When I think of the term "Truth or Dare" I think of the revolutionary documentary from Madonna.

The game itself I rarely ever think about because it's been easily two decades since I last played. I also hate that game; that game and spin the bottle.

I always had to kiss the wrong person. I'm also not getting naked in a group without a payoff of some kind. And if I wanted you to know my deepest secrets I would just tell you.

I'm not going to be pressured into it. But I'm sure that plenty of people have had a few sassy night of fun thanks to being... daring. That and tequila shots.

Redditor u/janneke137wanted to hear about the gambles we've all taken when playing a simple game with friends, by asking:

How far did you go in a game of truth or dare?

Maybe I should get a group together and try again. Now that we're older and more creative we won't be sex obsessed. To heck with kissing, let's jump off a plane or something.

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"Ate a pencil."

- BreezyAy

"Actually this reminds me, someone dared me to stab him with a pencil on the palm of his hand which I did and he ended up crying."

- XxBlueXxHunterxX

In the Box

"I peed in the litter box in our basement. My mom thought the cat had a serious issue because it filled the whole box. My brother ratted on me, and my mom played the crap out of me by saying she was going to have to put the cat down because of a bladder issue. I cried and told her the truth."

- Napius

Damn Andy!

When I was like 13 my friend dared me to show my penis to his mom. She was just making lunch in the kitchen and I went for it. Her immediate reaction was, "Did Andy tell you to do this? All his friends do this to me." Apparently that was his go to dare."

- noisyturtle

"Andy has got some issues of the Oedipus variety."

- bi_so_fly_

Ted Said...

"Yesterday I came home from work and was sitting on the couch with my wife. I noticed the corner of her phone screen was cracked. I asked what happened. She said "Ted dared me to bite it really hard". Ted is my 8 year old son. My wife bit her phone until it broke because her 8 year old son dared her to. I'm now questioning all of my choices in life."

- MrStig91


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"In 5th grade at a birthday party we all played truth or dare. My friend knew I had a crush on this girl, so he dared me to kiss her. She said "I'm sorry, I'll hug you. But I want my first kiss to be with someone I like." That stung."

- jcollins052

A pencil? What in the world? Also, can you turn people down in Truth or Dare? It's like in the rules. You can't shoot people down like that. Isn't implied that we're willing to be part of each other's possible dares? I must do research.

All In...

Running Away Go For It GIF by Coins And ConnectionsGiphy

"I jumped in a river during winter time completely naked and have a photo to prove it. I can't show the photo cause i wasn't 18 at the time but let's just say, i go all in for truth or dare."

- Donnyboi69

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Let's Chat

"It wasn't necessarily truth or dare, but I was playing For The Girls with my friends at a sleepover about a month ago, and i pulled a dare card. it said to put everyone i'd ever hooked up with into a group chat and ask if they thought any of them had anything in common."

- Top-Sprinkles-6122


"A game of Spin the bottle ended in everyone (10-12 people, iirc) just being naked for the rest of the night. Surprised the hell out of my roommate when he came home to find me naked in the kitchen cooking noodles while there was clearly a party going on in the next room."

- ColdAndGrumpy


"I played one game of truth or dare as a post-pubescent high school kid. We spent so much time rules-lawyering about who could make which dares, and defining levels of comfort that people could agree to participate in what kinds of things, and where the lines were drawn, that we ended up barely playing at all and nobody did anything interesting. It's like we were all thinking "I hope somebody dares me to do some fun sex stuff" but nobody had the guts to dare anybody to do any fun sex stuff."

- wknight8111

Truth or Death

"A friend at sixth form college (so aged 16) was dared by a classmate to drink the whole of the communal bottle of vinegar that was on the cafeteria table. Maybe 300 mililitres. He did it. He was off college for a week with (predictably enough) the kind of intestinal issues you would get from chugging acid."

- Exact_Baby8444

Run Fast

Go Go Go Running GIFGiphy

"Had to run naked down a residential street. Luckily it was dark and late at night so I don't think anyone but my friends saw me."

- Knuckles316

Think First

"When I was 16 there was a girl I really liked and she invited me over to play truth or dare with some of her cousins and brother. Long story short they all dared me to run naked across this field which was way further than anyone had gone. Being a dumba** and wanting to impress the girl I did it."

"They took my clothing and locked the doors and I ended up having to run naked about 2 miles through neighborhoods back to my parents house which was locked so I had to ring the door bell to get them to let me in. Most embarrassing moment of my life. She later said it wasn't her idea but needless to say my crush was over at that point."

- carelesscastle

House Rules

"We came up with a house rules version of Truth or Dare. You could reject a dare/truth but you had to lose an article of clothes. It was fun, it allowed people to reject stuff they may not want to do, while increasing the tension. To answer the question, we were mostly good high school kids it so we never went too far."

- Paxtez

Wild Kentucky!

john candy smoking GIFGiphy

"I've already commented on this but I think I must do it again. I've also seen a man smoke a cigar out of his butt on dare in high school. He wasn't drunk. Eastern Kentucky is a wild place."

- Old_Bay_connoisseur


"I had my first kiss in a game of Truth or Dare. Wasn't the sweet or pleasant experience one may be imagining it to be, though. My class was taking an overnight field trip on a charter bus. The chaperones all fell asleep so a few kids started playing Truth or Dare. I wasn't participating, I was just sitting in my spot reading a book. Then I hear one of the guys say "I dare you to kiss Strawberrycocoa."

"I look up from my book to see this girl walking very very slowly towards me, with just disgust all over her face. She leaned in extremely hesitantly, gave me a peck on the lips, then started flailing her hands and running away shrieking "EEW EEW EEW EEW!!" Absolute confidence booster, that one."

- Strawberrycocoa


"Pretty tame (i went to a Christian high school) but post-graduation senior year of high school I came back to my home town after moving away my junior/senior year. One of the girls wanted to have her first kiss before college and she wanted it to be with me because she thought I was "experienced," so her friends got a game going to play T/D so she could kiss me. It was my turn, I chose dare, and ya. We both had our first kisses that night."

- AryBerns

Here Kitty

disgusted jennifer lawrence GIFGiphy

"Took a poop in my friend's front yard. His mom was wondering what type of cat had been in their yard until he narced on me."

- OkVolume1

Neighborhood Dare

"At house party in a rich area. I was dared to get naked and jump into 3 adjacent neighbors' pools (mind you, they were not close and each one had a 8'-0" tall fence that was climbable but difficult with no shoes.) Half drunk, naked, running, climbing fence, and jumping in pools. I am so thankful camera phones were not a thing back in 1998."

- Jim105

Hold Me Not

Everyone Hugs GIFGiphy

"Not very. The last time I played was in middle school and one time my "friends" dared me to get a hug from a girl in our group. They all ran away."

- yeetgodmcnecha

Yeah, I'm going to stick with Madonna. I'm too old to be spinning bottles or grabbing dares to possibly swap some spit. I think a fiery game of UNO is a better time.

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