Moms Divulge The Gifts They Want For Christmas This Year
Kira auf der Heide/Unsplash

Christmas will be here before we know it, so it's never too early to start thinking about what to get our loved ones.

Commercials will tell us that moms want candles and bath bombs or "wine mom" products.

But is that what they really want? The only way to really know is to ask! We wanted to hear directly from mothers to learn exactly what they are looking for this holiday season.

Redditor TheTitanCoeus asked:

"Moms of Reddit, what the hell should we get you for Christmas?"

Here are some of the best answers.

Something she doesn't get enough of.

"An hour of goddamn peace and quiet."

"At least that's what my wife wants."

- opus_4_vp

"I came here to say a weekend home alone. I can't even begin to relax in an hour, I've to clean up first!"

- MsPinkieB

"Same here. No time for myself with all the house chores and cleaning!"

- Dexfolio_reddit

No responsibilities.

"An entire day off from any obligations - and that includes having to remind you to do things."

"Dishwasher needs unpacking? Just do it, don't make me ask you to do it."

"Laundry needs folding? Go get it done, I don't want to see it or have to remind you to do it."

"Kids need feeding? You know where the kitchen is."

"Just.... let my brain have the day off, yeah?"

- BlueShoeLover

"That will result in the dishwasher having 2 days worth of dishes, kids being hungry, and dinner being some microwave food."

"You can't just except him to remember everything. A better idea would be to spend the day in some spa."

"Unless he also wishes for the same thing, and you settle on hiring a professional housekeeper XD"

- King_Dagda

"I am getting increasingly depressed by the number of responses in here that amount to 'things you should already be getting regularly anyway.'"

"Why do so many women put up with useless men? Why would you live with someone who makes your life more difficult?"

"If my wife said this I couldn't live with the shame."

"If you're a single mother it changes things a bit, but if your kids are more than six months past old enough to do chores they're old enough to do them unprompted."

- Otherwise_Window

"From a once upon a time wife who tried too hard to be the Flash in her only marriage, thank you. This means more than you know."

- oyofmidmidworld

Get the house cleaned and send her to the spa while you're at it.

"Have the house professionally cleaned! Like detailed! Have it done while you send me to a spa day and you're good for Mother's Day and my birthday too!"

- datagirl60

"My mom does housekeeping. Drop $140 and that house will sparkle."

- Chrissyspeaks

"Massage gift certificates, not just one, but 6-10. Growing a person does some weird stuff to your body and then you get older with not time so everything hurts."

- Representative_Bad57

"Appointments! Lashes, hair, laser, etc."

- string1969

Don't forget the car.

"Auto detailed car. Kids make cars do dirty. Having someone else clean the car would be so refreshing to many moms I'm sure."

- khall20

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Use your hands and get creative.

"Make me something! Bake me bread, paint for me, draw me something, frame a photo you took, make me a playlist .. show me your art!!!!"

- somethingblue331


"I honestly had no idea what the hell I wanted until I accidentally overheard my boyfriend telling his mom he wanted to completely redecorate our bathroom in my favorite color as a Christmas gift. And I then realized that is exactly what I want for Christmas."

"Now I have to pretend I didn't hear that conversation lol."

- Arperiod_Io

"'Like ohmygosh you painted the bathroom in my favorite color lavendeeee-Teal. You painted the bathroom teal!? That's not my favorite color!'"

- Caffeine_and_Alcohol


"A storage unit for all of the clutter. That's it."

"That's all I want. The clutter is stressing me out. Actually, I think I'm low-key depressed because of it."

"I just want to feel peaceful in my home."

"And maybe some candles that smell like almonds. Or the new Stanley Tucci book."

- TheAmazingElGato

Cook a nice meal, maybe more than once.

"When my kids were younger I asked for a unique Mother's Day gift and it was one of the best gifts I ever got."

"I asked them to cook a dinner for the family (4 of us) once a week for three months. They had to work together AND clean up. And they needed to LMK 24 hours in advance about what ingredients were needed so I had time to go to the store."

"They were 12 and 16 so I knew they could handle it. There were a few hiccups along the way but they worked through it and it was awesome for all of us!"

"A win win! They grew in their cooking skills, got closer as brothers, gave us parents a break, and they learned to appreciate us more too."

- CA_catwhispurr

Make it personal.

"Literally anything you know I'd actually want. Not some sh*t you randomly let the kids pick from the store. Know. Who. I. Am. As. A. Person. Mom is not my identity."

- GingerSnapsPeas

"If one is not specific, one gets a basket of random bath products or a candle."

"A hairless guinea pig that looks like a tiny hippo."

- lekanto

"I'm totally fine with the stuff my kid picks. I like to see her face light up when I unwrap the gift she chose. That being said, it usually comes with a side gift from my husband, like a bracelet or some earrings."

- Routine_Log2163

"As a kid I don't know who mom is as a person, because you were always mom to us/me. Also if others are like me, which i know they are, moms true colors and interests never really show in front of the kids. I have no idea what my mom likes aside from traveling but she won't go alone and none of us can go with her school, work, else and she has no friends."

- No_War_8097

"When I was growing up my mom always said she was not my friend and only spoke to us to scold us and stayed alone. It took me until I was an adult to realize she didn't want to be a mom and was depressed. Took me until I was 30 to actually form a relationship with her where I could ask what she likes and wants. Just putting it out there so people can know to be understanding if mom doesn't want to talk, and it might get better someday."

- lurkerlady71

Take the decision making out of the equation.

"Plan a super nice date and take me on it. I make enough decisions everyday for the household and I just need to not care and enjoy."

- captainwhiskeytits

"Oh my, yes, this. The greatest relief any day is when I don't have to make every single decision."

- Oh-Oh-Ophelia

Maybe some moms do want candles and bath bombs!

"New, luxurious bath towels. Soft, thick ones."

- ChickFromTheSticks

But it all depends on the person.

"Make up, PJs, jewelry, favorite skincare products, some nice trainers, a gift voucher for something, paid for hairdressing appointment."

"I mean it obviously all depends on what your mum likes, if it was my mum I know she loves gaming so it'd be a ps4 game she really wants."

- Shegotthatvibe

Tell her you love her.

"Show up and tell me you love me. For all the stuff I did and all the sacrifices I made. The few years we had make your own Mac n cheese night because I had no money and various sprinkles and jimmies to put on dinner."

- Ottothedog

"Hey. I know it means nothing coming from an Internet stranger, but you sound like an amazing parent. And I thank you for putting your family first and doing what you had to to make sure they were OK."

- Daylar17

"A phone call and just let me hear your voice, tell me everything about your life and let me continue to be so very proud of your accomplishments and your failures. Let me enjoy hearing about the wonderful adult you've become. Let me hear your frustrations and your pains, your bad judgment calls and your sorrows but know that I hurt for you too but nothing you ever do will make me love you any less. You are the air I breathe."

- Illsleepinaminute

Let her know you're thinking of her.

"New empty nester chiming in- One son just started college 2.5 hour drive away and the other son just graduated from college and got a job a six hour drive away."

"Here's what a great gift for me would be: For three weeks send me a POD, picture of the day."

"It would let me know that they were thinking of me and would make me see something of their day."

- CA_catwhispurr

Some moms want to get their gifts themselves.

"Etsy gift card. I'll buy what I want."

- ThrowAwayGarbage82

"Honestly candy and gift cards so I can actually shop for myself..."

- Aggravating_Lawyer13

"$100 gift voucher to her favourite skincare/makeup place."

- Different-Street-919

Moms deserve so much more than we give them for everything they do.

They raise us, they run the house, they work hard, and they rarely get the praise they deserve.

Give your mother something that she really wants this Christmas, but don't forget that you can show her how much you love her any day of the year.

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