When was the last time you had sex?

Not to make people think about their sex lives (or lack thereof) during a global pandemic... but let me continue.

When was the last time you made love?

You might have different answers for both of these questions, come to think of it. Quite a few people draw a line between the two.

We heard their opinions after Redditor InternationalFun485 asked the online community,

"What is the difference to you between sex and making love?"

"Sex is about..."

"Sex is about the act, making love is about the person."


This is a pretty quick and easy way to put it – but can't sex (or the act) also be just as much about the person?

"My wife and I..."

"My wife and I generally refer to any sexual act between each other as making love, whether it's tender, rough, dirty whatever. If we refer to past sexual acts with other partners we often call it f*cking, because the emotional connection wasn't there."


The parameters certainly start to look more different to a lot of people once they have a long-term and successful relationship?

"Making love..."

"Making love is when you're trying to f*ck a person's soul."


Awww, sweet, sweet poetry.

"The level..."

"The level of intense emotions you feel, putting your partner's wants first before yours and vice versa."


Give and take – as they say.

"Sex [equals]..."

"Sex = fulfilling a primal, instinctual need. Making love = fulfilling an emotional, spiritual need."


A succinct way to put it!

"Senses are over the top..."

"You can have sex with anyone. Making love in the other hand is when both of you are really feeling each other. Senses are over the top, your heart is pounding hard and you can’t stop thinking about the person you having sex with."


How dare you bring back such pleasant memories!

"You can have sex without..."

"You can have sex without a emotional connection but you can’t truly make love without having a true connection."


It seems a lot of people, probably most people, would agree with this assessment.

"I've always hated the expression..."

"I’ve always hated the expression making love.' I don't know why, I’m a pretty emotional and romantic person, but it skeeves me out. I know you love me, so f*ck me about it."


You almost had us in the first half there, not gonna lie.

"Sex is just..."

"Sex is just the physical part. Making love is the whole experience with foreplay and cuddling, and you don't want to leave when it's over. You have to be in love to make love."


This is fair... which begs the question – when was the last time you were in love?

"The biggest difference to me..."

"The biggest difference to me is passion and romance. Do you actually like the person or are you just having sex?"


Hey, hey, hey...

No need to keep us at night, okay?

It seems there is somewhat of a general consensus here, no?

Ask your partner – what do they have to say? The answer might surprise you... or excite you.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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