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People Reveal The Creepiest Moment They've Ever Experienced In Life

I never want to relive this moment!!

There are just some things we'll never be able to unsee, or times in life that we will never be able to fully shake off. Those jaw dropping, shudder inducing experiences change us and haunt us to the end. Our cores are scarred and often we think we'll just forget but your therapist will tell you.... our bodies never forgets. The chills that tingle the spine, the smell that reminds you, the sound that wakes you in the night, all aspects of the PTSD from those moments we witness something that scares us to the bone.

Redditor u/Whitetail-Hoyt wanted to hear some stories about those times that leave us shooketh to the core by asking.... People of Reddit, what has been the creepiest moment of your life so far?



I was in a house party, and I saw a dude go into a basement of the house (which was more a separate room) and for some whatever reason, I decided to follow him. When I went into the basement, there was nobody there. Not that I didn't see him, it's that there was nowhere else to leave the basement other than the doorway, and there was nowhere to hide. He was just gone. No one in that room. Awesomecookies1


My dad took me, my little brother, and my little sister camping by a lake once when I was maybe 12.

At one point we went to the lake to go fishing and my dad just sat there in the car for a long time not letting us out. He was just quiet the whole time and it just freaked me out.

My parents had broken up recently and my mom told me later in life my dad confessed to having almost driven us into the lake on a visit weekend. I'd known something was wrong but I get chills thinking about that.

My relationship with him is not great overall. I have really mixed feelings, part of me will always love him because he's my dad. But I don't talk to him often and haven't seen him for years and don't really plan to change that. He's an alcoholic and narcissistic and manipulative, but at the same time a very sad man so sometimes I feel pity for him. I sort of wish him the best from afar but prefer not to interact if I can help it. tarotfeathers


In high school, my friend and I got out of school early one day and went to her house. Both her parents were still at work. We walked in and heard a loud bang in one of the back bedrooms. Thinking more along the lines of "scary ghost" than "robber," we ran out of the house freaked out and then laughing hysterically.

When we finally went back in to investigate, we found her brothers room in shambles.

Her house had been robbed and we walked in during the middle of it. They took a gaming system, a ton of video games, CDs and some jewelry from her parents bedroom.

Although I didn't realize it then, we were lucky - especially with how naive we were in the moment. bananasplit1486


Last year I was awakened by my closet door slowly ccrreeaakkiinngg open, followed by the disembodied voice of a young child singing inside in the dark.

Turns out my cat had somehow clawed the door open (out of sight from my bed), strolled in and walked in top of the kids' Doc McStuffins toy that they'd left on my closet floor, so Doc was talking. It was hilarious once I pieced it all together, but in those first terrifying moments I was actually prepared to battle evil. MrsTurtlebones



It was like 2 am, I took my clothes off and went to sleep. A minute later something hit me at my head. It was one of my socks. When I take them off I throw them in a corner of my room, so someone threw it back at me.

But there was no one in my room, was alone 100%. May not sound so scary, but it was for me!

  • No, there were no fans in the room.
  • No wardrobes or similar around my bed. Alisamix


When I was 11, my mom had died under unknown circumstances. That's what I was told by my aunt, and I was always too scared to push the subject, so I just accepted that truth. It was in 7th or 8th grade where I was home alone, as my dad had taken the dogs to go hunting that weekend, and I was at the family computer watching funny videos and laughing, when suddenly, all I could smell was my mother's perfume.

I froze, and I asked if she was there, kind of hoping for a response. Then the smell was gone after about 10 seconds.

My dad and I keep my mom's old belongings, including her perfume, in the bottom drawer of my dad's dresser. I ran to check to see if it was still there, and sure enough it was.



It was around three AM, and I woke up because of my cat doing a kind of low-bellied meow, like the kind they do when they're posed with a threat. (A fox or another cat or something). I looked where she was looking, and at the edge of my bed was a little boy, just staring sideways at the wall. I thought it was my little brother, it looked so real. I sat up really quickly, asking my brother's name. The boy turned to look at me, and my cat started hissing in his direction. Her hair stood up and everything.

I was so scared, I thought I was gonna throw up. I have a light switch right next to my bed, and I turned it on. Then, the boy disappeared. I guess it could have been a dream, but I didn't fall asleep again for the rest of that night, and the fact that my cat was freaking out makes me think it may have been real. After the boy disappeared, my cat kept staring at the spot he had been with her fur up for a good few minutes.

Idk what happened bc I really don't think that ghosts are real :/. My cat hasn't slept with me in my room since, though, which is rly the biggest downside lol. einsamella


A guy in a big panel van followed me around a dark parking lot asking me to come talk to him. NOPE. In my car, doors locked, calling 911. Lyon0922


2011. On my way from Pensacola to San Diego. Stopped in a very small town in New Mexico to fill up and get something to eat. Walked up to the door of a fast food joint where an old man was getting ready to enter, so I opened the door for him. He was genuinely surprise, saying that that never happens around there, but he said thanks. I go up to order and the cashier is just staring at me, so I look around. I notice that the other workers have stopped working and were staring at me (and smiling).

Then I looked around and EVER SINGLE PERSON in that restaurant was just staring at me. I got my food, and wanted to eat there to take a break from driving. I got half way through my burger, looked up, and everyone is STILL staring at me. Couldn't finish the burger, trashed it, and left. I just chock it up to them probably thinking I was someone else. But it was still creepy as hell. BadlyAaron


This only happened this Christmas. Went downstairs in the middle of the night for a drink. Completely normal behavior. Then as I put the tap on two table mats fell from the kitchen table. Ok no biggie, creeped me out a bit but must be some explanation. Then as I walked out the kitchen a singing Santa toy we had set up turned on and started singing merry Christmas before my dog got up and started growling. I pooped my pants and just noped the hell out of there. Adamsappleonline


I received a voice mail in which a heavily accented caller said, "I'm going to kill you. I'm going to f**king kill you. I'm going to slash your throat. I will kill you. I'm coming for you, and I will kill you. I'm going to kill you." This went on for about 3 minutes. Not screaming, just slow, deliberate, methodical, determined.

So I called him back.

After a few rings, that same voice answered: "Who is this?"

"I'm the guy you just called, saying you wanted to kill me. Wondering if I could get some more details."

There was a very, very long pause.

"Um. It was the wrong number. Sorry." Click.

Never heard from him again, and still alive. TO4ever


When I was 18 I moved into an apartment on the ground floor of an apartment complex on the edge of town in a semi-wooded area. The first weekend I was there, my 2 roommates were out of town. Around midnight I took a shower and as I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed after my shower I noticed the cat sitting on the edge of my bed staring at the window with those crazy eyes cat's get when they're freaked out. I peaked out the window but because the lights were on inside I couldn't see anything. I went back to brushing my teeth etc. I look back at the cat... same thing... crazy eyes staring at the window.

So I turn off the water and suddenly I hear movement in the grave outside the window. Initially I assumed it was just a critter of some sort but as I listened I realized it kind of sounded like footsteps. So I turned off all the lights and peaked out through the blinds just in time to see a man step out of view of the window. It was like he noticed me lift up one of the blinds and stepped to the side of the window. I stood there in silence for a few minutes and then he reappeared, saw that I was still looking out the window and moved again. The area outside was gravel so I could hear as he walked around to my other bedroom window to peak in. For about 30 seconds I stood there terrified because I knew he was there and it seemed like he knew that I knew he was there and that didn't bother him.

Suddenly I just got filled with rage and I grabbed my baseball bat and flung open the front door and shouted something along the lines of "Alright motherf**ker, I've had enough of your s**t." Then I heard him run off. I assume he was a peeping Tom/predator who was hoping to see a college girl getting out of the shower or something and didn't realize until that moment at the end that I was really a 6foot dude with a baseball bat. mejok



I work at a thrift store, and there are a lot of homeless people who come in for help, and we are partnered with a homeless outreach program, so I was pretty used to being around the homeless

There was a man who would come in every so often, and then eventually everyday, conveniently the same days I would work. My coworkers told me he was homeless and had severe brain damage. When I first met him, he tried showing me his display of knives, I mean this guy wore cargo pants and had a knife for every pocket type of thing.

One day after work, as I'm walking towards the parking lot to get into my truck, I see him in the parking lot in his truck. (Keep in mind, at this point in I had my headphones on). I noticed there were some donations still left outside so decided to head over and clear them out before I left.

As I'm about to pickup the donations, the man grabs me from behind and puts me in a full Nelson. At this point, my headphones fall out as I notice it's him, I start telling him over and over to let me go. As he finally lets me go, he just smiles at me and winks as he says "I finally got ya."

Weeks later he's seen on local news for grooming children. Creepiest crap ever. mike_who_cheese_wet


I remember waking up in the middle of the night to the sounds of television playing when I was 9. In the dark room, the TV light illuminated my pathway to the living room. I saw my dad on the couch slouched watching TV so I ran up to him to hug him. I then went back to bed.

Next morning, I ask my dad why he stayed up watching TV at the breakfast table. He said, "I was asleep all night with mom."

To this day, I don't know who that person was/is. Nebulaandpie


Having an escaped asylum patient come knocking on my door at 9pm at night mere moments after I had re-entered my home.

LONG story short, she was arrested, and I now only go outside at night if I have a knife or some type of defense tool, because she had been following me through the tree line to have been able to get to my door mere seconds after I had closed it. The fact that I had not noticed her still creeps me out. Sarcasticat98



A guy wanted to go camping with me and my boyfriend. At first we were okay with it, he seemed nice but became very pushy somehow and told us that we weren't allowed to take our own car and we would go somewhere really private. I have travelled a lot in previous years and met a lot of people and no one gave me alarm bells ringing in my head like this guy did. We never went, something came up with work thank God. Lotjebeauelle


In middle school our "leader" was this creepy priest. Luckily my family wasn't religious so I never interacted with the dude, but he was our substitute teacher one day and was an epic fool. The creepy part was he gave us a quiz on himself, and would get irate if we didn't know every minuscule fact about his life. I still remember he asked about his favorite sport. Excited, he would run through town in pink spandex I blurted out "running." No, I was wrong, because my classmate interrupted and said Basketball. The priest told him he was always a good boy, and gave him a ton of compliments. Yea, he was later fired.


I was at my dad's work office one night because my internet went down, and i had to work downloading stuff, so he gave me his key and went there. Around 2 am, I was waiting for the file to render when suddenly, I heard loud bangs coming from the door. It was like someone was slamming the door real hard, which would be impossible since there was a metal grill you had to open to get to it, and it made a loud noise when it opens. The slamming wasn't stopping and it was getting louder. I slowly got to the door, put the the metal bar on the door and noped to the desk. Eventually stopped, but then it moved to the windows, which are on the second floor and with nothing bellow. I was awake until 3:33 am, when it stopped.

Since then, I never go alone there at night again. pafloy



When I was 11 I was in my room hanging posters up on my wall. I was standing on a very wobbly chair and suddenly I felt the chair slip away and I fell backwards.

At that moment I felt two hands in my back that pushed me back up.

So I turned around and said: "mom?," but my mom wasn't in my room. So I ran downstairs in tears and I cried for 4 hours straight and couldn't sleep for a few weeks. daniellegugg


I work at a McDonalds in Missouri so no shortage of weird people. one day a middle age man with a quiet voice, dark brown khakis pulled up high and greased up combover came up to the counter. He talked in a hushed but calm tone that screamed sociopath, so much so that just his presence and his voice just rattled you to the core. He bought 3 happy meals and went silently into the play place. He left with a kid and we immediately called the cops. The whole experience just freaked me the hell out. syke_wulf


Let me provide some background information. In early middle school, my biological dad would smoke cigarettes a LOT. We had to keep our garage door slightly open during the day so it didn't smell when we went outside.

In late elementary, my mother was took Mondays off for 2 months. My biological father (who has a 70 year age difference with me) was also at home (as he doesn't have work). I want to school that day actually having a good time. I walked home to see a hand with mildly dark skin with a red liquid under the slightly opened garage door. There were tons of ants around him, and it looked awful.

As an ambulance was on its way, my mom was using a kitchen utensil to get blood out of his mouth. His eye was cut severely, and there was blood EVERYWHERE.

So here were the three things that contributed to his survival that day. • My mother took a break on that Monday. • The garage door was slightly open. • My mom returned home from doing some paperwork before I walked home. If she stayed home, she wouldn't have realized he was about to die.

If you were to take out a line from a triangle, it is no longer a triangle. It's just 2 lines.

Apparently, my dad was outside in the garage and fell (cutting his eye). I visited him in the hospital and his left eye wasn't functioning, HALF of his face was all swollen, and it was absolutely terrifying.



I had this weird thing happen to my vision after high school soccer practice once, it was like what u see when u stand up to fast but moving around my eyes, and I had no idea what it was, neither did any of my family members but I wasn't in pain so I decided to just ignore it. Later that night I wake up and swear to god I saw a demon crawling across the floor to my bed, and right before I sh!t myself I remembered the thing in my vision and realized I was just seeing things in the dark, but I still don't think I got anymore sleep that night.



When I was very young (4~5 ish), my bed faced the window in my room. One night, I forgot to close the blinds before going to bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up and saw the very distinct silhouette of a large man in the backyard. Every time I reopened my eyes after blinking, he was closer to my window. When he was almost to my window, I squeezed my eyes shut for some time. When I opened them, he was gone. I think about this sometimes, and I'm still not sure if that was real or something my young brain made up, but regardless, my bed no longer faces the window, and i never forget to close my blinds anymore. Could have been sleep paralysis I suppose, but I have never seen anything that realistic in my few definite experiences with sleep paralysis before.

Considering other things that have gone on in my neighborhood, it is possible I really did see someone. Though I live in a relatively safe area, I have had drug dealers as neighbors in the past. Once, some dude got chased through my front yard by the police and possibly dropped some drugs (he stopped to look for something on the ground, then kept running).

I try not to think about it too much, and have never experienced any other strange figures in my yard at night. I now have a very loud, large, and protective dog who wouldn't let it happen again.



I was in my early 20s and was working in an Irish pub in a northern city in England. Finished work around 1 in the morning and was standing outside the pub waiting for my then boyfriend (now husband) to pick me up. While I'm waiting, a big black Merc Benz pulls up a little ways past me and sits there for a sec. Now I'm dressed in a slightly higher than knee length black skirt and white shirt (so from a distance I could've looked like a young hooker standing on a street corner).... plus I looked way younger than 20s....

Anyway, so I do a half turn to try to get back into the pub, which was now locked..... Then all at once three men jump out, one from the front passenger side and two from the back and start making their way towards me pretty damn fast, so I start banging on the pub door (cleaning crew were still there) right then my boyfriend pulls round the corner, lights flashing (he always did this to let me know it was him) and pulls up beside me. The guys from the car stop dead as I then get into my car.

Scared the sh!t out of me. Pretty sure I'd have been at the bottom of a canal by now in a bin bag if my boyfriend hadn't had arrived when he did. From then on I always waited inside the pub



Two memorable creepy incidents.

One. I lived in a crime-infested part of India and I'd heard my uncle and dad talk about child kidnapping and whatnot and paid no attention to it because why would I. I was out cycling with a friend on the streets, and I would've been 9 or 10 years old at that time. In the middle of nowhere, a man stopped us, and asked us questions about where we're from, and where we were going. My friend Tushar started crying, and I took a deep breath and told him my dad was in the air force and my uncle was in the army. This was not strictly true, they'd both once been in Armed Forces, but were now retired.
The guy stroked my head, and presumably thought that it wouldn't be worth the trouble, and told us to leave the area and not come here again. I do think that day I escaped narrowly.

Two. On my way back home on my motorbike with my girlfriend, an SUV abruptly swerved in our way and sent us crashing to the tarmac. I was dazed, and in shock. I had a spine injury, and my knee and elbow were torn to pieces. My girlfriend was in better shape, I'd grabbed her as we fell, but her knee was busted too. The guys in the SUV were very helpful, and offered to help us, and helped me up and offered to take my girlfriend to the doctor while I called help for the bike. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and just as they were putting her into the SUV, a lady in a small hatchback pulled up and yelled out "Hey are you okay kid?"

She didn't like the idea of these guys putting a woman alone in an SUV, and she offered to help us. She put us both in our car and took us to get medical help. I didn't think much of it, until a month later, when I saw that a group of people had been nabbed for murder in the same area where we'd crashed. Their MO? They would target couples on motorbikes on isolated roads, put the girl in the car to offer medical help, leaving the guy stranded with a damaged motorbike.

The picture in the news was of the exact same SUV.

Whoever that brave lady was, who stopped to help us, I hope this reaches her.

Date: 2013, January/Feb.

Area: Sector 62, Noida.



Not conventionally creepy - but having my ex fiance admit to me in great detail how he would buy, kill, and mutilate rats and other small animals and how when I tried to leave him (1 of many times) and was talking to his ex he choked his cat until his eyes bled. The cat died from internal bleeding in the bladder a few months after that while I was, sadly, still with him.



When I was about 14, I was riding my bike alone on a Saturday and this car started following me. I was legitimately scared I might get kidnapped for a few minutes but luckily it was just your run-of-the-mill pervert.

I actually said, "Go f--- yourself," but then I realized technically he already was. So I just stood there for a few seconds, making awkward eye contact, really more embarrassed by the irony of my statement than the situation. He drove away and I filed a police report. He got caught eventually after doing it a few more times.

I guess even back then things didn't really surprise me. I've been flashed since like that, and I think internalizing it and feeling awkward must just be part of the experience.



I have dozens of paranormal stories but I'll stick with an actual human story.

When I was 16 or 17 I was working at a chain sit down restaurant. I was a hostess so I spent a lot of time chatting with guests who came in while they wanted for a table or even after I've seated them. A couple of guys come in and one is with a girl and I assume they're a couple. This other guy is third wheeling. They're nice enough. I seat them and do my normal chit chat. I leave their table and go back to the front. Every time I pass their table while seating other guests the third wheel speaks to me or asks for something- barbecue, butter, etc., and I oblige.

When they leave they stop and talk and on their way. 10-15 minutes later the third wheel comes back in and finds me to talk. At this point I'm finishing up some side work so I can clock out and head home- it's close to 10 so dark outside. He tries to give me a tip which I decline because at this point he's making me uncomfortable and my boyfriend (now husband) comes in and sees the exchange. He notices I'm uncomfortable and steps in. The guy leaves after throwing a few insults toward my husband.

Husband orders some take out and heads back over to his job. As soon as my husband walks out the front doors the phone rings. Another hostess answers and whoever it is asks for me. I answer... guy from before. I tell him I'm not interested and hang up. I go and finish up my side work and clock out. He calls back. Other hostess hangs up on him. He calls back again and again and again for a solid. For the hour I finished up all my side work and sat people he called consistently. I finally finish up, clock out and ask a manager to walk me out to my car because I'm uncomfortable.

He's sitting outside in his car a few spots from the front door. So thankful I had a manager walk me out. I make it home (half hour drive) and another hostess messages me letting me know he's still calling and asking for my last name, where I live, my cell phone number where I go to school, etc... they don't give him any information. This psycho finds me on Facebook! He sends me a message saying that we're meant to be together and we're soul mates. He says that I'm made for him and need to be with him. Some psycho sh!t.

He consistently came into the restaurant after this and I would go to the back if he came in. I ended up quitting and changing jobs for unrelated reasons but man, I'm positive that guy would've shoved me into his car given the chance.



I have a few stories, but this is probably the strangest experience I've had that I can't come up with a logical conclusion for.

So the four people in question are my big brother "Matt," my little brother "Ryan," my husband "Ben," and me "Alice."

On a trip to St. Thomas, we stopped at a local pharmacy because our taxi driver told us they sold shrooms there (they did not...) The pharmacy in question was very small - maybe 500sqft - with a couple aisles (that are short enough to see over) and an open pharmacy area next to the only cash register. The front was made up completely of windows, and the shop was in the middle of a half-circle plaza - everything could be seen clearly outside, and there was no where to immediately turn/hide. There was only one door to enter/exit from.

Of this group, I was the only one who had previous interest in supernatural phenomena such as r/dimensionaljumpingor doppelgangers. I've talked to Ben about these things, but he has never taken it seriously. (Sometimes he might joke that we must have slipped dimensions when we remember a conversation differently, but that's it). Ryan and Matt had never heard of either of those things before, and are classic skeptics regarding anything of that nature. I, myself, have never experienced anything to this degree.

All that said, here's what went down: Ryan, Ben, and I walk into this pharmacy and wait by the counter. Matt says he's going to wait outside, because he's nervous about asking the pharmacists for shrooms. After no more than a minute or so, all three of us see Matt outside the window (about 10 feet away). He's knocking frantically on the glass, dramatically waving his arms in a "what the hell are you doing??" type of way, and anxiously waving us toward him as though we needed to leave urgently. We're confused, but I offer to see what he wants and exit the store.

Despite seeing him peripherally standing outside the windows and waving his arms the entire time, I walk out the (only) door and find that he's suddenly not there. No one is outside the shop or the neighboring shops at all. I yell out "Matt? Matt??" a few times, but no response. My little sister "Diana" and her boyfriend "John" come out of another shop and walk toward me. I ask if they've seen Matt, but they haven't. I don't leave the front of the shop at all during this time.

I decide that he must have been impatient and ran off somewhere (ignoring how impossibly fast he would have had to be running), so I went back into the pharmacy. As I walk in, I am baffled to find Matt walking towards Ryan and Ben.

I walk up to him and ask, "What the hell did you need??" (Also ignoring the fact that there was no way he could have come inside without passing me). Matt looks at me quizzically, and asks me what I'm talking about.

Ryan, Ben, and I spend the next couple minutes explaining what happened... but Matt insists that he was inside with us the entire time and scoffs when we remind him that he said he was too nervous to come in.

At this point, we're all suspicious of each other pulling some sort of stupid prank, but no one buckles. Matt, in particular, loves messing with people but can not keep a straight face to save his life - not to mention, he loves the "gotcha!" moment and his pranks never go on more than a couple minutes. And as we talked/thought about it, we all realized that we simply could not explain how Matt could have disappeared and snuck inside so quickly.

We also considered the fact that it might have been someone else at the window (though we were the only ones in the shop), but the possibility of another 6ft tall flamboyant gay man with a pompadour in purple short-shorts, a bright blue tank top, and a gold backpack waving directly at us seemed really very slim. All three of us saw him and identified him as Matt without question.

This happened a couple years ago now. I still find myself hoping other-Matt is doing okay in whatever dimension he's in. Typing this in retrospect, I wonder now if the reason the pharmacists didn't sell us shrooms is because they probably heard our whole weird conversation and thought we were already f*cked up...



So this story happened last year.

So I came home from school, while nobody was home. I opened the door and headed upstairs. It felt a bit creepy as I began to walk down the hallway. I stop by my sister's room and the door I stood there. I began to hear someone breathing. I probably stood there for 10 seconds before grabbing my dog and run outside. I then call my mother, who was probably shopping.

She tells me to go to my grandfather's house. I go there, he comes out then we head back to my house. We go in and he grabs a butter knife. He then searches the whole house, nobody was there beside us two. So in conclusion, either two things happened. Someone broke into our house, and escaped when I left. Or I was just being paranoid and heard my own breathing...

Probably option two.



Some psycho pressed himself against my open window in the middle of the night and took a long deep inhale. My blinds were closed and my bf at the time was asleep. After i tried to wake him the guy was gone. It was nuts dude. Cops couldn't find the guy. I've since moved a few times and really enjoy window locks and the like now.



My dad had a shed in the back where he hung out by himself, when my parents got divorced we cleared out all the junk. There was a lot of weird stuff but we found some women's underwear with holes in the front for his family jewels. I was only 15 or so, and I was with my mom. Not gonna lie, we both laughed pretty hard about it. Looking back I still think it was funny, but it traumatized me on some level. I was so young and didn't understand human sexuality fully yet, I still don't.



This happened recently,

BACKGROUND I'm only 16 and my friend (15) decided it was a good idea to go and take a night walk at 3am and then just walk to school at 7am,

We packed some breakfast and left the house at around 3:10am. I live in a very bad area of my city and as soon as we left the house I already was on edge, we we're walking for about 10ish minutes and we walked under a bridge ( it's a train bridge with a river underneath) and onto the trail, we were walking for another 30ish minutes and I had assmued we were already 4 miles from my house ( idk why I assumed this I'm stupid) and said that we should go a bit further and that it was only 3:40ish

We started walking further and didn't realize this but there was someone walking behind us, we realized it when we heard someone cough behind us, I nearly jumped out of my skin, ( I'm 5'10 and pretty well built and my friend is the same but with more muscle) my friend turned around pointing his flashlight on this pale skinny what Appears to be white dude with a black hoodie on, once I turn around my friends already yelling at the guy to go away.

I tell him that we will kick his butt if he doesn't leave. Bad idea, the dude just looked at me and started walking closer, my friend eventually said f--- it when he was about 10 feet from me and charged the dude tackling him, I held the flashlight on them so my friend can see and the guy couldn't, once my friend was done he got off of the dude who looked to be unconscious ( I don't know if he was or if he was just so badly beaten he couldn't move) but my friend just said that we shouldn't wait to find out and we ran back the way we came.

TWO DAYS LATER I was looking online for news in my city ( there were protests in my highschool ) and wanted info on them) when I saw this article about a group of people who were kidnaping adults and children and harvesting organs. I called my friend and told him how lucky we were that he coughed.

Not gonna lie that tops the time I opened my closet and found a robber ( was just my uncle who was on drugs)



My daughter is a year and a half. She has some speech capabilities, and some ability to mimic actions. That being said she, like most little kids, is afraid of strangers.

I put her in bed with me most nights because it's easier to get her to sleep, and one night after she's finally settled down and stopped wiggling around she sits up. Just, sat straight up and started looking into a dark corner of the room where our dresser is. She sat there for a minute and then just started waving. Hello, hello. Hi, hey, hello. Waving and waving and saying hello at like 11pm. Then she plopped back down and passed back out. She woke up screaming like 5 times that night.

Another one was when my mom bought me a little bouncing sling kinda bed to lay my daughter in with stars and hanging stuff to kick for when she was a baby, and it played music. But she got it from a garage sale for like 4$ so it was older than I was. Tried to tell her repeatedly I didn't want it but she bought it for me anyway, and she makes you feel guilty if you throw her yard sale garbage away so I kept it.

Couldn't get it to work for the life of me so her husband who fixed and built computers for a living came over and looked at it and said the whole motherboard was totally shot. Rusted, oxidized, sun damaged whatever, and that it was not going to light up no matter what. Fast forward to like, 2 or 3 am and I wake up to horrible carnival music. I look around and it's that stupid chair bouncer thing all lit up, playing hot cross buns, but like, a quarter tempo and off key and I just noped right outta there. I picked it up, marched it down the road and threw it at the end of the driveway. Big no thank you.



I was a funeral arranger for a few years. The 3 other arrangers and I took turns locking up the mortuary at night when we closed. The last thing to do is set the alarm. It would only turn on if all the doors were closed and no motion was detected by any of the motion sensors which are labeled by location. So I'm up front, I've already turned off all of the lights and i put in the code to arm the system.

The light flashes that it can't turn on and the screen reads motion detected back hallway. This is the hallway from the preparation/embalming room to the chapel. I know I'm supposed to be there alone, and there's no way in hell I'm going back there in the dark to check it out! After a 30 second wait you are allowed to try to arm it again. The second time nothing was detected and it turned on. I ran out the front door and all the way to my motorcycle!



My family used to live on a ranch and we visited a lot as my grandparents and tia lived there. The part of the ranch my family lived on had their house and had this grassy area on the side where there were clotheslines where my grandma dried her clothes. My grandma kept her clothespins in this little sack thing that hung from one of the poles.

Anyway my mom and I were leaving pretty late one night when I noticed that this sack was violently swinging as if it was extremely windy except that it was a hot summer night and there was not even a slight breeze let enough wind blowing for it to be swinging the way it was. It really freaked my mom out and we quickly dipped. A lot of weird things have happened with my entire family, especially at that house on the ranch. probably because my grandma did brujeria in that house but I'm sure it's fine.



I went to a metal concert with a buddy last summer. It was an awesome show, a few of my favorite bands and some nice surprises. Towards the end, there was a bit of commotion in the rear of the crowd. This was right as the song ended, and I went to the back to get some water and wind down.

The commotion I missed is some guy assaulted a woman in the crowd. Now, despite what you might think about metal or its listeners, this universally a super sh!tty thing to do. Everyone is there to have a fun safe time, and anyone intentionally trying to hurt another person is swiftly evicted.

So the girl is freaking out, screaming and crying (to the point I think she might have a serious injury, but I didn't get close enough to take a look), and one of her friends in comforting her. The guy that messed with her is pinned against the wall of the annex (between the entrance and where the show is) and 4 big guys.

Security comes and kicks the dude out, he's more or less physically okay, but he already has a black eye and his lip is split.

I go out on the balcony for some air and the guy is on the phone about 50 feet away from the entrance. Security is standing out there and yelling at him to keep walking, but he won't move and I guess it wasn't technically the venue's property so they couldn't do anything.

Anyway, the way he's talking and moving disturbed me. I couldn't make out much of what he said, but it sounded like he was rallying some backup for a rematch with the staff and/or the people who were beating him up for being a piece of shit. I decided to just be safe and get out of there. Security was aware of what he was trying and I heard one on their walkie talkies to call the police to make the guy leave.

I had to find my friend in the middle of a huge pulsing crowd and we left, although the show wasn't over. We walked right past where the guy was, but he was gone. As far as I know nothing of note happened at the venue, thank goodness. The whole thing was so surreal.



I am scientifically minded. I don't have an opinion of the supernatural so take away from this what you will.

I stayed at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. The house where the murders took place. I knew the history, but not that it was haunted. The manager takes you on a tour. You hear all the stories. The house has been renovated back to what it mostly would have looked like. There is a library on people's opinions and theories of the murders.

People stay there for various reasons, the macabre, ghost hunting, even investigators and LEOs trying to solve the murder for giggles.

My mother and I stayed in the parent's bedroom. The one conversion done was the stepmothers dressing room was a one off bedroom. (instead of being a massive walk in closet, it branched off the bedroom). That B&B leaves a bat in every room for freaked out guests. There were a couple of guys from Indiana down the hall so that is what made me nervous and I stayed up late with the bat reading the guest book that is left in every room.

As I drifted off to sleep, I thought a cat jumped on the bed. Anyone who has owned a cat knows that sensation. I opened my eyes, saw nothing, and then figured that I must have thought I was at home a moment.

The next morning you get a breakfast of what the family ate before the parents were killed.The father was a known miser and there is a theory that the moldy broth he forced them to eat caused psychosis that caused Lizzie to perform the killings.

Then you get real food. I am not a morning person, so I was hugging my cup of coffee. Funeral homes are relatively new concept. In those days, people laid out relatives in their homes (rich people anyways) so you eat where the parents were laid out.

The night manager asked if anyone saw anything.The brothers from Indiana gave a disappointed no. Then my mother says:

"Nothing happened. Just a weird incidence when I was falling asleep and thought a cat jumped on the bed. I must have forgotten where I was and thought I was at home."

Well this got my attention.

The night manager then tells us: This happens frequently.Even to people who have never owned a cat. What most people don't know about the murders is that the step-mother's cat was found beheaded in the basement the day before the murders.



When I was younger, I had a flip phone. A few months later once I started school, I started getting calls saying "I see you" and "I know where you live". I started seeing weird people in hoodies walking along the street and looking at my house. It turns out that my friend from school got my number from some other friends and the people in hoodies were just random people. It was just a false alarm but still, I remember someone in a black hoodie watching me.



Kinda creepy, kinda makes me want to cry, but still strange nonetheless.

Ok so about 2 years ago my grandfather passed away. It devastated my family. We were all so close so for something like this to happen destroyed us.

A few weeks after my family held a party at my house. My entire family and a few of my friends came. All the adults were in another room talking and me and my friends were playing. Until someone comes up to us and says that all the adults are crying hysterically in the other room so they left. I already had a vague idea of why, our family had not at all yet recovered from my grandfathers death, so I thought it had to do with that. Well, partially.

There's this little piano play thing me and my brother used to play with. It was this thing you would roll out on the floor and step on the keys to make music. I have very fond memory's of it. It was stored in the room the adults were in, and someone took it out. They started playing with it, and it started playing a song. (with every key you stepped on, it would play a note of a song, so it didn't matter what keys you pressed) But it wasn't just any song, it was my grandfathers favorite song.

Here's the thing though, that thing only plays one song. It's some old timey song. It never played that song. Ever. Even the next day me and my little cousin pulled it out and tried it ourselves, and it didn't play that song.

He played it for his grieving daughters, I know it. He was there, and nothing can convince me otherwise.


Few actors from the past or present have embodied the otherworldly aura of a movie star quite like Sophia Loren. The tall, dark, and stunning Italian actress is the definition of Hollywood royalty—but her life was no fairy tale. From her harrowing childhood to her..."complicated" love life, there were incredible secrets behind Sophia Loren's sultry smile.

1. She Has Royal Blood

Sophia Loren may look like she was born in an extravagant Italian villa, but looks can be deceiving. Though Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone was born in 1934 with Italian royalty in her blood, don't go thinking she grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Sure, her father had noble roots—but they didn't mean much by 1934.

By then, he was a simple construction engineer. He was also a terrible father.

2. Her Father Abandoned Her

Riccardo Scicolone may have gotten Romilda Villani pregnant, but that wasn't enough to keep him in the picture. He abandoned his young family, leaving Villani and young Sofia without any financial support. In fact, Sophia Loren only met her father three times in her entire life. Once she became a star, she had no time in her life for the deadbeat who left her.

But she wasn't a star yet—and she still had a painful childhood to endure.

3. He Cut Them Out Of His Life

In 1938, Loren's parents had another child, Maria. But her father hadn't learned his lesson. If anything, he'd only grown more cruel. Sophia at least was able to take his last name—with Maria, he wouldn't even acknowledge that she was his daughter. Eventually, when Sofia Scicolone became Sophia Loren, she paid her dad just to recognize Maria and allow her to take his last name.

So no, Sophia Loren didn't have a strong father figure in her life—but at the lowest point of her childhood, that was the least of her problems.

4. She Had A Cruel Nickname

Sophia Loren grew up in the outskirts of Naples—at the time one of the poorest regions in all of Italy. Her mother made ends meet, but the luxuries of show business must have seemed a million miles away. Loren was tall for her age, but incredibly skinny. The other children in the neighborhood would tease her mercilessly, dubbing her "The Toothpick."

Well, they wouldn't be laughing for long.

5. She Got Noticed

File:Sophia Loren, 1955 (5129858198).jpg - Wikimedia

Everything changed for young Sofia Scicolone one summer when she was 15. She and a group of friends were in Rome, and like all teenagers, they were looking for something to do. They weighed their options and decided to take in the Miss Italia pageant. They found a table, and while Sofia chatted with her friends, a stranger brought a note to their table. It was for her.

I doubt she knew it yet, but Sophia Loren was born that day.

6. She Had The Looks

The note was from a strange, older man named Carlo Ponti. Ponti happened to be one of the judges for Miss Italia. He took one look at "The Toothpick," quickly growing into her frame, and marveled at her beauty. She simply had to enter the contest. Now, most teenage girls would be terrified by this sudden attention from a strange, middle-aged man.

But Sofia Scicolone wasn't ordinary. Her entire life, her mother had told her that she was a star—and it was time to prove it.

7. She Won Miss Elegance

15-year-old Sofia Scicolone entered the 1950 Miss Italia Pageant as Sofia Lazzaro. She had no experience—but when you're Sofia Loren, you don't need experience. She took home the title of Miss Elegance—second place to the Miss Italia Crown. For a teenaged first-timer, I'd say that was pretty good. But the beauty pageant was just the beginning.

Carlo Ponti had his hooks in Loren now, and neither of them would ever be the same.

8. She Started Acting Young

Carlo Ponti wasn't just a beauty pageant judge—he was a film producer. He quickly hired Sofia Lazzaro to appear in some of his movies. Apparently, one name change wasn't enough, because soon after, he told her he was changing her name: She was now Sophia Loren. With Ponti in her corner, there was no telling how far this bright-eyed young starlet would go—but Ponti's interest wasn't entirely pure.

9. Their Relationship Grew Physical

The age gap between Loren and Ponti would never close, but as she grew into a young woman, her relationship with the film producer took a turn. She has always claimed that they were nothing more than friendly in the early days—but once she turned 19, all bets were off. They became lovers, but it was so much more than that.

Sophia Loren saw a future with Ponti—but it wouldn't come as easy as she hoped.

10. She Wanted One Thing Above All Else


Sophia Loren was young and in love, and she only dreamed of one thing: "A legitimate family." She never forgave the father who abandoned her and her mother, and she dreamed of a man who would never do the same to her. She wanted the family life she never had—but it wasn't that easy. You see, Carlo Ponti had a secret.

11. Her Lover Was Married

Carlo Ponti wasn't just two decades older than Sophia Loren—he was also married with two kids. He had become estranged from his wife and fell into the arms of the beautiful, vibrant young Loren. That complicated things. But it was even worse than it appeared. Not only was Carlo Ponti a married man, but divorce was actually illegal in the staunchly-Catholic Italy at the time.

The legitimate family that Loren longed for was out of her reach. But she had other dreams to tide her over—dreams that lived across the Atlantic, in Hollywood.

12. She Worked Harder Than Anyone

Sophia Loren was a star, but she didn't expect anyone to hand anything to her. She worked for her reputation. Between 1950 and 1955, she appeared in a whopping 35 films. She loved the work at first—but few people can keep such a hectic schedule without it taking a toll on them eventually.

13. She Had Panic Attacks

One night, Sophia Loren lay in bed when she suddenly found she couldn't breathe. Once the attack subsided, she rushed to her doctor, convinced she had asthma, pneumonia, or something worse. It took mere moments for the doctor to diagnose her: She'd had a panic attack. The stress and anxiety of her schedule had finally gotten to her. From then on, her pace slowed down, and she never again made so many movies in such a short time frame.

But work wasn't the only thing causing her stress...

14. They Completed Each Other

It's difficult to pinpoint when Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren's relationship became more than platonic. Sometime between when Loren was 15 and 19, they became lovers—but ask either of them and they'd say they were so much more than that. Ponti gave Loren the love and guidance that she never got from her father.

Meanwhile, to Ponti, Loren was a star. A goddess that comes around once in a generation. But no matter what they felt, they couldn't avoid controversy.

15. Her Mother Had Doubts About Him

Miss Italia -

When Loren was 19, Carlo Ponti presented her with a ring. He was still married, but both of them knew what that ring meant. Loren rushed home on cloud nine to show her mother—but she did not get the reaction she was looking for. Her mother said what anyone would say, "What are you doing???" Carlo Ponti was nearly 40, married, and had two kids. Sophia was a young woman just starting her life.

Loren's mother's fears were valid, but they couldn't stop her.

16. She Went Hollywood

Sophia Loren started acting in Italian films when she was just 16. It took only a few years for the world to take notice. This tall, dark, and stunning young actress made Hollywood studio execs go gaga. They all fought to be the one to sign her to a contract—and Paramount go to her first. She signed a five-picture deal with the studio and headed towards the bright lights of Tinsel Town.

She was in for a greeting that she would never forget.

17. They Threw Her A Party

Hollywood loves its parties. To welcome the sultry Italian star to America, Paramount threw Loren a big shindig. For Loren, it must have seemed like a fairy tale. All the stars of Hollywood, come to welcome little ol' her. Actors and actresses she'd only seen on the screen came up to greet her in the flesh. Then, once the party was well underway, a new face arrived. A stunned hush fell across the room...what was she wearing?!

18. She Gave The World's Best Side-Eye

Jayne Mansfield showed up to Sophia Loren's welcome party fashionably late, and she made a beeline straight for Loren's table. Years later, Loren recalled that was the moment when the party got "amazing." A photographer was on hand to capture the iconic moment, and the image instantly became part of Hollywood history.

But Sophia Loren got a lot more than a peek at Mansfield's goods when she arrived in Hollywood—she finally got what she'd always dreamed of.

19. He Got A Mexican Divorce

Hollywood is quite close to this country called Mexico. And you know what's really easy in Mexico? Getting a divorce. Not long after the pair arrived in America, Carlo Ponti got a Mexican divorce from his first wife. At the same time, he married Sophia Loren by proxy. Just like that, their problem was solved! Loren could finally have the "legitimate family" she'd always dreamed of!

Except, few things are ever so simple. Soon after filing the divorce, Ponti received devastating news.

20. She Became A Fugitive

The River Girl -

Loren and Ponti thought they'd found their way around the whole "no divorces in Italy" thing. I guess they counted their chickens before they hatched. Ponti discovered that both he and Loren were now fugitives. Italian authorities told him that if they ever returned to their homeland, they would immediately be apprehended. Ponti would be charged with bigamy, and Loren with "concubinage."

It was completely ridiculous—but it forced Loren to live a lie for years.

21. She Had To Live A Lie

Sophia Loren's heart belonged to Carlo Ponti, but she couldn't show it. The couple snuck back into Italy for a time, but had to keep their relationship a secret. Even when they left to live abroad—eventually getting married for real in France—they still hid their relationship, for fear of consequences back home. They eventually even had to get their marriage annulled for fear of the repercussions.

No matter how either of them felt, Loren's relationship with Ponti was in limbo—and that gave her eyes time to wander.

22. She Met Some Big Shots

Sophia Loren adored her older husband/father figure, but now she was in Hollywood—and Hollywood might have better man candy than anywhere else on Earth. One night, she learned that she was to meet none other than Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant. She found Sinatra charming and amicable, while Grant was rude and off-putting.

But Hollywood is a small town, and she'd run into Grant again before long.

23. She Became A Movie Star

Hollywood might have been intimidating for a young girl from the outskirts of Naples, but the town welcomed her with open arms. Her five-picture contract with Paramount put her on the map. Within just a few years, she was a household name. Sophia Loren was officially an international film star—but that wasn't enough. She would soon be the biggest actress on the planet.

24. She Reached The Top

The 50s gave way to the 60s, and Sophia Loren's star continued to rise. She made movies in both Europe and America, and people everywhere adored her. Her rise to the spotlight finally peaked in 1964, when she earned an unbelievable $1 million paycheck to star in The Fall of the Roman Empire. Sophia Loren was finally the star that both her mother and Ponti had always told her she was.

Unfortunately, being a star comes with some brutal complications.

25. She Suffered In Silence

Sophia Loren (PREMO) | She is wearing nylons too. edited to … |

Sophia Loren might have become rich and famous, but she still had problems. The most painful was her inability to bear children. Though she became pregnant several times, she suffered miscarriages each time. As if those losses weren't devastating enough, it would soon get even worse. The tabloids caught wind of Loren's struggles and began speculating wildly about her complicated pregnancies.

But that wasn't the only fodder they had to work with.

26. The Tabloids Hounded Her

When the tabloids weren't covering her pregnancies, they'd try to dissect Loren's complicated marriage history, or tax evasion charges, or maybe those whispers about an affair with Cary Grant. Just like any other actress, Sophia Loren had to put up with constant intrusions into her often-painful personal life. And, just like any other actress, she had to deal with some miserable co-stars.

27. She Met A True Superstar

In 1960, Sophia Loren got to star in a movie with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history: Clark Gable. She was completely starstruck—until the work began. Then she realized Clark Gable wasn't the man she thought he'd be. The first day got off to a good start, but then at 5pm, Gable's watch started ringing. He gave a cheerful, "Bye bye!" then headed home, even though they weren't done shooting.

It was odd, but maybe he had an appointment? Not quite. Sophia Loren might have been the starlet, but Clark Gable was the diva.

28. He Disappointed Her

Turns out, by 1960, "working hard" wasn't really in Clark Gable's contract. No matter what was happening on set, when his 5 o'clock bell went off, he hung up his hat and got out of there. Loren, who had spent the last decade working her behind off to establish herself, was less than impressed. But Clark Gable still wasn't as bad as Marlon Brando.

29. Marlon Brando Made A Terrible First Impression

Marlon Brando wasn't exactly one for first impressions, but the first thing he said to Sophia Loren was just cruel. He barged into her dressing room on the Paramount lot, took one look at the paintings she'd hung on the wall, and said, "You’re sick. Emotionally disturbed. You should see a psychiatrist." What a great start to a professional relationship!

And that was just the beginning.

30. He Had Wandering Hands

File:Marlon Brando 1948.jpg - Wikimedia

Marlon Brando didn't know how to give a first impression, and he definitely didn't know how to keep his hands to himself. Before shooting a scene, he came up close to Loren and stroked her back. She said, "Don't do that, I don't like it." Then as soon as the cameras started rolling? He did it again. Loren turned and glared at him, then said she'd slap him in the face if he ever touched her again.

Do you think he did?

31. She Taught Him A Lesson

Marlon Brando, like many men in Old Hollywood, didn't like the word, "No." When Loren threatened to slap him, he put both of his hands on her. Sophia Loren might have been one of Hollywood's great beauties, but she had a temper that few of her fellow actress could match. She exploded and screamed right in Brando's face: "Don’t you ever dare to do that again. Never again!"

And he didn't. Would you?

32. He Picked On Her Constantly

Marlon Brando never touched Sophia Loren without asking again—but as you can imagine, their working relationship was in the toilet. Brando talked about Loren behind her back. He said that her breath reeked from all the Italian food she ate. He said it was "worse than a dinosaur's." Just some great, mature behavior from an iconic leading man—but he could get even pettier.

Making the movie was miserable for both of them, so when it came time to film their big kiss, Brando couldn't help but mess with her.

33. Their Kiss Scene Was Miserable

Kissing scenes are awkward for even the best actors. Locking lips with a co-worker, with cameras and lights pointed straight at you, while dozens of people stand around and watch? Not my idea of a fun day at work. Well, Brando apparently wanted it to be even more miserable. After the pair smooched for the first time, Loren recoiled. Brando had whispered something in her ear—and it wasn't sweet nothings.

34. He Made Fun

Loren stormed over to the crew after the first take: "Do you know what he just whispered to me? That I have long hairs growing out of MY nose?!" Talk about a guy who knows how to put a woman in the mood! Unsurprisingly, that take was a bust, so the director made them do it again. And again.

On the third take, Brando seemed to have realized that name-calling wasn't working. He wanted to draw blood—literally.

35. He Drew Blood

File:Clark Gable 1937 crop.jpg - Wikimedia

If Sophia Loren thought that Clark Gable leaving early was bad, she had no idea what she was in for with Marlon Brando. He'd insulted her, groped her, and commented on her appearance. There was only one move left: On their third and final kiss, Brando clamped down. He bit Loren's lip so hard that she started bleeding.

No surprise that the two of them never worked together again...but even then, I think Brando wasn't even the most disturbing co-star she worked with. That award goes to Peter Sellers.

36. Peter Sellers HAD To Meet Her

When Sophia Loren signed on to 1960s The Millionairess, the studio hadn't yet hired the male lead. They reached out to iconic British comedian Peter Sellers, but he wasn't at all interested—that is, until he learned that Sophia Loren was involved. That was all he needed to hear. As he put it, "I don't normally act with romantic, glamorous women," so he leaped at the chance to act with Loren.

Still barely 25, Loren was likely happy to learn that such a big star wanted to be in a movie with her. She had no clue what she was in for.

37. He Went From Charming To Creepy

Loren and Sellers got along famously while filming The Millionairess, but Loren assumed their relationship was completely platonic. She was dead wrong. Sellers grew more and more obsessed with her as the days passed. Eventually, he couldn't take it any longer. On a night out with both Loren and his wife, he pronounced his undying love for her in front of everyone.

This couldn't end well...

38. He Brought His Kids Into It...

Sophia Loren had no romantic designs on Peter Sellers, and spent their entire time working together fending off his advances—but none of that slowed Sellers down at all. One night, he even woke his young son just to ask, "Do you think I should divorce your mummy?" That's a scarring question to ask any child, but Loren didn't even want to be with him!

39. No One Knows The Truth

To this day, the true details about what when on between Sophia Loren and Peter Sellers are a mystery. Some of Sellers' friends, like comedian Spike Milligan, assert that the pair had a physical relationship. Others say they were nothing more than close friends. Not even Sellers' wife ever found out the truth, commenting, "I don't know to this day whether he had an affair with her. Nobody does."

For her part, Loren has always claimed that nothing ever happened between her and Peter Sellers, though she continued to fight off his advances for years. Her and Cary Grant, though? Well, that's a little more complicated.

40. Cary Grant Was Bad At Flirting

File:Grant, Cary (Suspicion) 01 Crisco edit.jpg -

Sophia Loren first met Cary Grant at that Hollywood party with Frank Sinatra, but his first impression was almost as bad as Brando's. First of all, he showed up two hours later. Loren had been anxious to meet him, but by the time he showed up, she was checking her watch. He approached her, only for the first words out of his mouth to be about how Italians all of strange names.

Loren had envisioned the charming Cary Grant of the screen, not this unpunctual oaf. But first impressions aren't everything—soon, Grant would have her questioning everything she knew.

41. They Met At The Right Time

Sophia Loren met Cary Grant at a strange time in both of their lives. Grant was currently trapped in a miserable third marriage. Loren, meanwhile, still loved Carlo Ponti, but the legal mess surrounding their marriage left their future in limbo. Maybe Ponti could never give Loren the "legitimate family" that she dreamed of. And Cary Grant? Well...he was Cary Grant.

42. He Opened Up To Her

Loren and Grant first starred together in 1957's The Pride and the Passion. Despite their rocky first meeting, the more time they spent together, the more they became infatuated with each other. Grant opened up to Loren in a way that she never expected. He even revealed to her his darkest secret...

43. He Revealed His Secret Pain

Hollywood stars have to keep some secrets if they want any kind of normal life—but Grant felt safe sharing his secrets with Sophia Loren. He revealed that his father had put his mother in an insane asylum, then lied to the family and claimed she was dead. Loren couldn't believe her luck. Not only was she spending her time with Cary Grant, but he was open and vulnerable with her in a way that she'd never experienced before.

It was like a fairy tale—but unfortunately, this fairy tale didn't get a happy ending.

44. Grant Wanted To Replace His Wife

Cary Grant's wife at the time, Betsy Drake, was a screenwriter, and she'd written a movie for her to star in with her husband: Houseboat. Maybe she thought working together would save their marriage? Well, Grant wasn't on board for that plan. He insisted the studio rewrite Drake's that his new sidepiece Sophia Loren could take the role.

It was a pretty scummy move—and wouldn't you know it, it backfired horribly.

45. He Popped The Question

File:Grant Loren Houseboat Publicity Photo.jpg - Wikimedia

Sophia Loren was still only 22 years old when her affair with Grant began. She was in love with Carlo Ponti, but her future with him seemed in doubt. Meanwhile, Cary Grant was 52 and already on his third marriage. Then, Grant just had to go and make things even more complicated. One night, a solemn Grant invited her out to dinner. As they ate, he suddenly looked at her and said, "Will you marry me?"

Now things were going to get really messy.

46. He Surprised Her

Loren gave Grant the only answer she could: "I don't know." Choosing between her two men wasn't going to be that simple. The next day, she flew to Greece to film a movie. When she arrived, she found a surprise waiting for her: a bouquet of roses and a pale blue note with the words, "With only happy thoughts" written on it.

The letter inside was heartbreaking.

47. He Prayed For Her

Cary Grant could always...come on a little strong. During his courtship with Loren, he was a fan of grand romantic gestures like sending hundreds of flowers to her room. This time, there was just a single bouquet and a note that read, "Forgive me, dear girl—I press you too much. Pray—and I will do the same. Until next week. Goodbye Sophia, Cary."

Now, Sophia Loren had a serious decision to make.

48. She Found Her Prince Charming

Loren had to admit that Cary Grant was the complete package. Sure, he was a Hollywood movie star, but he was so much more than that. She called him, "wonderful," "charming," "handsome," and "very romantic." He constantly showered her with gifts, flowers, and professions of his love. And he wanted her to be his wife. Perhaps he could give her the legitimate family she'd always dreamed of?

But of course, it wasn't that simple. There was a dark side to choosing Cary Grant, as well.

49. She Knew There Would Be Consequences

It wasn't like Loren was choosing between Grant and some deadbeat. She still had Ponti, who loved her and supported her—and he was Italian. Plus, there was the optics. Both Loren and Grant were married when they got together, and Loren had seen firsthand who the press treated women of divorce. She had watched as the tabloids had eviscerated Ingrid Bergman for divorcing her husband.

Could she risk that herself to be with Grant?

50. She Made Her Choice

Sophia Loren | Sophia Loren | Insomnia Cured Here |

In the end, Loren knew in her heart which choice she had to make: "Carlo was Italian; he belonged to my world... I know it was the right thing to do, for me." Once the legality of their marriage was sorted out, they would remain happily together until Ponti's passing in 2007. But Loren couldn't enjoy her happily-ever-after just yet—she still had to see Grant every single day.

51. They Still Had To See Each Other

Remember how Cary Grant had the female lead in Houseboat rewritten for Loren? Well, now it was time to reap what he sowed. Loren broke off their relationship and stayed with Ponti, making things painfully awkward on set. Grant still held out hope that one day, Loren would change her mind and come back to him—but that day never came.

Loren and Ponti officially married—for real, this time—in 1966. But at least some stories have happy endings: Grant and Loren remained close friends, and Grant even sent his congratulations when Loren and Ponti had children.

52. She Became An Icon

As the years passed, Sophia Loren's star grew. At first, she was an exciting new actress. Then, she was a movie star and a sex symbol. By the 1980s, she transcended again: this time, to icon status. She released the first of many biographies. She turned her life story into a biopic, where she played both herself and her mother. Loren even launched her own perfume—the first female celebrity to do it.

There's a reason Sophia Loren still holds a mystique about her that no other star, past or present, has matched. All her contemporaries have one big disadvantage: They're not Sophia Loren.

A man with a long, scraggily red beard laughs with his mouth wide open
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For some guys, their beard is everything.

Some guys keep their beards to hide some things.

Some keep their beards to catch some romance.

Sometimes it's a vice-versa situation, and they shave it off because of the upkeep.

Or... you can look like a mountain man who hasn't seen another human in a decade.

It all depends on the look you're going for.

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We've all had our fair share of embarrassing moments, and we can all agree how embarrassing it is for someone to point out that we have something in our teeth or that our hair is messed up.

But nothing feels more embarrassing than arriving at home, realizing the embarrassing look we're sporting, and wondering how many people saw us looking like that.

Until now.

Redditor flipping100 asked:

"What is the worst way to tell someone their zipper is open?"

Way Too Much Attention

"'Attention, Walmart Shoppers: The guy on Aisle nine. Dude, tuck that in and zip up!'"

- d3astman

Corporate Email Potential

"CC (Carbon Copy) the company email all list."

- 1feralengineer

"BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for extra confusion. 'Your fly is down.'"

- Hypo_Mix

Awkward Humor

"Stare straight at their crotch and yell, 'I'VE GOT MY EYES ON THE PRIZE!'"

- mogy_bear

A Fashion Statement

"Me: *Unzips zipper*"

"Guy with zipper down: 'What the f**k are you doing?'"

"Me: 'Just following your fashion...'"

- MyWarUK

Not a Concern in the World

"Tell them, 'Your garage door is open.'"

- azourgan

"Thoroughly Texan story ahead:"

"When I worked at my small-town Dairy Queen, there was the usual table of old men who came in daily for coffee and talk."

"One day, a regular shuffled in with his zipper down. So I called him straight over before he went to say hellos and whispered to him, 'Sir, your barn door is open,' while discreetly pointing down."

"He laughed real loud and said, 'Don't worry, honey. That old mule ain't gonna hurt nobody.'"

"Best regular ever."

- vmt_nani

'Friends' References for Days


- sam-sung

Undeniably Awkward

"Tell them their zipper's open after a while of staring down there, and then maintain eye contact after they zip up."

- Icy-Chain9308

The Dramatic Acting Approach

"Point at the pants and shout, 'The Gates are open, noooo!' and run away."

- AddictedToMosh161

Definitely Not Her Phone Number

"Be me, an oblivious woman in her 20s."

"A guy and his girlfriend walked by me, and the guy had his fly open. I didn't want to embarrass him by saying it out loud, so I wrote down, 'Your fly is open,' on a piece of paper, folded it in half, and handed it to the guy."

"The girl gave me the stink eye, and I suddenly realized that it looked like I was giving him my number right in front of her!"

"The joke's on her, I am a lesbian."

- cinemachick

Immediate Anxiety

"Just tell them, 'Your zipper was open yesterday.'"

- Olda**rollerskater

The Voice of Concern

"Look concerned, and ask them, 'Is your zipper afraid of heights?'"

- LZ__

For the Visible Double-O and Seven

"Creep around like a secret agent and say to your watch, 'The carrot has left the salad.'"


- tazwell427

Public Humiliation

"It happened to my science teacher in high school. We kept on laughing, and it escalated to laughing and pointing. He finally noticed and left the class to fix it. Sorry, dude."

- be_yourself_T

...Yeah, That Would Do It.

"True story:"

"We were on an elevator. The only other person than us on there was an older man."

"As it opened for his floor, he turned to my friend, gently caressed my friend's stomach, and softly said, 'Your fly is open.'"

"That, don't do that."

- fenrir511

We can all agree that these would be absolutely terrible ways to let someone know of an already mildly embarrassing situation they've found themselves in.

Can we all just agree to discreetly pull people aside, or whisper to them in a way that isn't intimate, to tell them this from now on?

We were all taught as kids that we needed to decide what we wanted to do with our lives as early as possible, but how could a kid possibly know what would be the best match for them from a young age, other than what sounds the most fun?

Perhaps not surprisingly, some people choose totally the wrong career, and they may wind up being wildly unqualified for the job, either because of their education or because of the natural skill set they bring to the field.

Redditor Pesci_Avocado asked:

"What industry attracts the wrong people who actually aren't qualified?"



- MilvElcon23

"Want to be the head of all healthcare in the country? How about the head of all strategic defense policies?"

"Great! All you need is a rich and well-connected daddy, some private schooling, a law degree and JD from Harvard, and many years of experience being silver-tongued and sucking up to the right guy. Make sure you get a whitened smile, for the photos."

"Once that is done, you're the perfect person to tell senior doctors and military generals what to do."

- Common_Sense_Dudd

Board of Education

"Not exactly a job, but any board of education."

"They have no idea what goes on in the classroom, let alone the offices of a whole district of schools, but they literally make every decision."

- Hour-Eleven

Caring for the Elderly

"Elder care (cries)."

- Yarlyy666

"My town has one place that pays 11 dollars per hour... and they don't do drug screening. It's filled with some of the worst people I've ever met, staff-wise."

- Me_Want_Pie

Hospital Administration

"Hospital Administration."

"They are often business-oriented people with little to no experience in the health field. So they have no idea what those on the front line actually do. For them, it's all about profitability."

- 10EightNine

Hotel Management

"Hotel Management... believe me, I know."

- Content_Pool_1391

"I took an interview as a maintenance manager for a Hilton. I asked to view their facilities (for work) and their tool shop was a closet with a husky toolbox."

"I was bitter after not getting hired (despite going to school for marine engineering, I basically keep ships and their systems afloat), but that would've sucked."

"I asked what preventative maintenance schedules they had and she didn't know what that meant. God save that building."

- mattmagnum11


"Stockbrokers. I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are some bulls**t artists."

"And not like, 'Oh, they're a good salesman, and could sell you anything,' No, it's like they make s**t up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say."

- artisticle732


"Acting. Just like anything else, acting is a craft and it takes training, practice, and experience to get good at it."

"But people think it's something you can just... do... with no qualifications. The worst part is because of the weird way acting works, some of those people do end up getting work."

- seanofkelley

"As a young (degree certified) actress who is now seeing auditions for commercials and brands and even some lower budget TV shows require large Instagram and Tiktok followings, thank you."

"It seems like even the casting directors have started forgetting just how much work needs to be put forth in order for a great performance to happen. It’s not simply saying lines and looking pretty, although that’s all the majority of actors on streaming network shows do right now, so maybe my point of view is outdated."

- Lihork

Information Technology

"IT. The demand for people and decent salaries, along with low barriers of entry, mean that all sorts of charlatans get into that industry."

"And don't get me started on the lies and qualification/CV fraud from a certain country."

- FlightBunny

Disability Support Services

"Disability support work."

- Yardages-Kyar-Hoki

"For real. I briefly worked for a firm that did this, they'd hire anyone with a pulse, and even that I'm not sure was mandatory."

"I had the displeasure of watching one of them trying to complete an e-learning course. Seeing them get the simplest questions wrong was like that scene out of Idiocracy with the shape into hole test."

- Worried_Jackfruit717

Professional Photography

"Professional photography. No, Susan, your Instagram photos of cats and sunsets do not qualify you to do professional studio work. It takes a h**l of a lot of practice and learning to do that properly."

- anon1984

Veterinary Medicine

"Veterinary medicine."

"Many people decide to go into vet-med because they 'love animals'. That's not enough."

"You have to be able to deal with people, because you're going to be treating the pet AND educating the owner, you have to be able to multi-multi-multi-task, deal with gross/sad/terrifying/depressing/angry/stinky animals and people, all while holding your bladder for hours, starving, getting yelled at by clients, answering the phone, writing in charts and trying not to forget all the stuff that need to write down, order, put away, clean..."

"It's not just 'playing with puppies and kittens all day.' Yes, I've been told that I was lucky to have that job because that must be what I did."

- Ill-Veterinarian4208

Law Enforcement

"Law Enforcement."

"It attracts bullies who claim to want to help people but most of them don't care and, worse, they don't have the right mentality. Of course, the job doesn't help. But the ones who end up hired are the ones who love using force on people are have a sadistic nature. They love causing problems for people."

"This is one of the things that has generated so much hatred for the police. They need better training and the correct attitude."

- GummerB

Medical Nurses

"Honestly... a lot of the time... nurses. I've met so many nurses that are just unnecessarily mean and grumpy and can't do their job properly."

- Alizoomzoom

"My mom is a nurse, and she swears up and down that it's a job you are compelled to do."

"So many do it because it's supposedly the highest paying 'girl' job, but few can actually handle the stress that comes with it."

- MarsHillMonster

General Repairs

"Handymen. Usually, it‘s people with zero actual training who think because they once built a deck with their friend that they are qualified to fix anything."

- Herr_Poopypants

Human Resources

"Community management and Human Resources. How are people that don't give two a**es about others think they're capable of managing others?"

- BrunoDeeSel

"Because their job is to extract labor or profit from employees or tenants. While saving their company as much money as possible. Neither or them are there to solve problems for you, they solve the problem (you) for the company."

- kora67

It's honestly to see how many jobs that are often held in high esteem attract such misaligned people. No matter what the income might look like, it would be really refreshing if people went after the jobs they'd actually be good at, and people would be more capable of working together and making a difference that way.