People Share Embarrassing And Relatable Secrets About Their Body

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These hit home for a lot of people. Unfortunately, the way we feel about our body affects how we interact with others. With too much focus on the physical in society, intimacy can be a challenge. Especially when we feel like we are always hiding a part of ourselves, literally.

The good news is as isolated as we might feel sometimes, no one is alone in our imperfections. We often exaggerate these 'secrets' in our minds and blow them way out of proportion. It turns out that most of the time, these embarrassing secrets don't matter to the people who care about you, and if they do, then these people shouldn't matter.

Redditor u/HalloumiBus asks:

What's the embarrassing secret about your body?

God Shave The Queen

My back and stomach is really hairy. Hell, my whole body is veeery hairy. I'm a girl and it makes me feel really self-conscious whenever I have to take of my clothes in front of others.


I have a really hairy stomach to the extent that i need to wax it or thread it out. I have really hairy legs and thighs too. Its not fine/soft hair either, its thick MAN hair!! A day into waxing, if you brush your hand against the hair growth, you can feel the stubble. Until a few years ago i thought this was fairly normal and all girls have it till I realized what hirsutism was!! Then I was really sad that i was one of those few 'lucky' ones who has to wax every couple weeks!!!


As a woman with PCOS, I totally know how you feel. If you ever wanna talk feel free to reach out to me.


A Tail As Old As Time

I had a 4 inch vestigial tail until I was 10 years old, when I had the surgery to have it removed. To this day, I can still feel it phantom waggling behind me, especially when I'm happy about something. And in my dreams, I sometimes still have it.


This is cool in a weird way actually.


Thanks For The Mammaries

I have two extra nipples, and my beard is red ( but I like that one).

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out they were nipples.


I have one! Where is yours?


Above my rib cage. Where are yours?


Right under my boob!


Scarlett Johansson

I had a severe lazy eye as a kid and had a couple surgeries to fix it cosmetically that ended up messing up my vision, now i have terrible vision and a lazy eye similar to Scarlett Johansson


Love The Skin Your In

My stomach skin is crepe-y and loose from both pregnancies. I'm trying to be ok with it because it is, after all, normal. But I won't let anyone see my stomach except my husband. I feel pretty terrible about it. It's why media representation for different bodies is so important, even though it is normal... I have never seen a single other person with a loose stomach showing it. Makes it feel shameful or weird.


I've seen a lot of people with loose stomachs on YouTube and instagram! It's really awesome to see different bodies represented through everyday people (especially since they usually document their lives and I kinda get to know a bit more about them and see them just being carefree and open-- it really helps me to see that)


And the Whole Tooth Comes Out

I have a 3D scar. It's not too embarrassing as it's under my hair.

When I was in 3rd grade, a 5th grade boy ran into me with his mouth open. His two front teeth ended up in my skull and he snapped them both when he fell down. They fell out of my head on the way to the school nurse, but I still have a bump where it happened. It's actually two bumps, from each side of the teeth.


So Full Of Secrets

I got so many body secrets.

So the first one isn't a secret but I'm stuck on it. Half the hair on my face grows blonde so my eyelashes, eyebrow, peach fuzz, and a streak of blonde hair all grow on one side of my scalp whereas the other is brown*.

I discovered today that if I wear steel toe boots and stand on one of my feet with the other I can disconnect my hip. So that was neat.

I have a weird amount of movement in my nose.

My jaw pops out of the socket but that hurts a lot and I should probably do something about that

I can't make a 3 sign with my hand because all the muscles sieze and cramp and I don't know why

I can cut off the majority of my pinky toenail with little to no pain and no blood.

I have a weird hole between one of my pinky toes and my other toe.


Not Embarrassed, But Proud

My liver isn't mine! I take meds twice a day to keep my body from realizing it isn't my original liver.

Woo transplant life!

Although I don't find it embarrassing in any way, I'm quite proud of surviving that.

I guess I have weird flip flop toes. They're good for climbing trees and stuff.


This One Is Actually Cute...

I have two somewhat large moles around the base of my d*%#.

One on each side.

I like to think it's an elephant sometimes.


This one is actually cute.


Sounds like you could have real fun with that one. Invent a character with a backstory about how he left the savannah to pursue his dreams in the big city only to...


Red Rose

It's not really a secret, but for some reason my skin is kind of red. Not like sunburned red, but it's pretty noticeable, and I'm sick of people making fun of me for it. I have no clue why it's red, however.


Could it be rosatia?


I'm honestly not sure.


Try and ask a dermatologist. I don't know enough about it to give you an answer.


No Judgement

I have really noticeable self harm scars on my left arm and inner thigh (only did it once there so I could hide it)

Even though I haven't harmed in a couple years, it's still embarrassing as f*ck when I meet people for the first time. I always go on dates and to public events with long sleeves because I don't want to deal with the judgement that comes with it.


I know that it's difficult, but don't be embarrassed by your scars. They don't make you any less attractive.


Marilyn Monroe

I have a beauty mark on my mound.


Same same!!! Mines like to the side like a beauty spot.


Yes, just above the lips like Marilyn Monroe.


He Really Got The Shaft

i have a tiny wiener when soft. hard is not a problem. soft is like "C'mon, bro. She's laughing at you!"


You're a grower, not a show-er.


I concur. I swear to god it's 10x bigger when it's go time.


Most guys are like this, though, right? Isn't this the norm for men?

I thought it was, but I'm a clueless lady who's only slept with one man (who is also a grower) so I could totally be wrong.


The More You Nose

My nose has no cartilage in it. It's a fear of mine that one day I'll press it down and it won't spring back up to its regular shape and will just become a floppy, weird flesh lump.


I thought I was the only one! My friends growing up always bugged me to smush my nose into my face because I could, and it looked funny. Nice to know I'm not alone!!


This Is Nuts

Pretty sure I have a third testicle.

And yes I looked online for other options with reason to believe it's actually a third nut.


I would seriously check that out. Could be a large cyst that could cause a cutoff of blood flow, or a cancer of sorts.


Goes on askreddit answer a question.

you might have cancer.


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