People Break Down The Unspoken Rules That All Men Follow

People Break Down The Unspoken Rules That All Men Follow
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Something I've noticed that the men at the local pub do: When you're at a bar and your good friend shows up, you must, must greet them with some form of, "I guess they'll let anyone in here." Teasing between friends is totally normal, part of the unsaid rules in the "bro code."

I don't go in there much but when I do, I wonder what it must be like for the other men there. Is the peer pressure intense? What happens if they don't greet their friends sarcastically? Will they be ostracized forever?

I'm kidding, of course, but men are interesting creatures and there are all sorts of things that they all seem to do that the rest of us have noticed.

We heard some of these rules after Redditor TheTeaMan0416 asked the online community:

"What is an unspoken universal rule all men know?"

"When you become a father..."

"When you become a father all your sneezes must be loud and violent."


This is definitely true of my friends' fathers. Is there something in the air?

"If the remote control..."

"If the remote control stops working, either slap it on your leg or open the back and roll the batteries a few times."


Do you have a camera recording and documenting my every action?!

"If there is bad weather..."

"If there is bad weather brewing outside you must stand on the porch and say something along the lines of "Well, the rain's coming I can feel it."


And if you had an old injury, you must reference it to affirm your confidence that bad weather is coming!

"Unless you feel..."

"Unless you feel genuinely threatened, never purposefully hit a man in the balls."


That's definitely a low blow! Never go there, unless you absolutely have to. Ouch.

"If you're bald..."

"If you're bald and I'm bald, we're automatically bald brothers."


Do you greet each other by saying, "I like your haircut"?

"When leaving..."

"When leaving you must smack your pockets to make sure everything is there."


Triple pat! Phone, keys, wallet!

"The guy in the garage..."

"The guy in the garage with the door open is the bat signal for fellow men to come over."


Hey, hey, we're still in a pandemic and I still need you to stay away from me!

"Any object..."

"Any object carried by another male is immediately assessed for its weapon capacity."


I don't know, I think ya'll need to calm down.

"You must let out..."

"You must let out a sigh of satisfaction when sitting down on a lawn chair."


Yes, you are correct.

I just think I wanted to sit down, so leave me be.

"One shall slap..."

"One shall slap the bag of soil in the garden center when passing by."


I pretty much do this to any bagged product. Dog food, landscaping rock, no bagged product is safe.

Men, if you haven't followed these rules just yet, you might want to take note. The rest of us are watching and judging you!

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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