The most confusing and frustrating thing about high school bullies is not knowing what compels them to bully. In most cases, it’s sadly as simple as the fact that they don’t like the people they’re bullying. In other cases, it can be repressed feelings, which results in their lashing out in aggressive and unjustified behavior. […] More
Weddings are a stressful time. And next to the seating chart one of the most stressful issues is the guest list. You want people there who support your union. That’s why it may not be the best idea to invite people who may have a thing for one of the soon to be newlyweds. Case […] More
Your neighbors can do a surprising amount to make your life difficult. While it’s best if you get along with your community, some people are just looking for a reason to get upset. Redditor AggressiveDinner4458 isn’t sure if they’re being petty or have a legitimate grievance with their neighbors. After the cops were called, the […] More
Just like love languages, we have our own ideas about what makes a great gift for someone. One general consensus among gift-givers, however, is to listen to our loved ones for gifts they would potentially love, pointed out the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. But Redditor penguinblinders was excited about the gift she had purchased […] More
There’s little that’s more sad than when a family becomes estranged. But in some cases, cutting off communication from certain family members is the only solution for some people to live happy and healthy lives. Making a reunion an unlikely possibility. The brother of Redditor InterestingCan4785 hadn’t spoken to their parents for years, after they […] More