Things People Are Convinced Everyone Pretends To Enjoy

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We pretend to enjoy so many things every day.

I think answer number one is... jobs.

So many people put up a facade to get through the harrowing hours ticking away.

That's just a guess though.

Redditor AndyBales wanted to discuss the things people have to be lying about loving, so they asked everyone:

"What are you convinced people are pretending to enjoy?"

I pretend to like politics. It's exhausting.

Shut Up

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"Podcasts where the hosts just laugh at everything they/other hosts/guests say. Nothing is that funny for that long, dude."


It's Addictive

"Having constant drama at work, in friend groups, and elsewhere really can't be all that exciting... can it? If I have one friend causing me too much drama I usually avoid it like it's the plague."


"Drama is addictive. I used to need constant drama, and it was because my childhood was so chaotic that it literally rewired my brain to be uncomfortable without it. It's an actual illness. I needed years of therapy to become stable, and I'm still not done."


Time to Edit

"3 hour long church services. Jesus gave the sermon on the mound in like 5 minutes. Get over your ego pastor!"


"I grew up going to Catholic mass. 30-45 minutes, then it's off to get donuts. The long masses are on holidays, and usually there's fire or baptisms involved, so we're filling that time with something. What do people even do at day long services? Is the pastor really talking the whole time??"


"One of my favorite details in the Bible is that at least one of Peter's sermons (Acts 10:44) was cut short by the Holy Spirit showing up while he was still talking, effectively ending the sermon. God apparently had decided that that was enough."


Fill in the spaces...

"Bars and restaurants with loud music and terrible acoustics. What’s the point in being social in a place where they’re trying to make it hard for you to socialize?"


"Someone explained this once and it made a lot of sense so I'm gonna try, but it'll most likely be shi**y: Loud music fills in awkward silences and covers up social faux paus in an environment where mixing and mingling is encouraged."

"It helps facilitate you hooking up with Jenny because she doesn't realize you're a terrible conversationalist since the music covers it up."


Personality Issues

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"Maintaining their jobs as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram personalities."

"I briefly had mild success with a channel on YT 10 years ago and it was nowhere near the level things are now. And I see the production value and the regularity of some of the content. And I just think how much pressure these folks feel to feed the machine or perish."


Oh the Internet celebrity types... no thanks.

Those Shows

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"American talent shows like quite literally 'America’s got talent,' and 'American Idol.' Who the hell are these shows catered to? The dialogue is cheesy, idiotic, and fake as hell and the structure doesn’t make sense."

"Back then it had categories and the contestants would compete against their own groups which at least made it somewhat interesting. Now? Anything f**king goes, and you could have a wanna-be jabawacky dance group of about 20 people vs little Timmy playing a harmonica with his a**hole. It makes no damn sense."


Stay Home



"Accurate. It's like an office party you don't want to attend but need to so you can 'network.'"


"So many times I've been in my office since coming back from lockdown and I've wanted to say 'look can we cut the office chat and if I ask you how your life is going, that you give me a honest answer?'"

"LinkedIn takes the vacuous nature of being in an office and multiplies it by 10. The virtue signalling people do on there just to feign the value they think they offer to the world is a issue that people have allowed to go on wayyyy too long on social media."


So Fake

"Trying to make everything Instagram ready. I've fallen in that trap before, deleted everything but Reddit."

"I'm much happier now living in the moment, watching my kids play instead of taking photos of them, eating my food instead of standing above it trying to take a picture in a crowded restaurant."

"Once you stop feeding your ego, a lot of worry stops with it."


Not So Live

"Live action remakes."


"The thing that I specifically don’t like is when the 'live action' remake is really a CGI remake, but they won’t just acknowledge that it’s still animation. You want to remake the hand-drawn animated Lion King movie with a computer animated Lion King movie? I don’t care to watch that, but fine, go ahead. But don’t call it 'live action.'"


"What's not to love of about a movie that's longer, has less expression, changes the original ending and message, features actors that can't really sing, and only exists to remind you of a better film that came out 25 years earlier?"


I'll Sit

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"Anything that requires an insane amount of waiting in line. Amusement parks, brunches at fancy places, night clubs, etc."

"Like, you're engaging in an a barrier to make the 'thing' you want seem worthwhile."

"I dunno, I despise lines."


I don't do lines anymore. That is all.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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