People Who Travel Alone A Lot Share Their Creepiest Experience

People Who Travel Alone A Lot Share Their Creepiest Experience
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The world can be a lonely, scary place. We have to be wary and on guard nearly every second. Things do go bump in the night or behind a door, and we have to learn to be sufficient in ducking. Many things await us in the dead of night, or the broad of day. Be vigilante people, there is a reason to be on edge.

Redditor u/DoitAnyway54321 was curious to see who was willing to share some intense stories about leaving home by asking.... Travelers of lonely roads, explorers of the great outdoors, workers of creepy jobs and late-night shifts... What's your scary story?

I keep driving west.

Not exactly a lonely road, but I was speeding west on I-70 through Colorado near Glenwood Canyon when I decided to slow down and enjoy the view. I notice a State Patrol car in front of me a minute later when he turns on his sirens, and I think he's got me busted for speeding. Instead, he's pulling to the shoulder up ahead to help a broken down motorist.

I slow down and remember looking at the motorist who is sitting in the drivers seat with their head down, thinking "man that guy is lucky to get help out here, no cell coverage, etc". I keep driving west.

A few minutes later I start to notice police cars flying past me headed back east, sirens blaring, going extremely fast through a curvy canyon. One after another for like 15 minutes, ambulances, fire trucks, seems like all emergency response in the country is headed back the direction I came from.

The next day I'm at a hotel in Utah and discover what happened. Turns out the broken down motorist had skipped bail, and after being confronted by the state trooper who was there to offer assistance, exited his car and began shooting the officer in his back multiple times. On a normal day, the officer would've died as they typically drive alone, but on that day he was headed to training and had a partner in the car who empties his clip and killed the motorist. Officer almost bled out on the road but survived. bliceroquququq

"Road to Hana"


When I was 18, my family and I took a vacation to Hawaii. My mother wanted to do the touristy thing and do the "Road to Hana." Normally you can take a tour bus up it, but that wasn't good enough for her. So we rented a car. The rental companies typically forbid driving that road because of the liability issues. That didn't stop my mother.

We had a normal drive up there, plenty to see. We spent all day exploring. So by the time everyone was exhausted, it was night. Now, we were a good ways away from the road down, think back dirt roads of Maui. So what do we do? Go down some of the closed off local roads. This one road, in particular, was a very narrow winding road over the edge of the island. You couldn't even stop on the road to get out and pee. If you looked over the edge, it was a straight drop into the ocean.

Anyhow, so we were driving in the dead of the night, slowly, and we approach this weird bend that backs up to a heavily forested area, a small waterfall, and a cliff overhand just above us. My mother wanted to take some pictures of the moon, stars, ocean because it was breathtaking with no city lights. So we pull off to the side of this road, with just enough space to let another car pass you. I, of course, get out too. It was dead silent.

Then all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a crying baby. Which was... weird. We were in the middle of no where and hadn't seen anyone for HOURS. So, I'm just standing there, confused, and it stops. I motion for my mother to come over and ask if she heard anything. She didn't. So we stand there for a little longer and it starts up again.

Neither of us could pinpoint where it was coming from. Both of us were panicked because that's what baby crying does to most humans. We spent a good hour calling out and trying to figure out what to do. Eventually it stopped.

We returned back to the hotel and never heard anything about it.

The end. :) thot-trot


Graveyard shift worker at the time. Won't go into details, but I stopped a guy from holding me at gunpoint and taking my vehicle while I was pumping gas. Station was closed, it was 2 am. Streets were pitch black. Guy comes walking up out of nowhere. Asks where I'm headed what time it was etc, just getting me to talk. Nothing alarming. Except he's fidgety and has had his 1 hand in his front leather jacket pocket the whole time.

I say forget it, was almost done pumping, decided if this was it I'll make the best of it, guy needs whatever it is more than I do, so I say "need a ride somewhere? Was omw home from work but I've got a few dollars we can stop for food because I'm hungry and don't mind having company. What's your name? Mine is Mary" I know that if you start getting personal with an attacker it gets harder for them to hurt you.

I was thinking "take me hostage, hold me at gunpoint point, yell in my face, I can take this. But please don't take my life and don't leave me 2 hours stranded away from home in the middle of the night".

I got done pumping when I finished, giving him a short amount of time to think on his answer, and in his panic at me offering him the things he was going to take from me, he goes "nah I'm just gonna walk, thanks again." Leaves.

I carry a taser now. Entire-Speaker


Used to work late shift as classroom IT support for a college. We didn't get a lot of high priority calls from night classes so, among other duties, we'd get a lot of repairs and maintenance done that couldn't be done when the classrooms were in use during the day.

I don't mind the dark so I wasn't in the habit of turning lights in classrooms on if I was just going to do something real quick on the computer.

Well I had a ticket to install something on the instructor PC in a classroom I had never been to before. It's about 10PM when I get around to this ticket and I head into the room.

I get about halfway across the room and suddenly freeze. The hair on the back of my neck is standing up and I feel 100% that I'm being watched ... no I'm surrounded!

Then as my eyes start to adjust I see them. This entire classroom is encircled by hospital beds sticking out from the walls. And in every bed there's a person sitting up, looking right at me!


"OH, I'M SORRY!", I blurt out ...

Before finally realizing that they're all just plastic dummies and I was in a Nursing classroom. Makeamemeoutofthevid

Near the Lake.....


About two years ago i was hiking at a local national forest by my hometown. My family had a get together, and been hiking there a few times so we were kind of familiar with the area. I have geocached once there so i was gonna try it again because it was a popular area for caching. I split off from my family and it was just me and my friend who i brought. we were both by this giant lake and off to the right we seen a faint unmarked path.

We decided to see if it led to anything cool, but about a couple hundred meters ahead we smelt a horrible smell. We looked around being curious what was causing that god awful smell, then my friend pointed up to a limb of a tree to a hanging deer carcass, a split right threw the stomach. The deer also looked a few days old. so it hadn't been there long. there was also a cloth doll nailed into the tree. it had been worn and made things worse.

I had a horrible gut feeling and looked over at my friend and said "bro lets get the hell out of here." we got out of there faster than we came. it was almost like a ritual. we agreed to not tell anyone there with us about what we found. i haven't been to the place since but i really hope no one else had stumbled upon what we found in the woods that day. iSSaF3rr3T

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Years ago my work took me to cadaver labs.

There's nothing like the smell of drill friction and hot bone.

My first time in one, a sizeable chunk of tissue flew out of the body and splatted against the floor.

Raised to pick things up if they fell on the ground, I instinctively grabbed the thick red gunk before realizing I had no clue what to do with it. The looks of dismay were spectacular. mindfeces

Into the Woods....


Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park in the dark, about 4 am. No lights, just enjoying the terror of being alone in the mountains in the dark.

I smell something. Musky. An animal smell. A BIG animal smell, then I hear movement in the trees off the trail.

I put my hand on my anti bear Bowie knife, ready to stand my ground and stab whatever is large and moving near me.

Then the hiker coughs.

I walked past some hiker pooping in the woods.

No people or animals were harmed during this hike. MostGrownUp

Last summer....

Last summer there were 2 kids from BC Canada that were killing people across the country. They were shooting people on roadside turnouts and (after the fact it came out they were looking for a boat). I slept on a turnout the night before and passed (and reported) them the following day. I had my boat and 4 or 500L of gas with me. I got in the habit of sleeping with a loaded 12 for bears but I often wonder if they would have got me or if I would have been able to pop a couple rounds off and scare them away, pretty happy that it never came to that. Here4theNothingness

 Creepiest crap ever.

The coffee ran out.

Seriously though, there is this hotel that I'm working, and we all know about the little girl who runs the hallways at night. Sometimes you'll hear doors open and close, or noises when the hotel should be empty.

One time, I noticed these little marks on the wall under a low shelf that we put coffee on, for the guests. Curious, I go to clean the spots up, which looked like little smudges. I kid you not, I came back an hour later, and they were back, in different spots, and looked like a little kid had run up the wall. We didn't have anyone in house that night, save for one worker on vacation by himself. Creepiest crap ever. A_little_rose

Too Sleep....

I work night shift in a hospital. One might I fell asleep at work and dreamt that a doctor came in and we had a whole conversation about a patient and then he walked out. It felt so real. When I told a co-worker about the dream and desx9bed the doctor I found out that doctor died the year before. I know the story is not that creepy, but I never fell asleep at work again. datgurltrue

The Stranger....


I came back into my camp from cooking/cleaning/taking a dump, and found an individual digging around in my tent and gear. I quietly watched the person from a bit away while they rummaged around, eventually leaving while taking nothing.

Packed up all my stuff and hiked through the in the dark. There's zero good things that could come from someone else looking through your gear in the middle of the woods as nighttime approaches. Don't know what they wanted, don't want to find out. 732

Short Stops. 

So he was driving home and the car in front of him takes all the same turns as him and he's driving behind them for ages. Maybe 20-30mins. Then the car in front turns into his street and then they stop outside of his house (he lives in the last house on a dead end street) this car is completely blocking his drive so he stops behind them n the driver of the car in front gets out of his car and starts screaming at my dad threatening to call the police and telling my dad to stop following him.

My dad calmly points out that they are blocking his drive and asks them to move their car. Turns out they thought my dad was following them because he'd been behind them for so long so they took loads of random turns to try lose him, all of which led to my dad's house. TartanSkull

CD Strike. 

I worked at a movie theatre and most often worked the closing shift.

One night me and another manager were sitting in the small office. She was working on the nightly deposit and I was finishing up inventory numbers, We had a CD player that we would listen to at night with a stack of CDs sitting next to it. I stood up and changed the CD and sat back down. About a minute after the entire stack of cds LAUNCHED itself across the room.

One of the CDs hit my co-worker in the back of the head. She looked around and saw me sitting there dumbfounded with the cds scattered all around me and the office. We quickly finished up and left.

A couple of days later one of the other dayshift managers calls me and asks me what we were doing the prior night. She seemed really annoyed which was out of character for her because we were friends. I asked her what she meant and she asked me why we had dumped all of the security tapes onto the floor and left them there.

I told her we hadn't touched the security tapes at all.

The tapes were stored on top of the CCTV monitor on a small VHS tape shelf. The shelf hadn't been moved and only the tapes were on the floor. She also said that all of the sleeves from the tapes had been removed and thrown all over the place too. dawrina

There was nothing there. 

I was the navigation officer for a research ship in the south pacific. We had recently come to Papua New Guinea for some work along the coast. We had arrived in a small bay at around 10pm in the dark and dropped the anchor. I went over to mark our position on the chart and noticed an annotation that said "native village reported in the area." There were no fires or lights on the coast so I didn't think anything much more of it.

I turned on all the deck and underwater lights and went back in to the bridge to stand my night watch as everyone else went to bed. With all the lights on I couldn't see further than about 25 yards because of a light mist in the pitch black night. I sat in the bridge with the door open because I like the sound of the night and the feeling of the air in the tropics. I kept hearing light splashing in the water and went out to see because often we get hundreds of fish in our underwater lights. There was nothing there.

I went back inside but kept hearing faint splashing and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Since I couldn't see in to the distance I went in to the chart room and flicked on our infrared camera system and there they all were. About 50 native outrigger canoes just sitting outside our pool of light. About 3 people to a canoe and all just sitting and watching us. Occasionally paddling one way or the other to keep their station. I have never felt so suddenly and violently alone and small as I did on that ship in the dark.

I got a deck hand up and we both just walked around the decks to show that people were awake and moving. They sat there and watched us all night. Completely invisible except for on the infrared cameras. In the morning they came in and traded with us and were very friendly and just hadn't had a ship in their bay for decades. Squarerigjack

hit from behind.....

I don't really know if it qualifies as scary but I remember getting hit from behind by something while I was stopped in the middle of an intersection in the middle of the night last year.

To this day, I don't really know what it was. I even saw the traffic cam footage and saw nothing. All I saw was me being stopped completely in the middle of the road waiting for a car in front of me to pass by so I can cross when my car shook like something had hit it from behind and a minute or so later, it showed me parking to the side to check what had happened.

The "accident" didn't leave any dents nor scratches but it had enough impact to ruin my bumper.

I've actively tried to avoid that road since. Mist3rTryHard

The Screams...


On one night shift dispatch gave us a call about "screaming in (whichever) elevator." So we go to it, and can indeed hear screaming. We get a person posted at every floor of this elevator. You can hear the screaming when the elevator is moving, but when the doors open there's nothing. We decide to have maintenance take a look. Maintenance finds nothing wrong. TN_Yeti

The Puddles.... 

I was sleeping in a hammock on my mountain ranch, and woke up around 4am. After lying there awake watching stars for about 5 minutes, I heard the sound of something big urinating nearby. In the night silence, the sound was so clear as to distinctly change as the dirt went from dry to muddy to a small puddle. I didn't hear any movement afterward. There are deer, coyotes, bobcats, and rarely bears in this area. MentORPHEUS

The Electricity....

This isn't really that scary but around 2014 I witnessed what I can only assume could be ball lightning. The weather was clear though and it didn't seem to emit electricity so I can't really be sure. But anyway I was taking a walk around sunset and noticed this orange glowing orb roughly the size of a softball slowly drifting about 20 feet in the air. I stopped and watched it for a few minutes until it disappeared behind the trees. I'm still mad I didn't have a smart phone at the time because I totally would have recorded it. Francis-Hates-You

Don't Speak of the Night... 

I was thirteen and would spend summers practically living at my best friend's house. Often we would sneak out at night and just roam around her area which was an exurb, kind of in the country, but still plenty of houses. We never felt afraid. Then one night we ambled down a road that cut through a field.

It ended at a cul-de-sac with a large iron gate blocking a dirt driveway behind it. Everything was fine one minute, but the next we both just looked at each other absolutely terrified and ran as fast as we could back down the road. We had both just felt at the same time an overwhelming sense of fear and dread.

If it had just been me, then I would chalk it up to just a kid freaking herself out, but both of us felt it at the exact same time. I still wonder if we avoided something terrible that night. LaeliaCatt

Louisiana roads.....


Louisiana is freaky as heck. Parts of it feel like you're in another world. That long stretch of I-10 that's on stilts across the endless swamp with "roads" of water through the trees made it very clear to me why Lovecraft had some of his Cthulhu cults practicing in those forests. Even from a major interstate it felt like was on another planet, I would not want to stray from the well-travelled roads into that wilderness. shadow1515


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