People Confess Which Things They Would Actually Give Up Sex For
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You don't have to be the richest person in the world to seek and obtain pleasures in life.

One of those urges is the act of sex.

While there is no worthy substitute for acting on our inherent sensual desires and reaching a state of euphoria, would you be willing to sacrifice making love for something greater?

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People Confess The Best Non-Sexual Pleasure
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This is going to be difficult to talk about without getting graphic, so let's be up front.

Yes, obviously consensual sex with someone you trust is unmatched in sensation and feeling in the physical world.

So what comes second to that?

A lot, actually, if the internet it to be believed.

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You've probably heard someone describe an experience as "better than sex" before.

The range of things that can be almost orgasmic without having anything at all to do with sex might surprise you.

Redditor mackeastman asked:

"What's an orgasmic feeling that isn't an orgasm?"

The Temperature Difference Is Just Perfection

"After working outside on a hot ass day all day, having nice, cold drink is damn near heaven for a few seconds."


"Any sweet cold drink tastes like the drink of gods when parched for the first 5 seconds. Pure euphoria."


So Satisfying

"When you hold the scissors still and they cut straight through the wrapping paper."


"The glide of kings."


Sweet, Sweet Solid Food

"I'm on Chemotherapy, and I recently went 50 days without keeping down solid food. The first time I digested unbuttered mashed potatoes with chicken broth, It felt like a non-stop 3 hour orgasm the entire way through."


Free The Feet!

"Taking my boots off after working in them all day."


"Or ski boots after not working all day."


So Dry. Much warm.

"Putting on comfy dry socks."


"Fresh out of the dryer, on a winter morning."


So Much Relief

"Cracking your back when you really need it. Better than sex sometimes"


An End To Annoyance

"When that piece of popcorn finally comes out from between your teeth or gums."


To Finally Breathe Properly

"The moment when you've been congested all day and one nostril finally opens."


No More Pony Tail

"letting your hair down after a long day in a ponytail."


"It almost hurts at first but it’s so satisfyingly good."


​The Tinglies

"That part of a great song that makes your spine tingle."


A lot of truly non-sexual experiences can feel almost orgasmic—if not even better.

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