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The holiday season can be a special, magical time. I have always been a huge fan of Christmas, myself, and usually, the whole month of December puts a smile on my face.

However, one of the reasons this time of year is so special is that we can often get together with family and celebrate all the good things that happened in the year. If your year has not been as good, or you can’t get together with certain family members for some reason, it may not be so special.

A lot of us found it hard to enjoy the holidays during the height of COVID since we weren’t allowed to see family and friends. This difficulty during the holidays extends to more than just pandemics, however.

Redditors have lots of stories about why Christmas Eve is already ruined for them this year.

Some of these stories are funny, and some are sad, but all of them are valid.

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It's nice to imagine that when the holidays come around, we'll be able to spend the day with the people we love, showing gratitude for everything we've received.

But sometimes bad news or bad moods still show up on the holidays, and we have to figure out how to still be grateful for what's waiting under the Christmas tree.

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Gift giving can be hard, especially if you're not sure what the person will like or what they might need.

It's a lot less hard if your goal is to let someone know exactly how much you loathe them, though.

Then you get to get really creative.

Whether it's regifting, getting them something that's obviously from the dollar store or getting their kids the noisiest toy on the planet, there are many evil ways to tick people off with gifts.

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Christmas Present
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While Christmas is meant to celebrate the spirit of giving, there's nothing wrong with being excited by the prospect of all the things you're going to get.

After all, it isn't just wide-eyed children who can't wait to unwrap those presents lying under the tree or nestled in the toe of their stockings.

Of course, sometimes what lies beneath the wrapping paper doesn't always fill our hearts with glee.

Worse yet, even if it is indeed something we will never wear or use, we sometimes have to put on a good face, as the person who gave it to us might be sitting right next to us.

Resulting in our desperately searching for words to show our appreciation... as we contemplate what we'll exchange it for on December 26th.

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It's the most festive time of the year.

it's full steam ahead to Christmas.

One of the best things about Christmas is holiday-themed tv shows and movies.

Who doesn't love the classics?

Watching the best holiday films and passing them on to the next generations and loved ones can be such a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Even if your favorite Christmas movie is 'Diehard,' the jollies are there.

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