The Most Disappointing Movies People Have Ever Paid To See

Reddit user Pitiable-Crescendo asked: 'What was the most disappointing movie you paid to see?'

Movies can be one of the most entertaining forms of media, but it has to be good.

Seems simple, right?

Some movies are really good. As an avid reader and huge fan of book-to-movie adaptations, I enjoyed the ones that were made well. This included The Count of Monte Cristo, The Hunger Games series, and even Twilight, despite not actually liking the book series.

However, some book-to-movie adaptations were so bad, I wished I hadn't spent time or money on it. The Maximum Ride movie, the two Percy Jackson movies (I can't believe a second one was even made after the disaster that is "The Lightning Theif"), and of course, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

David Yates, who directed the fifth movie, also directed the sixth. Known for directing darker movies, he decided to go in a funnier, lighter direction for the sixth movie and took away all the magic that made Harry Potter so amazing. Luckily, he went back to his talents for the seventh and eigth movie, but I spent a fortune (or what was a fortune for a teenager) getting tickets to the midnight premiere, and I ended up aplogizing to everyone for taking them to see that movie. I will never not be sorry about that.

Redditors are familiar with the experience of paying money to see amovie and wishing they hadn't, and they are eager to share.

It all started when Redditor Pitiable-Crescendo asked:

"What was the most disappointing movie you paid to see?"

Couldn't Pay Me To See It

"Cats. I couldn’t believe anyone thought that was passable as quality"

– Majirra

"I like the 1990s version with Elaine Paige, but that's because I like the music, Elaine Paige, musicals, stage movies, etc. (Like Newsies and Hamilton are awesome, grew up watching stuff on theater irl like plays.)"

"I wouldn't even watch the 2019 Cats for free, despite the casting."

– Binx_da_gay_cat

Poor Adaptations

"Eragon. It's not even close. My dad and i were huge fans of the series when it came out. We walked out of the movie early and it left such a bad taste in our mouths that we stopped reading the series."

– An_Actual_Pine_Tree

"Was coming in to say the same thing. Read it as a child. What a dumpster fire."

"Coming off Harry Potter I thought adaptations were inherently good."

– magvadis

"I love that r/eragon just acts like the movie was never made lol. I’m cautiously optimistic for the Disney+ remake of Eragon to be released"

– SaltyWitch1393

"As a fan of both Artemis Fowl and Willow, I'd advise you to have far more caution than optimism."

– Flustro

"God I'm so glad I didn't pay money to see Artemis Fowl, that was an irredeemable piece of lazy CGI a**hole. Bad script, bad acting, bad production design, ALL of the dry Irish humour sucked out of it, no personality."

"I feel bad for Eoin Colfer, I at least hope he got paid enough for the rights."

– Charlie_TheRoadQueen

Bad Movies

"The Fantastic Four remake"

"ETA: Fant4stic, 2015 is the one I’m talking about. Realized I should’ve specified that."

– robert_flavor

"Fant4stic? The one where Doom is an ecoterrorist who only appears near the end of the movie?"

– CttCJim

"I remember being 11 and seeing it because i was big on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, and pretty much coming to the realization for the first time in my life that movies could be bad, lol"

– tsushi17

Master Of No Movie Elements

"Avatar: The Last Airbender"

"$17 and change for the IMAX showing when it first came out"

– Spenceresquire

"Okay so it was the most disappointing movie I ever paid for but the best movie experience of my young life. I was in a theater that was literally Shouting "Aang!" Every time they said "Ong". There was booing. There was screaming. The audience made the movie."

– GViceyroy

"There is no movie in Ba Sing Se"

– KaityKat117

Horrible On All Levels

"Pooh: Blood and Honey. Please don't watch it."

– Sure-Mathematician68

"I've loved Pooh and the 100 Acre Wood community my entire life. Also a big horror fan. My friends know this. My best friend had gift certificates to our local theater and decided to treat my husband and I to a double date with her/her hubby. I was so excited. Even dressed up in my Pooh was so, SO bad. Like, not even good bad. No clever writing or dialogue. No creative kills. Terrible acting. Terrible effects and makeup and lighting. Wasn't even good enough to be considered "b" or "c" level. Just all around bad. Surprisingly, the theater was actually pretty full too. The majority of audience members were laughing/cringing/booing, but not even in a fun way...the whole experience felt very awkward and forced. At least I didn't pay for it tho lol"

– Eleven77

I'm So Sorry

"A Wrinkle in Time. Took the family to see it one Mother’s Day, I apologized on the way out of the theater"

– Octowuss1

"This was definitely mine. I have never wanted to get up and leave a theater before in my life...ever for the worst of the worst. But A Wrinkle in Time almost broke me."

– MikeCross234

A Positive Result?

"Emoji movie. Don't ask"

– wh0_is_jj

"Wasnt this the movie that got Jordan Peele into directing because he was so insulted after being offered the role as poop and decided to just quit acting?"

– EXusiai99

"I had a former boss that said he watched it at a theater and was glad that it was at a theater with alcohol so that he was drunk watching much of it, but said that it probably would have been better on shrooms."

– SAugsburger

"My favorite thing about the Emoji Movie is that it's the reason Jordan Peele went into directing movies"

– eatenbyagrue1988


"Dragonball Evolution."

– briktop420

"Damn you paid to see it?"

– nctu5150

"So did I. What a waste of time and money. It's been 14 years and I'm still angry about it. Even for a generic teen B-movie it's been subpar. The blatant disrespect for the source material, it's almost as if the writers and director hated dragonball and did the movie out of spite."

– XTJ7

Respect The Source

"The Dark is Rising."

"The novels are a classic series of creepy, weird, Celtic mythology-based collection of nightmares... but for kids (or young adults). I've loved them my whole life."

"The movie is abomination to the extent that the guy who wrote the screenplay said he'd never actually finished the books because they were "boring.""

"It's beyond awful. I was fuming."

– matty80

The House Of Mouse

"As a lifelong X-Men fan, Dark Phoenix. Especially since it came out after Endgame."

– lakersfan1989

"Dark Phoenix was Disney's fault. The film had already been finished (or was already in the final stages) when negotiations began for Disney to buy Fox, which led to the release being postponed. When Disney bought Fox, they changed many things, they did re-recordings and redid a part of the post-production."

"Everything so that it would not overshadow the MCU Movies. Even the flames that characterize Fenix were removed and something else was put in, so that Captain Marvel was the only Heroine with flames and avoid comparisons."

"And I'm not exaggerating, I remind you that Dark Phoenix was going to be a trilogy. Beginning when Jean is possessed by the Phoenix force, Ella and Scott are chased and have to flee, the plot would take them to space and the third film would end as it did in the comics. Jean Gray sacrificing herself to save the universe."

"I can't believe what that damn mouse did to the x-men, he canceled the trilogy and changed the movie so much that it was horrible."

– Soren-J

2 Hours We'll Never Get Back

"Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds"

– Mash_Ketchum

"I will always love what they did in Deadpool 2 regarding the movie"

– edwpad

"Went to the midnight showing. The place was packed. Some guy came in cosplay too."

"He was the first to break the awkward silence after by shouting “WTF WAS THAT SH*T!""

– savwatson13

Wish This Didn't Exist

"Batman V Superman."

"Took my family and some friends to see it in the theater. I was hyped. First time seeing bats, Supes and Wonder Woman in the same film? It was going to be an event. You know? Like it’d surpass the avengers first assembling. I was looking forward to it more than Civil war."

"Then the movie was sh*t. I legit apologized to everyone I took for wasting their time."

"Then I saw it again thinking maybe I just didn’t get it and went in hoping for X but was disappointed in Y. Nope. Still didn’t like it."

"Then I heard about a directors cut of the movie that would add more time to it and I knew this was where the money was. I bought it the instant it came out. I watched it twice. Just to soak it all in."

"Nope. Still sh*t, but 30 minutes longer."

"I’m still mad at myself for seeing it twice. Every time since? Well, that’s just me doubling down."

– Finito-1994

Yep. I hated that one too!

Any films to add to the list? Let us know below in the comments.

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