People Break Down The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe In
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The UFO crash art Area 51.

Marisa Tomei didn't actually win the Oscar.


These are only a handful of outrageous, some might even say ridiculous, conspiracy theories which continue to be spread across America, and which people continue to believe.

Though some of these cases have been debunked by scientific evidence, people still continue to believe them, and will simply refuse to hear otherwise.

Redditor reddituser1234543216 was curious to learn which far out conspiracy theories people still continue to believe, leading them to ask:

"What is the weirdest conspiracy theory that you believe in?"

The truth about fossil fuels

"The fossil fuels industry caused the historic and current fear mongering surrounding nuclear energy."

"Then they blamed it on 'liberal hippies' so future leftists would look back and think nuclear energy wasn't a good idea."

"Agents of the fossil fuels industry caused the Three-Mile Island incident and the poor government handling following the incident so Americans would forever be overly concerned about the nuclear energy industry."- DairyNurse

It all just seems too convenient.

"I am really partial to the alleged connection between mattress sales shops and money laundering."

"There are far too many than seems rational."- Cambridgecoffeepot

Theft of intellectual property!

"Oreo stopped selling their Thins mint flavor because the girls couts put the squeeze on them for making a better version of their most popular cookie."- DevilsDrumbum

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Did he really think he'd make it in the Major League?

"Jordan played minor league baseball to serve a suspension from NBA for gambling."- WastedKnowledge

The epitome of "smooth criminal".

"DB Cooper got his money and went back to work on Monday morning as if nothing happened."

"And the guy was such a milquetoast nondescript blank of a man in real life that no one noticed."- Gemmabeta

How many are out there?

"I just find it odd I haven't heard a peep about human cloning since we cloned a sheep, internationally agreed it was a bad idea to clone humans, and then never talked about it again."- ronintalken

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An interesting point to ponder...

"When was the last time you bought tin foil?"

"Not aluminum foil, actual tin foil."

"I bet it's been quite some time."

"It's somewhat difficult to find without special looking for it, and costs substantially more than tin foil."

"WHY is it harder and more costly to get? "

"Because if you can't buy tin foil, you can't make tin foil hats."

"And if you can't make tin foil hats, the government can get into your head and know what you looked at in incognito mode..."- stryph42

Even more exciting than the MCU!

"The theory of the Schurverse basically it proposes that: 'The Office', 'Parks and Rec', 'Brooklyn 99', and 'The Good Place' all exist in the same universe because they were all worked on by Michael Schur."

"It also states that all the reoccurring actors between the shows are people living out their lives to become good enough to get into the good place."- buffkirby

It's all a government cover up!

"I think the government is responsible for some of the wilder conspiracy theories so that some of the marginally less wild but true ones are discounted equally."- bigsim

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Think twice before mailing it off!

"Those DNA Ancestry companies are just a front for the FBI to store bio history on everyone."- unassum1ng

They're everywhere!

"Scam syndicate."

"Last year a family friend was scammed out of a large amount of money."

"I decided to investigate."

"In doing so, I allegedly uncovered a crime syndicate run by the world's largest Christian doomsday cult."

"The cult recruits members in foreign countries under the guise of missionary work, trains them through American-based online computer training programs and lavishes them in cars, clothes and cash."

"Meanwhile, in the US, they use a large network of members to data mine, collect money from victims and launder money through LLC's and current businesses."

"After discovering this operation, and while using family tracking apps, I noticed forced IMEI microcell interactions and numerous newly established microcells that tether to and geo-locate my phone."

"The suspicion is members have surveillance on my travels, internet activity and home life to intercept any communication with law enforcement or outside organizations."

"The community in which I live has a large enclave of members and businesses within the cult."

"I have reported to the FBI and local police."

"It has gone no further."

"Right now, informing as many investigators is my only recourse."

"As crazy as this reads, and as serious the allegations, it's as real as things get."

"I'm glad to stumble upon this if it stops folks from being scammed, but I do not know how long me or my family stay safe with this knowledge."

"It's as close and imminent as across the street."- HELLEREDDIT·

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Don't believe everything you see.

"The moon landing really happened...but the photos are fake."

"I don't 100% believe this, I just feel it's the most likely to be true."

"If you go through security now in 2022, there will still be a sign advising anyone with rolls of film to let security know, because the minor radiation from the x-ray machine will damage the film."

"Scott Kelley the astronaut wrote in his book that he got the equivalent of 10 chest x-rays a day while on the ISS."

"The theory is that after 8 days of exposure to solar radiation, the film used by Apollo 11 was ruined and unusable, so NASA had, Or as a precaution, already had, fake photos produced in their place."- FLICKGEEK1

They start so young.

"I believe that my brother steals money from me when i sleep."

'Most evidence i got is from my mom."- Xcross8769

Why else would it spread so quickly?

"Viruses and some of the illnesses are human made and purposefully spread."

'The pharmaceutical and medical fields have stay in business somehow."

"Also if the Universe is infinite, there have to be aliens somewhere.'

"We can't be the only inhabited planet."- grumpycoffeee

We are not alone...

"That we are a big sh*t show for alien tv."- AndreMichel

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The "cloud" is bigger than we think...

"That my data is save using Facebook."- IIITysonIII

The Lost City will be found one day!

"I believe in lots of what can be called conspiracy theories, but my craziest is that I kinda think Atlantis was real in some way."- skarodegradation

Some would say it makes more sense...

"I don't believe in it but I think it doesn't sound too far-fetched."

"The many children Elon Musk has with many women are clones of him."- throwaway220408

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The truth is out there...

And yet people still choose to believe all this!

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