People Break Down How Their Christmas Was Absolutely Ruined
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Christmas isn't always the happiest season of all.

Not everybody has a beautiful family and presents to go home to.

And some people have family that are so rotten they'd rather be lonely.

The holidays can be morphed from jolly and bright to somber and dark real quick.

It doesn't take much to dampen the festivities.

Redditorbleachspotwanted to hear about the gritty and let's face it, more realistic side of the holiday season. They asked:

"What ruined your Christmas?"

I'm pretty good with Christmas. For me, ageing is the main issue. I want to be a kid at Christmas again.

Why is she like this?!

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"My mother has the uncanny ability to make me more upset than anyone else in the world. I love her but she is so difficult and can ruin anything." ~ skatelikevirtue

Family Sucks

"My mum told me I wasn’t welcome at Christmas dinner, so I stayed home and got drunk and cried all night. We celebrate on the 24th and my family spent all of the 25th guilt-tripping me for not showing up and telling me how my mum had hoped I would still show all night. So yeah, I am the bad guy no matter what. Proceeded to get drunk on the 25th as well. F**k family." ~ Lyllythy

We're Open!

"My sister's boss told her they were only open until 5, but they're actually open until 10 and she won't let my sister leave. Surprise 10 hour shift! So now my mom's watching a WWII documentary and I'm on reddit lol. Merry Christmas!" ~ noexplanation2069

"Almost had this happen to me. They've been forcing a bunch of people to work an extra 8 hr shift because of high employee turn over rate. They said they needed 9 people to work and ended up getting 9 volunteers."

"Then the supervisor came on the radio and said we needed 13 people. She panicked thinking she needed more people than she actually did and started forcing more people. I had to go ask if I was still needed because there was already someone working the spot I was assigned to." ~ supersonicmike

No Feeding!

"My grandma fed my dog (who has serious digestion and other health problems) 5 Christmas cookies, and he not only pooped and vomited all over the house, but had to go to the vet." ~ IchigoMainSSF2

"My Mum's friend does this. We’ve said countless times to not feed the dog because grain makes him sick. She keeps sneaking him food, I hear her telling him we’re meanies and every dog deserves treats, too late by then. Next time I’m making her clean up the mess." ~ Coffeeninja1603

Hang Up

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"My grandmother berating my sister and I, in front of our whole family, for not calling her on Christmas. While we were facetiming her." ~ somestoner69

I need to be more thankful for the family I have. Lord have mercy.

I love cheese!

tom and jerry eating GIFGiphy

"Wife wants a divorce and moved out, parents on a cruise. Up till 2am Xmas eve staring at my reflection in my Ipad eating a block of cheese. I haven't cared about xmas since I was a kid, so why does this suck so hard?" ~ Tacos_117

Broken Families

"Divorce." ~ 1_dog_lady

"First Christmas separated. I was able to spend a few hours with my kids and my parents, siblings, etc. but when the kids became bored and were tearing up asking to go home, I broke down. I got them back with their mom, safe and sound, and cried for the next hour and a half. My Christmas want nearly as bad as many here, but I was still surprised at how much heartache I felt today." ~ RumblestheDwarf

Ok Lady. Thanks.

"My mom started crying and causing drama because my sisters didn’t stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas early. She decided not to show up for breakfast and gift exchanges this morning and instead messaged us all morning saying no one loves her or cares about her. I love being guilt tripped." ~ machoman102299

Body Break

"I was reaching for a puzzle piece when something in my body decided to f**k right off, and now I've got immense shoulder/neck/back pain. I keep trying to stretch it gently & move it as much as I can, but I'm pretty out of commission. A damn PUZZLE PIECE." ~ Foxien


scared gingerbread man GIFGiphy

"Pretty sure I got food poisoning last night at dinner so I spent all night in the bathroom with horrible stomach cramps all day today." ~ cruisegal224

Moving forward, I hope everyone can find ways to brighten their holidays. I know it's not easy.

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