Fed Up Family Members Reveal The Worst Girlfriends That Have Brought Home

We're almost socialized to hate our childrens' spouses.

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However, sometimes, they REALLY deserve it. It's not often that we run into the most toxic of toxic people, but when we do...why are they always dating our children?!

User u/iputstickersonmaface asked Reddit:

Mothers of reddit, who's the worst girlfriend your son has ever brought home?

Oh, boy, get ready for these answers.

Baby Girl....

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He liked a girl in high school. He chased her for the better part of a year. She'd lead him on, then make excuses why they couldn't date. Rinse. Repeat. She wasn't super friendly to us, either. Finally, their senior year, she gave in. They dated for a year and a half when she suggested they move in together. He was hesitant, but she won. They got an apartment near us. She was working evenings in a hardware store while he worked full time at a car lot and went to classes to be a volunteer firefighter. She left the house a mess and him a list of chores to do in the evenings. He did them. After a couple of months, she complained how they never went on dates anymore. Two minimum wage jobs and bills to pay..no money for dates. He decided to surprise her with a picnic and a night at the drive in. He waited and waited and she finally came home at 4:30 in the morning. She had an excuse that he didn't quite buy. Two weeks later he gets a call from some lady claiming her husband and my sons gf were having an affair. So they borrowed a car they wouldn't recognize and followed gf after work one night. Sure enough. When it all came out, the affair had been going on for a lot longer than they'd had the apartment. She was begging him to move in with her while she was seeing someone else. We didn't like her from the get go, but after that....ugh. Luckily, he met an amazing girl and is happily married with a baby....not TO a baby now.

Fatal Attraction

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My moms been dealing with little bros ex for awhile now.

They dated for 5 months as freshmen in highschool. She was nice enough but really weird with my brother at 13. As a result i was designated chaperone. Hurk.

Her parents tried forcing my brother to knock this girl up, move in and take care of her whole family... at 13. My brother was a late bloomer and as a result I had to explain what all of that meant and the implications this insane tween was getting him involved in.

He broke up with her, she went off the deep end. Constant lies about how abusive my brother was. (Hello you guys hung out 4 times, in my moms living room, with me one couch away. I would know what happened).

Apple And Tree

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My mother would say My ex-sister in law Pros

  • nice
  • Pretty
  • Enjoys working out
  • Talks a lot (extremely social person)


  • Compulsive liar who will say anything to meet her ends
  • psychotic father who influences her views and has shady business
  • Fraud (started a business to launder dad's money)

The End

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My brother met a very trashy girl in his teens & got her pregnant. A few months after my gorgeous, fantastic niece was born, her mother took her and moved in with another guy, because... she was pregnant with his kids (twins, that she ended up miscarrying). She texted my brother and said he would never see his daughter again, and kept this torment up for months. My brother one night found himself in a seedy motel room with some friends who had a gun. They left to go to the gas station and he called his daughters mom. Whatever she said was the final straw, and we pulled him off of life support the next morning after spending 8 hours at the hospital watching them pump blood into him to try to keep him alive until they could be prepared to donate his organs. At his funeral his daughter was only a year old. She does not know what happened.

This girl is now 25, and has a second child. She's also on her 7th engagement, in what will potentially be her 4th marriage.. all since my brother passed away 7 years ago. The second child's father is currently not allowed to see his baby, and she has claimed that she cheated on him and that the baby is actually her current fiancé's child (it CLEARLY is not, it looks JUST LIKE the man who was in her original story the father)

So I mean, she takes the cake for bad girlfriends. I miss my brother and my niece will never know how funny or cool her dad was. Aaand I'm crying.


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Stepmom here. She was from a very well off family, and it had made her incredibly selfish and demanding.

She never had a nice thing to say about him or anything else. She criticized him constantly and talked s* about our house and lifestyle to our faces.

She lied to her parents and asked us to cover for her. She yelled at our son when we wouldn't do it.

They were only teenagers, but she expected him to take her to high-end restaurants and buy her super expensive gifts constantly.

She told him his intended college major didn't pay enough and he needed to drop out and work for her dad.

She'd ask him to drive home from college to give her a ride somewhere, and then make him wait in the car until she was ready to leave. This happened more than once.

She cheated on him numerous times.

She was a garbage person. We were so happy when he finally got out.

Not My Job

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When my brother was in high school he dated this heinous b---h who treated everyone like s--t. The straw that broke the camels back for me mom was when they needed a ride back from the movies, and they were late because she demanded they go to a different movie, my mom waited an hour for them and when they finally showed up, my mom was a little miffed, but when she asked them, the girl said it was my moms duty to wait because that was her job. Yeah, mom lost it.


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At first, Renee seemed pretty cool, if not slightly sketchy. There were red flags immediately but we were just too blinded by the fact that he seemed happy to address them.

  1. She had just left her husband who she claimed was abusive and yet left her 2 young children with him.
  2. Lost 2 jobs in 2 weeks for not showing up.
  3. She was 31 and all of her friends were around 18-19.

It didn't take long for her to show her true colors as the nastiest, dishonest, most controlling person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. Here are some examples:

  1. She would scream at her children and call them horrible names when she wasn't outright ignoring them.
  2. She refused to work and spent what little money they had on pot.
  3. She stole my identity and opened up electric and gas in my name.
  4. She ruined the relationship between my brother and his son to the point where they actively avoid each other.

His credit is in toilet, his health is ruined, and he has no relationship with his oldest son. He's a shell of his former self. F-ck you, Renee. I hope you step on a Lego laced with tetrodotoxin.


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He brought home this one girl and she seemed nice enough. She made an effort to talk to me. A couple weeks in, she suddenly needed a place to stay.

After about 2 months of her living there, he calls me in a panic from my Dad's phone. He came home and she attacked him. She accused him of sleeping around because he had been spending too much time away from home. (He works a mechanic job, sometimes he runs over if its busy) She grabbed his phone and smashed it. She punched herself in the face repeatedly, saying she was going to go to the cops and say he beats her. She comes at him again, so he bear hugs her to restrain her. My Dad came in at this point, and she ran to him screaming and crying, saying "look what your son did to me." He immediately knew it was a crock of s*. He said she had an hour to pack her things and leave. She got in my Dad's face, called him a bunch of names. He just told her to shut up and pack.

My Dad dropped her off at her uncle's house which was about 35 miles away and apparently she screamed at him the whole way. Over the course of the next couple months, my brother has gotten phone calls from her and some super creepy letters at his door. It's been about 6 months now and she's still sending them. He usually just throws them straight in the trash.

Turns out, she had a warrant out for her arrest for possession/distribution of prescription pills. She's been on the run for over a year. My Dad called the cops and let them know her location, but as far as I know she's still somehow not in jail. I guess she used my brother for somewhere to stay and hide. It was super sh-tty.

Chronically Bad

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A friend of mine has chronically bad taste in women. Back in college, he dated this girl who was very sweet. (They all are. They come across well) But she always told these stories that just didn't seem right. And drama seemed to follow her wherever she went. For example, she claimed to have been attacked in her boyfriend's house by an intruder when she was there alone. The problem with this is that unbeknownst to her, one of the roommates got home early from work that day and was sitting on the porch reading when this intruder supposedly broke in and attacked her. He was pretty confused when the police showed up. The case was dropped because how on earth did someone break in and flee with this guy sitting on the porch? He still believed her and defended her to anyone who had anything to say about it.

He's currently dating a girl who is a major klepto. And it's not like useful stuff. She seems to just steal just to steal. For example, she stole clothes from my baby. She doesn't have kids...what does she need with onesies??? He's currently struggling to find a place to live because his long time roommate told him she wasn't allowed in the apartment and she can't get an apartment because of her criminal history. He mailed the shit she stole back to me and apologized but still doesn't see the problem with this relationship.

The Reverse

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I was the son in this situation. My mom has a severe case of "no one will ever be good enough for my baby" syndrome. When my now wife and I got engaged everyone congratulated is except for my mom, who drove 5 hours to visit her mother to cry. She never supported our engagement for the 3 years leading up to the wedding, contributed the bare minimum of having my dad pay for the rehearsal dinner, and even still only tolerated her presence. My wife is a lovely, kind woman who everyone in my family loves, all of my friends love. But my mother couldn't despise her more

Bad Practice

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The worst was the one who wouldn't come out of his car when he came to hang out with the family, and who would sit there and text him to hurry up when he's seeing us for the first time in weeks. We're close knit and we love to welcome people to our family, and she was too wrapped up in controlling him to give us a chance.

Until of course, she got pregnant, and then spent the pregnancy complaining that no one in my family did enough for her or seemed interested in how she was doing, and when anyone DID show interest she griped that everyone was too involved or too nosey. For some reason she thought it was a good idea to completely sh-t-talk everyone in my family to me, and after the baby frenzy died down she started complaining about literally every move my brother made and every word he said. It just never stopped. Meanwhile she's sitting around doing nothing, not working, letting her mom take care of the kid, while she admins a Facebook page of other new moms who need to "let off steam."

They're not together anymore, she won't let my brother have any one on one time with his daughter (she's almost two, and he's an amazing dad) and she breezes in and out of my parents house like she's doing all of us a favor by letting us be in my niece's presence.

She's the f-cking worst.


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Single father, but... My son had a GF a few years ago that was seedy trailer park trash straight from a Cops episode. Managed to bring a lice infestation with her the first time she visited the house and multiple times afterwards until I drew the line and told him that he was the going to be sterilized if I had to do the house one more time.

Insecurity Killed The Cat

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My brother is very private and never introduces any of his girlfriend's to us, his family, unless they force his hand and insist upon it. He finally introduces us to a woman that I will call Dede, who we guess he had been dating a year. And everyone likes Dede. She turns on the charm and the entire family likes having her around - she's charming and funny and helpful. Then after like 6 months it's like she got comfortable with her place and revealed her true nature. She was the most insecure, b-tching, demanding woman my brother ever dated. When he was with my mom and Dede called he had to make my mom be quiet and not talk because if she heard my mom in the background she would get jealous of her. It was insane. And with her being jealous of my brother spending time with mom basically undid all the goodwill she garnered in the previous 6 months. It was crazy. She was so insecure my brother couldn't spend time with our mom because she would get jealous and pissed. I've never seen anything like it.


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Not a mother, but doing the mom role for my younger brother. He met a girl on some online dating site. She was going to come visit for a few week one summer, going to stay with us. That was fine, except once she arrived within the week they both decided she will stay permanently with us. I am a bit of a doormat and my brother and I had a very fragile relationship at the time. So she stayed.

She doesn't work, contribute to the household financially, and does not do any chores. I can hear her frequently yelling at my brother through our closed room doors. Eventually they moved out together , and they have been living together since. She gets work from time to time but something always happen and she'd lose it. One time I was traveling abroad and he messaged me said he was kicked out of their house. Turns out, they had a fight and she got physical with him. He ran out and called the police but they took her side. You'd think that would be the end of it. They were on and off dating and to this day she still live with him. He had to borrow money from the family whenever she is out of work.

She is entitled and horrible. But he is also an idiot. So maybe they would stay together forever. It is out of anyone's control now.


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My brother's ex was the worst. She was super controlling of who he could and couldn't see and would lose her f-cking mind if he dared go against what she wanted him to do. At one point in their relationship they were long distance for a few months. Our family lives far away from where he was living so one week he went to visit our grandparents who live in the same province as his girlfriend. She absolutely lost it because he had the audacity to visit his aging family members over her for his only time off. She told him that if they were meant to be then she should matter more than ANYBODY including family. This was on top of her having a serious temper. Later they went on a vacation together and he mentioned that he wanted to visit a friend (female, but she was like a sister to us our whole lives) because they were passing through where she lived. His gf went nuts. Started screaming and kicking his suitcase down the street (yes in public). He ended up going anyway and she didn't, instead choosing to sit and sulk in the hotel for 2 days.


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My step son, brought home a girl that seemed nice enough. Just super shy. Whenever she would come over she would hide in the bedroom and barely spoke to us. When she did speak to us she was very respectful and kind.

After about 6-7 months of them dating and her hiding from us and barely speaking to us she went psycho on my step son. She was upset that my step son had forgotten their 6 month anniversary (Or whatever the number of months was.) And she lost it. She broke his dresser, and his xbox. She threw something and put a hole in the wall. She destroyed some of his clothes and pictures.

I came home to a disaster of a house and the cops on my porch, because she called the cops to say my step son had hit her. He was arrested and spent time in juvenile hall and on probation.

She of course tried to sweet talk her way back in to his life after the whole thing. He turned 18 shortly after he was released from juvenile hall and he took her back. Moved out of our home and moved in with her. And found out once again how psycho she was when she attacked him again because he forgot to pick up taco bell on his way home from work.


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FATHER who raised three sons on my own...

We had a working horse farm and my two youngest sons, 17 and 14, had their own "bunkhouse (two bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room and TV room). And no, they weren't unsupervised, I'd visit a couple of times daily (from 40' away).

So...this gal shows up on a Friday afternoon. I don't get a good look at her, it's getting dark, but we politely shake hands.

My son says she's staying for dinner -- they're cooking "in". I respect that. I've raised this son, he's a good kid, trustworthy and honest, and so I leave them alone.

Next morning, her car is still there AND I catch a really good look at her as she's hurrying out of the bungalow (I am certain she's trying to get away before I get close).

She has to be 30...at least.

So...I have a talk with my son and learn he met her playing a video game online. I asked how old she was. He said like, 20?

I said...son...she's a lot older than that. And no...she's not to stay over again. Case closed.

In any case, of course, she must have been giving the kid what he wanted because they kept seeing each other. As for overnights? She was no longer overt. Instead, she'd wait until dark then park her car on another road and walk over to my kid's quarters. (I learned this after the fact.)

I finally walked in one night on another matter. Didn't see HER...but my two sons weren't welcoming as they usual are but instead had "big eyes" and seemed anxious. Then ...I saw a purse hanging on the back of a chair.

I asked my older son...okay, whose purse? He didn't say anything, looked guilty as Hell...so did my YOUNGEST son...

So I said, "well, let's see whose purse this is," and I unzipped it, pulled out the wallet, and lo and behold, miss so and so was 32 years old.

I asked her to come over where I could see her...she had been cowering in a corner where I would have had to come all the way into the house to find her.

I asked if I could have a word with her in private.

I didn't see her again but I do know my son met with her several more times.

But I made it hard enough for her, and dangerous enough, that it finally ended.

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