People Explain Which Culturally Accepted Things Get Creepier The More You Think About Them

People Explain Which Culturally Accepted Things Get Creepier The More You Think About Them
Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Most of us don't think twice about culturally accepted behavior or concepts that are perceived as "normal."

However, people who randomly did a deep dive into some of the things they never questioned before realized they were not normal behavior, or concepts, at all.

Strangers online shared their eye-opening revelations when Redditor illemonatea asked:
"What's an accepted thing that's actually creepy the more you think about it?"

We're constantly aware of these things yet proceed.

Reading Blindly

"Accepting terms & conditions and cookies without thinking."


All The World IS A Stage

"There’s more than a billion cameras on the planet so you could be getting recorded and/or watched at anytime."

– TheOneOfLegends

Road Hazzard

"People are allowed to drive 1 ton or more battering rams around everywhere."

– dpfrd

Eyes On You And Only You

"I’m starring off into space but then realize I’m looking at someone."

– Oddmeteo

Death Watch

"Funerals are creepy to me. I’m not scared of dead bodies but just knowing that someone could put your dead body on display is disturbing to me. I have asked to be cremated and a memorial/party be given if they want to celebrate my life. Let’s not mourn my cold dead body."

– ttginger

Things you think should be properly vetted but aren't get the stank eye.

Used Lips

"People on dating shows gust making out with everyone: (example The Bachelor)"

"Like what if someone has some sickness or something, it’s just creepy and gross for me to watch one person make out with like 20 other people they just met. Some people love shows like this but I don’t."

– RealOdd1

Bad Look

"Sexy clothing for little girls. I have four children. The last one a girl. I was appalled at the clothing options when they reach about kindergarten age. That sh*t is wrong, very, very wrong. As a society, we can’t hate on tweens and teens for inappropriate clothing when that’s what we teach them to wear as soon as they can walk upright."

– Fndmefndu

Tasteless Transitions

"Advertisements. I was watching the news about the invasion of Ukraine and all that jazz and kept thinking how weird it is that it’s normal to interrupt very important breaking news to tell you about Apple bees new carry out 2 for 1 deal and macys door buster deals."

– fartpie69420

Voluntary Tracking

"Snap maps??? Why is that a thing."

– Namjoon-

"I keep telling my friend that we can see her 11 year old daughter's real time location and she should look into who is linked to the profile."

– Avocado_puppy

Kids And Affection

"Getting your kid to kiss relatives and strangers even if they don't want to. No means no. Most kids are harmed by someone that they know. Ask the kid to say goodbye in the way they feel comfortable. Auntie Marcy or Uncle Don will have to understand, or ask if it's okay to have a hug, etc."


Others shared their personal opinion on things that gave them the heebie jeebies.

Drawing Attention Out Of Love

"Public proposals."

– AndCurious

Invasion Of Privacy

"I’m not sure if this has been said but paparazzi and the general obsession with the intimate aspects of celebrities lives is creepy af to me."

"I’ll look at the magazine covers while in line at the grocery story or put on some random video about a controversy for background noise so I’m not totally innocent here. But the people who make celebrities the center of their lives?"

"I stopped caring about what a singer/actor I listened to was into when I was 13. How are you 30 and running a fan blog/drama channel where you debate pregnancies, divorces, weight, and other very much not your business sh*t?"

"It’s why I only have Reddit now. Its easy to avoid creepy celebrity talk and have genuine conversations with real people about stuff that is actually a part of your life. I can still turn my brain off and mindlessly scroll for a bit without feeling like a weirdo for seein pics of some strangers newborn suckin on tiddie."


Getting Handsy

"Touching a pregnant lady's belly."

"Even with the permission of the pregnant person, I just find it so odd that people desire to...what? feel the baby? I honestly do not get it and it creeps me out."


Ride At Your Own Risk

"Uber drivers."

"The fact that you can just get into a random person's 1,000 lbs machine and trust that they will take you where you want to go is crazy. You don't know each other. Either one of you could do something terrible but you just trust each other out of necessity."

– RavenWolfPS2

The Thing About Learning Family History

"Consumer DNA databases (like ancestry) are basically fronts to collect and sell your genetic information. Even if you don't personally submit your DNA, they use the DNA of other people related to you to build a family tree and it's routinely used now to solve crimes. While I have mixed feelings on that (solving cold cases is good, obviously) it is pretty creepy that all of that information is kept on file and used in ways you probably never anticipated when you swabbed your mouth (or when your cousin did). Once your family is in the database, you're in there for good, and the potential for future abuse is pretty high; sure, they're using it to solve murders now. Who's to say that in 50 years they won't be using DNA to identify political dissidents, or whatever?"

– FearlessLingonberry

Romantic Stalker Song

"Playing 'every breath you take' by the Police at weddings."

– MegaMinerd

When It's Time To Deliver

"The birthing position of women is not natural. It was made by a king who wanted to watch his children being born and the old position (cow pose) wasn't pleasing enough"

– TTVTracer42

It's fascinating how we are socialized to perceive things a certain way as not anything disturbing.

Yet the things that actually should be normalized are ignored if it doesn't suit one's beliefs.

This is just another example of many things that displays the complexities of what it means to be human.

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