Introducing someone you’re dating to your family can be an important step in your relationship. If you’re on good terms with your family, you want to make sure your partner gets along with them too, right? Redditor Southern-Bird-2951 doesn’t necessarily think so. The original poster (OP)’s husband doesn’t think her brother should bring his girlfriend […] More
Christmas is a time of giving. A time for everyone to put aside their differences and spread good cheer and happiness to those around you. Many would also agree Christmas and all it stands for can be celebrated by those who aren’t Christian, or who don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. But a colleague […] More
Thankfully, the hate and intolerance that plagues so many adults is often lost on children. But as one post on the “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” subReddit illustrated, sometimes it’s simply impossible to shield kids from those opinions. The Original Poster (OP), aptly known as upsettingfamilydrama on the site, laid it all out in the […] More
Navigating new relationships when you have kids is usually not an easy task. For one woman on Reddit, the issue led to conflict when her boyfriend asked that her kids be “seen and not heard” during a Christmas football game. She wasn’t sure about having taken offense to his comment and how she’d handled it, […] More
Presents, no matter the holiday, are said to be defined as a gift from the heart. Of course, it’s nice to get nice things, like jewelry and clothes. But where is the just appreciating the thought that counts? And what if you’re shopping for someone who wants the flash of it all? Case in point… […] More