People Break Down Which Products and Electronics They Wish They'd Purchased Earlier In Their Lives
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I hate electronics because they tend to hate me first! I swear every electronic item I purchase, I always get the lemon.

I've been through twenty DVD players. My last iPhone I had to return and trade out three times before I got the correct one. So I try to steer clear of all electronic must-haves.

I'm learning that I have been without some necessities for a while now.

So let's get my list together.

Redditor u/MrBrian22 wanted to know what we should immediately run out to the store for, by asking:

What tool, device, or appliance do you wish you would have bought earlier in your life?

I recently discovered crock pots. They're interesting pots you plug into the wall that make whole meals. Do you know how much time is saved?

Always Two

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"A second monitor. I can't imagine using a computer regularly with only one monitor."

- Linkums



- always_j

"I bought a brand new Lenovo laptop. It was so slow, it took literally 5 minutes to boot up. I would never close the lid because to bring it out of sleep mode took 5 minutes. It got hot and shut down all the time. Brand new. Took it to a computer repair place. he said it needs an SSD, the stock hard drive is garbage. I said ok do it. Now it's FINE. I am livid how bad it was. My old Lenovo was super slow too but I just accepted it."

- lazarus870

Pik Away...

Water pik. Apparently I suck at teeth brushing, 'cause the amount of crap that comes out afterwards amazes me. (Don't ask me about flossing -- Lying to my dentist is bad enough.)"

- dlordjr

" - Basically a product to help you floss, without actually flossing but using water instead."

- WastedRomaine


"An electric tire inflator - $29.95. It plugs into either a wall outlet or the vehicle's utility outlet. So good to add air to tires at your own convenience."

- Back2Bach

"This is a lifesaver and made me lazy. I've been living with small nails and pinhole leaks for months. I just carry my inflator around on the truck and give it 5-10 mins to fill up 1-2x a week and I'm good to go. I've been able to delay having to buy new tires for over a year. Also great for bike tires that go up to 85psi which would require me to work up a sweat pumping with a hand pump otherwise."

- n00bcak3

help me walk...

"A cane. I've been living in denial about my physical disabilities for 20 years. But the cane makes walking so much easier! I have something to support and stabilize me. It also makes me walk slower in public, which keeps the pain at bay."


I love a good cane. They'e also nifty as weaponry, just in case. And monitors, monitors, monitors, too many is a bad thing. I think.

Backend Clean

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"Bought and installed a bidet attachment to my toilet. Really works well."

- leakylocknut


"If you are working on your feet doing physical labor, buy fitted boots. They are expensive but still cheaper than new knees. Boots are a tool. Having the incorrect tool for the job can get you hurt."

- Royalkayak

I found a pair of leather military boots at a thrift store. Do I occasionally get weird looks or confused coworkers when I show up wearing them to my not particularly rugged job? Yes. Will those coworkers ever hear me saying my feet hurt? No. They're some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, and basically indestructible."

- lizardgal10

Weigh me down...

"Electric Blanket. Absolute god send."

- TheChemicalSophie

"I feel like my cat would LOVE an electric blanket. One time I used my heat gun to warm up a part of my bed, and yes. He went for it. He sat in the glorious heated comfort area."

- MoxEmerald

"Weighted blanket. Best thing to happen to my sleep since a decent mattress."

- mossadspydolphin

"only airtooks are worth it"

"Cordless impact gun. For years I believed "only airtooks are worth it" and since I don't have a garage for a compressor I just sucked it up and used a ratchet. Last year I got a big ole 450ft lb Milwaukee and I swear if I attached a bolt to the center of the earth, this sucker would make the days shorter. I'm an idiot for never buying one before."

- Affectionate_Local59

Aching Parts

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"Knee pads, for working on a car, or gardening, or construction, or anything that requires kneeling. My knees became so much happier after I started using them."


Bidets freak me out and I refuse knee pads until I'm sixty at least. Ok, fifty. And electric blankets, in winter, life-changing. Thanks for the heads up.

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