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While dating can be a wonderful experience, it can also be unnecessarily complicated and not all it's cracked up to be.

For some, it's simply easier to remain single and independent, rather than to be left guessing by a potential partner.

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People Share The Best Responses To The Question 'Why Are You Still Single?'
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Let's be real here: people can be nosy. We all know it's true. We also know nosy people ask nosy questions.

Sometimes, the intent isn't malicious, but that doesn't make the questions any less hurtful.

Other times, the question's intention is clearly meant to embarrass or demean. One of the rudest questions that come of this question is asking why you are still single.

There is nothing wrong with being single, whether it's by choice or not, but you would never know, thanks to the number of times this question gets thrown around. What we need is a response that would shut them down and stop them cold, so you'll never get asked the questions again -- at least, not by the same person.

That was probably the thought behind the question Redditor Bright-Dig-6665 asked:

"What is the best response to "Why are you still single?""

There were some truly inspired responses!

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People Share The Actual Upsides Of Being Single
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It's been a few years since I was in a steady relationship and you know what? It's actually been really great. One of the perks of being single is that in spending time alone you can figure out who you are and what you want.

The nice thing is that I'm much more confident now than I was years back. Whoever my next partner is–watch out! I'm awesome!

There's much to enjoy about being single.

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Single people can be thrown the most invasive questions. So of course, they have to find witty answers. This is partially to save face, but also to make the other person embarrassed for even asking.

u/Loveablealienstitch asked: What's the best response to "Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

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Now yes, love is a wonderful thing. Finding your second half, your "other" to complete you is a beautiful thing. But if that hasn't been your journey thus far, don't feel bad. Being single, not alone, SINGLE is a very healthy choice. Sometimes love, or what we perceive as love can ruin you. We're all trained by society to believe that being single makes us unworthy and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Redditor u/05_16k wanted to here about the upside to the single life by asking.... Singles of Reddit, what do you like most about being single?

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