People Share The Biggest Misconceptions They Used To Have About Sex
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Let's chat about a little sex baby. I know it's a hot topic, in many ways, and it can make many uncomfortable.

But it's also 2021 and some people need to take a deep breath and relax. It's essential and healthy to discuss a little sex here and there or maybe a lot of sex everywhere.

One of the best reasons to have open dialogue surrounding sex is to clear away as many misunderstandings as possible. There seems to be too much disillusion and confusion.

And if we just leave it to pornography and Cardi B to teach us, we'll be in trouble forever.

Redditoru/aliensockmonkeywanted to talk about sex baby by asking:

What's a common misconception about sex?

I love sex. But I hate talking about it, which is funny since my favorite pop star is Madonna. But I've always been uncomfortable, now I'm willing to open up a bit. Teach me y'all... though I know plenty already.

I Hear You!

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"There are a LOT of noises. As a young teen I always imagined it was just heavy panting and moaning. I was wrong."

- King_Hendrix_II

Keep it "G"

"Anyone who bases sex on porn is going to be confused."

- AA005555


- Gre8g


"That it needs to last an hour to be good. I'm in no way saying that long sessions are bad, but I'm with you. It's completely fine to get the deed done for both parties and go back to what you were doing.

- PeteyMitch42"


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"Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. Your experiences may differ."

"The first time with a new partner is never the best. Everybody has different things they like, soft spots and so on. At first, you don't know them, so it's poking in the dark. Only with time and communication you learn the tricks and bits."

- Starfall669

Size Matters

"I feel like straight men obsess about penis size more than women do. I've actually found that men with smaller peens can be better lovers since they try harder and don't think a woman is magically going to erupt into multiples just through a few thrusts. I was hospitalized after sex with a larger guy so that experience has of course affected me."

"The only turn-off is when a guy is consumed with self-hate over his size--or when he turns this bitterness against women. I'm more concerned with a man's facility with his hands than with the size of his penis, and a lot of that facility involves paying attention to a woman's signs or being willing to communicate about preferences."

- Acceptable-Cod7214

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"Get rid of those gosh dang expectations or you WILL be disappointed. For heavens sake don't take things personally. If your partner isn't down for something it has literally nothing to do with you. Sex is about 2 human beings being as vulnerable as they can be with each other. That means two individuals with different comfort zone."

- fumanchumanfu


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"I never thought that sex would be such a standard part of the relationship for so long. I used to think it was the goal, but now it is part of the trip."

- NYHiker_62

The Motions

"That you're supposed to "pound each other like jackhammer". Slowly but smoothly rocking in and out has its place. And no matter what, when one of you says "right there, don't stop", don't stop and just keep doing exactly what you were doing."

- TA_faq43

"They weren't paying attention to what they were actually doing before you said anything, they were concentrating on not finishing too soon. As soon as you said something about it, you distracted them and made them forget what they were doing that felt so good. It's really a lose-lose situation that our biology has cursed us with."

- david4069

Owed Nothing

"That it's the most important thing ever and you'll die a virgin if you don't have it before you hit your 20s or whatever. Look, sex is fun and all (but it can also be... bad), but it's not the end of the damn world if you're still a virgin after you graduate high school, or by your 30s, or beyond. There's other crap worth focusing on that's enjoyable, too."

"Also: Nobody owes you sex. No matter how nice you were to them, no matter how hard you tried to make them feel bad for you, no matter how attractive you think you are... nobody owes you sex."

- OhGodItsARainbow

Anyone else got a notepad and a bottle of vodka? Just me? Ok. There are definitely somethings here that were left off in high school sex ed. Let's revisit that curriculum. Try to be adults about sex people. Teach the right way.

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