When a marriage ends, most people would not expect the former spouse to remain single forever. Instead, they’ll likely go on to find a new partner and possibly even start a second, or blended, family. But there’s always a chance that not everyone in the family will support that, pointed out the “Am I the […] More
Redditor PaperBackWriter00 is a man who married a woman who was a non-American citizen. His parents were always opposed to their union ever since he and “Sonya” started dating because they assumed she was using him to attain citizenship. The Redditor and his wife currently have a child, but his parents are no longer in […] More
Most parents would agree that teaching kids the value of money is important. For one parent on Reddit, making their three teenagers fund their own voracious appetites for junk food seemed like the perfect opportunity for this lesson. But after their daughter and some other family members criticized them for the move, they weren’t so […] More
Redditor Throwaway__3994 is a father with two sons—one of whom is the youngest and is his biological son named Benjamin. Benjamin is 17 and thinks he has a sense of humor. However, his father does not think his son is funny, especially since he makes hurtful comments under the guise of a joke. When Benjamin […] More
For those of us who have been in some form of a car accident, we know that it’s a terrible rush of emotions, damages, and worse, injuries. We’re surely not at a calmest when an accident happens, assured the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit, and sometimes we say things we don’t mean. Redditor ConfusedAutist found […] More