s."

"Then I had a traumatic event in my life and I slipped into a dark place for many years. I put on weight again, stopped putting in the effort, general depression stuff, 5/10. Now I'm in my 40s, working on keeping my weight down, putting in some effort, solid 6/10..."

"But no matter what has happened, how low or high I've been... my wife has always considered me a 10. She's the best woman I've ever met and will always be a 10 to me too."



Freaks And Geeks Photo GIFGiphy

"6 or 7 on a good day? 1 when I try to take a picture of myself."


God I hated picture day. Still do.


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"Solid 5. 6 on a good day with a fresh haircut."


Bless You

"I have days where I think 'God da*n, look at me. I’m God’s gift,' and then other days where I think 'how does every mirror not break?'"


"Actually though. Part of it is I used to be super athletic but due to an injury now can’t, but go**amn, I could look quite literally like a sculpture of a Greek god or hero, but also a balding baby-faced creep. Also occasionally homeless. More often the two latter than the former"


Getting Higher

"I think I was a 6 growing up. But now that I've matured into my late 30s I'm a solid 7."


"This is me except as a kid I’d give myself a 3. Long-haired greaseball in my teens but now in my 30s, exercising for the past decade has really helped me out. Solid 7/10."


"Man, I went from 4 to 8 to 5 in the span of 20 years. Metabolism is a *itch."


Bad Views

"I just remind myself that the me that looks bad in in some pictures/at some angles is the same me that looks good in other pictures/other angles, just a different version. There are some angles and types of lighting and mirrors that for whatever reason, will make just about anybody look bad. There is no such thing as someone who looks good when the phone camera opens itself and shows a view of you from under your chin."


Boy Magnet

ichabod crane mirror GIFGiphy

"I was objectively pretty hot when I was younger. Now I am an older hot, which is weird. Younger guys really dig me but I’m like, you weren’t even born when the Challenger blew up and I was at Uni."


Me Too

"8/10 if you're into dad bods."

"2/10 if you're not."


"This is me too. I’m tall, broad, decent muscles (especially my legs), but also a little chubby with long wavy hair and a decent beard. I always say I’m a straight 6, a twink 2, and a bear 8."


Liquid Courage

"3/10 today."

"I got bullied way too much as a kid and my self esteem is non existent."

"On a good day with makeup on and liquid courage in my system I can feel like an 7 or 8."


"I can relate. I did not even realise fully how much it changed me until years after it ended."


So am I hot?

"I used to believe that when kids smile back to you when you smile its because you are cute. Recently my young cousin said she smiled because she thought my face was funny looking when I smiled. So when i asked her if I was good looking she said, 'Hell Nah!!!'... kids have no filter. So am I hot? To that I respond HELL NAH..."



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"Is 'not' a fair answer? Given my track record, I have astronomically poor odds of someone actually finding me attractive and wanting to take a shot on me. Then most of those people are typically very unstable."


Oh the Vanity

"Dunno, I’m always harsh on myself. So I’d naturally rate myself low as hell, but at the the same time I don’t hate looking at myself thus making it hard for me to rate myself. I’d definitely need outsider’s perspectives on me to form that vanity better."


Lackluster Days

"Between 8 and 9. 9 on my best days, 8 on the lackluster ones. Strong jawline, straight-across-board-level shoulders, 6'1'', in good shape, awesome hair, sky blue eyes."

"Edit: getting an awful lot of people sending me DM's and really ridiculous replies to this. It sounds to me that I was 'supposed to say' 0/10. Food for thought guys, confidence is a good thing. Especially if it's accurate."


Back Then

I think I'm an 8. Getting fitter and drinking less may take me above that. I base this entirely on a conversation I had with a group of girls during study hall in high school. They were bored and making a list of the hottest guys in school. They were arguing where I fall in 3rd, 4th, or 5th. I was shocked, it was a big high school.

"They may have been pulling my leg, but I have internalized the narrative that, and to this day tell myself, out of hundreds of random dudes, I consider myself in the top 5."


Grow Fast

hipster beard GIFGiphy

"At the moment I'm a 4 or 5 because I let myself go in the last year but when I was in shape I was definitely a solid 7. I regret shaving my beard too."


"Beards grow back bro! Stay confident 💪 Hit the gym even if it’s only once a week. Start small and build back the habit, you got this!"


We're all beautiful. Just keep saying that. Maybe it'll stick.

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