Female Gamers Divulge Their Weirdest In-Game Chat Experiences
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The sexism, harassment, and misogyny female gamers face is quite real. According to a 2019 Casino.org survey, 57% of female gamers reported experiencing harassment online. Others reported being accused of hacking or cheating, being solicited for sexual favors, and considering withdrawing from gaming sessions because of the toxic behavior with which they contended.

"Female gamers of Reddit, what is the weirdest or most disturbing thing said to you in a game chat?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor EzioTheNeko and it's rather revealing.

Sensitive content ahead.

"I had this guy..."

I had this guy in in my guild's discord hear me in voice chat during one of the few times I'd pop in for group content. Having heard my voice he took a liking to me apparently, and he kept trying to chat me up personally. This eventually progressed into him begging me to look at pictures / videos of him pleasuring himself because (by his own words) he was "depressed and insecure and needed reassurance" about himself and his weiner.

Truly bizarre.


"I stopped mentioning..."

I stopped mentioning I am female to anyone I don't know well enough to consider them a decent person. I am the default male since someone's "You're a girl? Then SMD" response in the first game I ever played online, so I'm lucky to not have many negative encounters caused by someone knowing my gender.

I remember one guy, though. I decided to give away some trash tier currency before leaving, and he directly asked me if I am a girl (like if only girls do such). Then he started talking to me, telling about his love to a married woman who was in a hospital because of a liver failure or something like this, and complaining about females...


"Said to me..."

I want to drink your period blood."

Said to me when I was like, 12, on Runescape years ago.


"When I told him I didn't want to talk about that..."

Had a guy, after figuring out I was a girl irl, ask me if I shaved my vagina. I was playing WoW and 13 years old. When I told him I didn't want to talk about that he went off about how he bet it was because I didn't and that I was probably gross and hairy anyways. Dude claimed to be a teenager as well but in retrospect I'm not so sure.


"I can't even remember..."

I can't even remember what game it was, but long story short, I had a few guys tell me they were going to track my address and come assault and kill me. I was like 12 at the time.

I know they were just messing around, but it freaked me out so bad that I stopped talking to anyone over chat.


"It's the bombarding..."

It's never just one thing. It's the bombarding, and the inability to take no for an answer. I hate when they get aggressive about it.



"I'd totally bang you if you weren't underage."



"It was more the situation..."

It was more the situation than what was said. I was playing with a group of guys and one young kid one night. I stayed quiet until a situation arose that I needed help with. I started talking and immediately this one guy starts talking about all this nasty stuff he wanted to do to me.

We had to end the game we were playing and start over, but I just felt bad because that was definitely not something the kid should have heard. It made me really wary of talking in games in the future. It doesn't matter if something does or does not happen, the second you show you're a girl to a group of guys, things get weird.


"In a KF2 server..."

In a KF2 server someone found out I was a female and started a discussion about boobs. And then asked me what sound my boobs make when I shake them. Strange.


"I do a lot of text based role play online."

I do a lot of text based role play online. Had a guy make multiple characters to pretend to be other people and try seducing me. Would compliment my character profile, my writing, everything. Then inevitably interrupted every conversation I would be in, especially annoying as the bartender, and beg me on PM's. He started attacking my friends and stalking others and at his peak made 5 characters in 3 days to talk to me.


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