People Break Down The Most Underrated Television Shows
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Back in the day, the generations before us only had five channels, or less to chose from for their tv entertainment.

And even then there were stills shows that got overlooked, thank goodness for the idea of implementing reruns.

Now here we are, with more television than we'll ever be able to watch. Thousands of shows on thousands of channels, worldwide.

So of course, tons of great work will go unnoticed. But maybe we can remedy a few situations.

Let's help some shows find an audience...

RedditorPlus_Bison_7091wanted to make some noise about all the tv shows that have been criminally neglected, they asked:

"What is the most underrated tv series that barely anyone knows?"

I don't even know where to begin. "Mama's Family." It's a spinoff of "The Carol Burnett Show." Give it a whirl.

The Hunter

Running Man Dancing GIF by cerysevansillustrationGiphy

"Reaper. On his 21st birthday, Sam discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before birth and he must now be a bounty hunter for the devil until he dies." ~ EnigmaCA

In time...

"Continuum. Canadian sci-fi (think time travel rather than aliens), the lead actress is Rachel Nichols who plays the part brilliantly and the storyline is great." ~ NeonDragon76

"I liked the series overall, but I always get distracted by the nonsense like 'I need the future to happen the way it did so my husband is born and I marry him and have that family to go back to!' Like, that crap was gone the moment you went back in time." ~ Gibborim

"Loved the first three seasons, hated the rushed fourth. Honestly, if they hadn't put that cliff hanger right at the very end of S3, it could have ended the series nicely right there. Rachel Nichols nailed that role." ~ maybelying

Damn FOX

"The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. It's a steampunk cowboy romp with time traveling bosses and Bruce Campbell playing the lead character with a magic gun given to him by his father. It's honestly a fantastic series and if Fox hadn't f**ked it up and ruined the rotation the same way they did Firefly I honestly believe it would have been considered one of the greats." ~ AmNotSatan

Get to the Prime!!

"Patriot on Amazon Prime. I’ve watched it twice now, and I’ve rarely laughed so hard at a show. I don’t know anyone who’s watched it." ~ aane375

"This is one of my all-time favorite shows. I'm sure everyone in my life is sick of me trying to get them to watch it, but if Amazon won't promote it I will, damnit!" ~ no-h

"Oh I wanted a new season SO bad. I never would have known about it but I traveled overseas and it was one of the few things available outside the US on my Amazon tablet. Lucky find." ~ CountessSinbad

In the Zone

eerie indiana 90s GIF by absurdnoiseGiphy

"Eerie, Indiana. Was like a kid's version of twilight zone. Really enjoyed it, eerily nobody i know has seen it or remember seeing it." ~ hotpopperking

Well I'm very intrigued. Some of that sounds great.

Also, "The Golden Palace." The "Golden Girls" spinoff. Totally worth the time.

Bad Critique

the critic jay sherman GIFGiphy

"The Critic. One season on ABC, one season on Fox. Had the down to Earth humor of the Simpsons as it shared some of the writers, but also had the random cutaways 5 years before Family Guy." ~ jokester4079


"I really liked the SyFy series Defiance but I can’t find anyone else who watched it." ~ Poorly-Drawn-Beagle

"Aw, memories! I worked on season 3 as a Castithan. Just some background work, but the wigs and makeup and contact lenses were so damn cool. It was my first gig in Toronto. Grant Bowler is a friendly fella, great to work with. I was so bummed it got cancelled."

"Fun continuity story - I had quite the arc. I joined the militia, then walked out with another fella during training, then was back in, but got exploded in the mine, and then was at the wake/celebration of life… mourning my own death... There wasn’t a budget to have a ton of Casties, so we were recycled pretty hard, lol." ~ nobrayn

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Follow Gillian...

"The Fall starring Gillian Anderson. It's a dark intense psychological thriller." ~ SlowMoNourah

"I loved this show! Sometimes I feel like my friend and I are the only 2 people in the states who have watched it… and the only reason we knew about it was because of my ongoing obsession with Gillian Anderson that has been a constant in my life since The X-Files lol." ~ ICanBeTerse

Hey Doll...

"Dollhouse. Only 2 seasons I think, got cancelled but they knew ahead of time so the 2nd season flipped from the future and past to sort of speed run the plot they'd planned over more seasons. Absolutely amazing show. About people who volunteer to donate their body for a few years for a ridiculous amount of money so that wealthy people can pay even more money to rent the people out with their minds loaded with whatever personality or skills they want." ~ sheymyster

Love the Quirk

Lee Pace GIFGiphy

"Haven. Sci-fi show where Emily Rose plays an FBI agent sent to a small Maine town to deal with weirdness. More awesome weirdness ensues. As with everything based in Maine, it is based on a Stephen King story. Or Pushing Up Daisies with Lee Pace. I just love quirky supernatural shows." ~ AtheneSchmidt

Hey Hank

"Brockmire. Hank Azaria plays a washed up baseball broadcaster who had a on-air meltdown and disappears for 10 years, then returns for a minor league contract in a backwater coal &fracking town. The show is so funny that we have to pause it when we are laughing too hard because we missed the next few minutes of jokes in the show and we got tired of rewinding every time." ~ DonnieJuniorsEmails

Bruce all the Way

"Jack of All Trades: it stars Bruce Campbell as a Zorro-esque spy for early post-revolution America fighting against the encroachment of Napoleon (played by Verne Troyer) into the Western hemisphere. It is a fantastic show, but it only lasted for one season and it is almost completely unheard of." ~ schnit123

No Truth

tim roth ill miss this GIFGiphy

"Lie to Me is mostly a generic procedural but Tim Roth is in it, and he’s very good. The central relationship also is much more will-they-won’t-they than most shows." ~ MaximumAsparagus

Hope Everlasting

"Raising Hope Criminally underrated sitcom. Garret Dillahunt's character alone is well worth the time. From the same guy that made My Name is Earl with a lot of references and tie ins. It's a shame it never got the popularity it deserved." ~ KingGuy420

"I rewatch it every year, it's just a great time every time I watch it. The relationship between Burt and Virginia is what I aspire for in my relationship." ~ WigglyIce

2 of the Best...

"Forever - Ioan Gruffudd plays a doctor who doesn't age but can die, but is brought back exactly like he was before. He teams up with a (stunning) Detective and they solve crimes together. There is also Adam, who has the potential of an archnemesis."

"Limitless - based on the movie with Bradley Cooper this is a fun and (mostly) lighthearted crime solving series. Brian Finch gets the pills and works with the FBI, while they supervise him. Sadly both only have one season, but both have a good ending that leaves enough open for another season, but finishes enough plots to satisfy the viewer." ~ Miss-Phryne-Fischer

Thanks Cinemax...

"Banshee. It was on Cinemax, only 4 seasons, and one of the best shows ever. It's about a guy fresh from prison that steals the identity of the new Sheriff in Banshee, PA." ~ Rynie2121

"Came on this thread just to make sure someone mentioned Banshee. Pretty sure it’s available on Prime video now so hopefully more people will find it." ~ yanxjets


"Grimm was a great show. I don’t know how popular it was but I had never heard of it until well after the last season ended. It’s also not a show that would have appealed to my tastes, I’m not a big fantasy/sci fi person. After the first episode I was hooked." ~ taylorink8

"I love that show! I got my mom and sister hooked on it so we all frequently rewatch it together. Outside of us I don’t personally know anyone who’s watched it." ~ chorusgirl96

2007 Casualty

confused eddie izzard GIFGiphy

"The Riches. 2007 show with Eddie Izzard; two seasons and then was cancelled during the writers strike. Awesome show." ~ smiller6356

Good Dirk

"Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA 2016) with Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, and Jade Eshete." ~ thisbuttonsucks

"The scene where they try to set up a prisoner exchange with the big evil guy and realize that no one knows what's going on is one of my favorite TV scenes. And then several episodes later the whole thing is repeated when they get captured and everyone is still completely clueless." ~ Yserbius

90s Awesomeness!!

"Homicide: Life On the Street. 90's show. Critically acclaimed but just couldn't get the viewership. David Simon spent a year embedded in the Baltimore Homicide unit and wrote a book (Homicide: A Year On the Killing Streets). Excellent book, excellent show. Gritty sense of humor, be warned. But the acting is fantastic -- so real, they caught a real criminal on set!" ~ farrenkm

When will I find time to sleep? I already watch too much tv as it is.

Also... "Herman's Head." Funny comedy from the 90s.

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