People Explain Which Things They Absolutely Believe But Cannot Prove
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The world is big enough that anything is possible. However, if you let your mind wander into the unknown, you'll eventually stumble across something that couldn't actually happen.


Reddit user, u/chkn-bcn, wanted to hear what's so unbelievable when they asked:

What do you believe, but cannot prove?

Tough To Read

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That you can read in dreams.

Everyone believes you can't and it's such a dumb, baseless myth. I know for a fact that you can because I have, many times, and it bothers me that I have no way of proving it.


Well......Okay, Go On.

That 2020 is the result of future folks going back in time to change things, and REALLY f-cking it up even worse!


The Universe Is Keeping Track

That life for me is a series of checks and balances. If I have too much happiness, something bad will happen to bring me down. If too much joy is had for too long a period of time, I start to get really worried that a major disaster is about to happen to balance out the happy.

On the flip side, if I manage to stay calm and somewhat content or indifferent to what's happening in life, then things stay pretty calm and stagnant too.

Theory of equilibrium but with life experiences 🤔


Might As Well Keep Putting It Out Into The World

I believe that love and caring is an actual force that can manifest itself in the physical world and genuinely change people in the short or long term in inexplicable ways. I have no idea how one would prove or measure this but I regularly see it happening.


Doesn't Everyone Already Think This?

That phones listen to everything I say during the day, stuff I type on messaging apps, phone calls I make with people. I already know they track my online activity but I had a very heated argument with a friend (we're both fresh IT grads) and he vehemently refused the fact that phones could listen while idle.

I've tried doing a ton of research but nothing shows up. I've done experiments when I've taken a friend's phone and we had a casual conversation about stuff that I'm interested in and he's not (make-up, fashion, etc) and within 5 minutes, he opened Instagram and got ads for those very things. I really believe there's some big revelation coming in the tech industry within the next 5 years and it's not going to be pretty.


No One Knows What Future Apps Will Be Capable Of

In the near future an app or social media site will be created that essentially functions the way labor unions were meant to function.

It will cause upheaval. Places like WalMart and manufacturers will suddenly have to deal with flash-strikes.


A Vindictive Ex

Around 1995 I was away in college. Broke up with a girlfriend and when she left she took the remote for the TV. I just figured I misplaced it. I moved back to my home town a month later. Soon I bought a new TV and never thought about it again.

About 4 years later we get back in contact (We were from the same geographic area). She drops by my new place for a coffee and after she leaves I can't find the remote for my, now new, TV.

I search everywhere and in a crack under the back cushion on the couch I found the remote for the old TV. Never did find the remote I needed for the new TV.

I'm sure she stole both of them and pulled the switcheroo years later.


Here Today, Gone The Next

One of my best friends from middle school up and disappeared with his entire family.

Seriously. There one day, totally empty house the next. No phone calls, no texts, no social media.

I'm convinced the whole family was in witness protection.


Makes Sense, Right?

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There are alien civilizations out there that are a million years ahead of us, a million years behind us, and everything in between.


Let's Get Cosmologically Crazy For A Second

I believe that energy=consciousness. I believe that we don't understand consciousness, only what it means, subjectively, to experience our ability to process consciousness through our senses. I believe there is only this consciousness, as energy, and in order for it to be self aware, it must evolve into further understandings and representations of itself/ourselves.

I believe the entire nature of reality is a torus, and we're on the precipice of discovering this. The universe is toroidal and it appears flat to us because it is so vast, it would be like an ant trying to measure the circumference of the earth.


We Could Really Use Heroes Right Now, Super-Powered Or Not

That there are real people on this planet that have super powers but choose to stay in hiding.



The Clippers threw the 2013-2014 divisional round on purpose to devalue the team so that Donald Sterling would get less money in his forced selling of the team.

Chris Paul was dribbling the ball out for a win in game 5 when Durant made a really weak steal to steal the lead. Either Chris just forgot to protect the ball or he let Durant do it on purpose to quietly steal the series.


Psychologically, most humans have empathy chips that prevent one from causing great harm and pain to others. It is a varying spectrum on the sociopathic scale, and some other aspects, that lend others to not feel this and in turn not have a "stopgap" toward bringing harm.


Something Is Just A Little Off

I went to a Guns n Roses aka Axl Rose concert during the barrelhead days, around 2006 I think. Anyway I'm about 99% sure that the singer on stage was NOT really Axl. I was such a huge fan so I'd seen them on this tour a couple times already. He looked like Axl and sounded like him but there was something off about it. Can't put my finger on it but I really think that it was a very good impersonator.


Is This True Or Do Tastes Change?

Subway was much higher quality 20 years ago.


Fast food in general was higher quality 20 years ago, with some exception. The largest exception is probably chicken nuggets. 20 years ago they were more like deep fried chicken bone milkshake. But since they were largely marketed towards kids, no one cared what kind of quality they were.


Silently Stalking...All...Day...Long...

That some people wait around until they see someone sitting or parked by themselves and then go sit or park close to them.

I don't know what their goal is but it happens so many times there has to be something going on.


This happens to me all the time. I purposely park far away from the store, usually with in the last few rows. And a usually have plenty of empty spots on both sides of my car. Inevitably when I come back to my car there is someone parked in a spot right next to my car, even though there are lots of empty spaces in the same row.


You Know What That's Worth Now?

Childhood friends stole my copy of super smash bros melee.

Haunts me to this day. Did they do it? I'll never know



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People in general across the world want to live in peace.


I've travelled a lot, and you're right - 99% of people are like you and me; go to work, go to the shops, sit in a cafe, just getting on with life.