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Divorced People Reveal The Final Straw That Ended Their Marriage

Reddit user glycerne asked: 'People who divorced, what was the final straw for you?'

When we think of two people getting married, we like to imagine it being the first day of their happily ever after story.

But some of these stories don't end happily, because their marriage was just a chapter in their story. And the reasons why these chapters end can be shocking at times.

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Women Explain Which Professions Are An Absolute Dealbreaker For Them In A Partner

Reddit user abigbearofaman asked: 'Women of reddit, what job would a man have that would be an automatic deal breaker for you?'

Frustrated woman
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We've all heard the phrase, "to each their own," and one place this concept really applies is in relationships, what the couple's goals are, what they like to do, and what they dream of doing as a profession.

They also know what they don't want, including which careers would ultimately be a deal breaker if their partner were to suddenly start working in that profession.

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Two people kissing
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Cheating is one of those actions in a relationship that is super divisive.

Most people are either dead-set against it or basically all about it.

But there are some who could understand how it could happen, and others who were willing enough to discuss what led them down that road of possibility, to begin with.

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We know that not all relationships are destined to last forever.

What might begin as an endearing quality becomes annoying, or what starts off feeling like a minor inconvenience might grow to be a serious dealbreaker with time.

Changes like this can end a relationship, and they can do serious damage to the relationship along the way, like to the couple's communication skills, quality time together, and even their sex life.

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Dating experiences can be incredibly fun and even formative, but it can also be full of tough and painful lessons.

With each relationship, we're bound to learn things that we don't like or aren't looking for in our next partner.

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