People Confess The Best Non-Sexual Pleasure
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This is going to be difficult to talk about without getting graphic, so let's be up front.

Yes, obviously consensual sex with someone you trust is unmatched in sensation and feeling in the physical world.

So what comes second to that?

A lot, actually, if the internet it to be believed.

Reddit user, Confused_Citron, wanted to know what feels almost as good as sex when they asked:

"What is the best non-sexual pleasure?"

Not everything has to be physical to feel just as good as the sensation of sexual intercourse.

There are those life experiences, untouched by others, that can match that limitless sensation.

It Just Won't Stop

"When someone or something makes you laugh so hard you stop making sounds. Just happy gasps."


"When your stomach and cheek muscles hurt from laughing like that for so long."


A Sensation, Unparalleled

"Going to bed with freshly washed sheets after a shower"


"And freshly shaved legs. And a fuzzy blanket. My husband had to shave one knee after a knee injury and he agreed that it feels awesome."


Letting It All Happen

"Getting into bed knowing you have nothing to do the next day"


"I'd say waking up the next morning feels even better. When you realize you can stay under the sheets as long as you want, and you just kind of squirm around in the warm blanket with a big smile on your face."


No Better Feeling

"Plans getting canceled when you didn't want to go in the first place."


"I make plans just so I can cancel them."


"In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin. -John Mulaney"


Move Your Elbows Freely

"When the door on the plane closes and the seat next to you is still empty."


A Little Piece Of Peace

"Sitting for a moment over a good meal and not being f-cking bothered! AKA, being at peace. I finally understand why celebrities hide."

"If you work all day or have multiple streams of income, family, friends, etc., that moment if uninterrupted peace is priceless."


However, we are human after all.

And sometimes a good scratch on the back is just as good as...that other thing.

Shooting All Over You

"Taking a warm shower, and then increasing the temperature ever so slightly, but not too much that it's hard to withstand, and feeling chills shoot across your entire body."


In, Out, In, Out, In...

"When you can finally take a deep, full breath through your nose after being sick."


Scratch The Right Spot

"Removing an article of clothing that has elastic or has otherwise been cutting off surface circulation. Socks, underwear, bras, a tight belt etc."


"And scratching it after"


Look At All That Liquid

"When the water that is stuck in your ear finally comes out."


The Ultimate Completion

"Closing 15+ tabs after you’re done with an essay"


Popping Inside

"Having a painful crick in my neck, bending my neck ever so slightly, and getting instant pop/relief."


"I consider this feeling sexual."


You Can Hear Everything

"When you yawn and your ears pop giving you added audio clarity that you didn't even know you were missing."


Basking In The Glorious Aftermath

"Farting away a stomach ache."


"OP said non sexual"


"You ever fart so hard your back cracked?"


*insert Scissor Joke

"When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start to glide along the paper."


Let's all cancel our plans.

That feels like a nice way to spend the week.

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