People Share Their Craziest 'Nobody Will Ever Believe This' Experiences
Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Sometimes the greatest moments and accomplishments in life go unwitnessed. And when only your eyes have seen it the mind asks... did that just really happen?

I once found a basketball on a desolate playground. I am far from a sports person, I still call touchdowns, home runs. When I played basketball as an adolescent, it was a traumatizing experience... for the other players, the coach and the audience. The very few times I was about to grab the ball it would be thrown everywhere but into the net. I finally gave up to save others.

So imagine my shock on that quiet day in the park when I thought, for laughs, let me throw this ball. So I did, and from fifteen feet away... it landed into the net. Just like a movie moment, but without the cheers or a witness. I still can't believe it and have NEVER been able to replicate it.

Redditor u/Regularpaytonhacksaw wanted to hear about the times when we've all been left in a state of shock by what we've witnessed by asking... What is your "nobody will ever believe this" story?


Wake Up Coffee GIF by good-morningGiphy

I knocked a cup of coffee off my counter and caught it and no coffee spilled out of it.


5 in 1

One time when I was a teenager I was playing pool with friends. The pizza arrived or whatever and I took one last shot just as everyone was leaving and sank like five balls. It was the single best move I have ever made in any game I have ever played, but no one saw it and there was no way to take credit for it without sounding like a liar.


Let me just go...

Was doing a service call at an equestrian farm. I went to the bathroom in the barn to take a leak, the door was slightly ajar and the light was off. I pushed open the door and hit the light only to see a goat dressed in a fleece vest eating toilet paper off the roll. He gave me this look like to say "wtf are you looking at?" I turned off the light and left.


It's Heath

heath ledger art GIF by Tech NoirGiphy

Heath Ledger was sitting in my seat on an airplane when I was about 13 on a family holiday. I knew him only from 10 Things I Hate About You at the time and it was my FAVOURITE FILM EVER. He was in the right seat but on the wrong plane and jumped up and ran across the tarmac - a simpler time in a small airport in Spain. No one ever believes me!



I miss playing pool in bars. One time me and two friends met a couple of haggard lookin' biker dudes and asked if they wanted to play a game. One guy took a trick shot and imagine the white ball, 8 ball, and whatever ball he was sinking in a straight line in that order.

Dude managed to make the white ball jump and skip the 8 ball and perfectly sink the colored one. Looking back at it it's probably a really common trick shot, but to us young twenty somethings it was pretty awesome.


Sorry Colin! 

Definitely a lot better than my people wouldn't believe celeb story.

Was in a bookstore once and my friend being a huge Doctor Who fan was looking at some Doctor Who books in the Sci fi section while I looked at Star Wars books.

I came around the bookcase to see what he was looking at and I started saying how boring Doctor Who is. I then started roasting particular actors who had played the Doctor.

Especially Colin Baker. I was ripping into this guy and how crap of an actor he is and over acted everything and was just the worst Doctor ever.

My friend and I both looked up and standing where I had been standing 5 minutes before with this huge grin on his face was Colin freaking Baker.


Light It Up

One of those things in life that the odds are so high of ever happening... Once I was partying with friends we were on a bender day 2... all the lights off in a dark basement... 1 friend asked us for a lighter... we couldn't see him just the dark... my cousin without trying threw it and it landed perfectly in said friends hand! It was unbelievable! Never would happen again in a lifetime.


feathered talent...

birds arms GIFGiphy

I saw a bird unscrew a lightbulb once.


Small World

My ex (American, met him in the US) and my other ex (Dutch, met him three years later in Argentina) work at the same office in Amsterdam. They are colleagues. I found out cause I saw a fb post in which they were at the same office (2 years after me and Dutchie broke up). And I still live in Argentina!

Also, some years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy. We lived together in a tiny apartment. The relationship ended in a terrible way. Four years later, I started dating another guy. He takes me to his house. It was the apartment I used to share with my ex.

And let me tell you, Buenos Aires is a HUGE city.


Ninja Ink

ninja GIF by haydiroket (Mert Keskin)Giphy

I once threw the inside of a pen at least 9ft clear across a room and skewered a fly that was annoying me. Legit I felt like a ninja and have no way to prove it to anyone. Not gonna lie It's probably my peak and it's all been down hill ever since.



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