As much as we all would like to always believe the best about the people around us, the truth of the matter is that sometimes they make it really hard for us to continue to do so. Especially when a person does something to swindle someone else out of their money, cringed the “Am I the […] More
Having a baby is a joyous time. It is also one of the most stressful. Not everyone is thrilled at the announcement of a baby on board. And the way it’s announced can be an issue. Case in point… Redditor PregOnceAgain wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit […] More
Co-parenting is not an easy job. Nine times out of ten, there are going to be issues and miscommunications. And everyone’s work seems to always get in the way. But there has to be a way to compromise. Right? Case in point… Redditor Lifes_little_witch wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she […] More
Raising children with disabilities comes with numerous challenges. Particularly if said child isn’t your only one. Even though it’s in no way the parents’ intention, sometimes the sibling of a disabled child might feel forgotten or neglected, owing to all the care and attention their sibling requires. Redditor Then-Yoghurt-6322 could sense that his older daughter […] More
When it comes to birthday party planning during the elementary school years, it’s a pretty common practice to invite all of the birthday kid’s classmates. But when there’s a bully in the class, there’s a question of whether or not they should be invited. Redditor someserioustoast decided that they wouldn’t allow for their daughter’s birthday […] More