Person asleep in bed
Photo by Andisheh A on Unsplash

There are few better methods of getting out of doing something than pretending to be asleep.

Needless to say, your friends and loved ones will most likely wake you up in the case of a genuine emergency.

Other times, however, if you're just not quite ready to play with your children, answer a question that can wait, or simply talk to anyone, pretending to be asleep is a fairly surefire way of avoiding all those things.

However, as with any sneaky maneuver, it has some downsides.

Namely, that you might overhear something someone else didn't want you to hear.

But since you were "asleep", they thought they could get away with saying it.

Making the probability of actually falling asleep a very difficult endeavor.

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A little girl and her image in a mirror are face to face with different clothes
Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

We pretend to enjoy so many things every day.

I think answer number one is... jobs.

So many people put up a facade to get through the harrowing hours ticking away.

That's just a guess though.

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Christmas Present
Photo by Samuel Holt on Unsplash

While Christmas is meant to celebrate the spirit of giving, there's nothing wrong with being excited by the prospect of all the things you're going to get.

After all, it isn't just wide-eyed children who can't wait to unwrap those presents lying under the tree or nestled in the toe of their stockings.

Of course, sometimes what lies beneath the wrapping paper doesn't always fill our hearts with glee.

Worse yet, even if it is indeed something we will never wear or use, we sometimes have to put on a good face, as the person who gave it to us might be sitting right next to us.

Resulting in our desperately searching for words to show our appreciation... as we contemplate what we'll exchange it for on December 26th.

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We all pretended to be sick at least once when we were children to get out of going to school to avoid a test, game, or assembly we'd been dreading.

Some people still might not have given up the habit of feigning illness, as a means of avoiding work or other occasions that they are less than eager to attend.

Sometimes, simply telling people that you're "sick" is all the information you need to share to get out of it.

Whether or not more concrete proof is needed, others might go a step further in faking their ailment, be it a cold or fever, and often pull off fairly convincing performances.

Sometimes even fooling a doctor.

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Have you ever tasted something that everyone kept swearing by?

You get all excited, so you taste it, and when you do... you wish you were dead.

No. You wish they were dead first.

There are many foods where the buzz is all hype and facade.

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