Younger Generations Break Down Their Most Boomer-Esque Opinions

Younger Generations Break Down Their Most Boomer-Esque Opinions
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Sometimes we're all on the same page. It's not often, but once in awhile, it is possible.

In this current state of the world the generational divide is at an all time high. Everyone is on opposing side and no one seems to be getting along.

One generation blames the other for just about everything you can think of. So it's nice to see the once in a blue moon moment when agreement is reached.

They may be just small opinions but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Redditor u/coolfreeusername wanted to know the thoughts of the "youth" by asking:

Non-boomers of Reddit, what's your most boomer opinion?

There are also basic truths that anyone, at any age can be in unison about. Like, be kind to animals, everyone agrees there. Also, our government is overpaid, whether you're a Boomer, Gen Z, X, or 100 years old, we all know that's true. What else?

Hang Up

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"Five year olds don't need Smartphones."

- Jessykosis

Just Dumb

"Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart."

"Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don't recognize. source, I thinkAnd that is indeed more or less accurate. People in IT don't like pointless attack surfaces."

- jegtalertysk

Ink Issues

"My printer. I was trying to scan something at my mom's house this week, and her printer wouldn't let me log into the program to scan things unless I was connected to the internet. (She has internet, but her computer drops the connection every time it goes to sleep, so she has to reboot it all the time). And then it wouldn't let me scan things until I made an account."

"The printer has spent 100% of its life connected to the computer with a USB cord, and the printer knows it is connected via USB because it told me it was connected via USB. HP, you can f**k right off with these nonsense obstacles you put in the way of people using the device they already paid for. The only reason I need internet and an account to use the software is so you can nag me about signing up for "helpful" refills of your overpriced ink."

"And let's not talk about the free printer I got from my dad, which I tried to use to scan something, and which would not let me scan because it was out of ink, and clearly those two functions are entirely dependent on one another and could not possibly function independently."

- peony_chalk


"Physical keyboards are better."

- fdeslandes

"What's with car manufacturers now wanting to only put in a giant touch screen? Where are my physical buttons damn it! I can only deal with touch screens for phones and tablets."

- rougemachinae

"I think that most people will agree with you on that one. That's the reason virtual keyboards have clicking sound effects, to mimic the real and superior keyboards."

- ma5tercraft

Just Chill

Classic Film Summer GIF by Warner ArchiveGiphy

"I don't want my damn refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job."

- boissondevin

So, so true. All of that! Why do my home appliances have to also control the world? I just need my things to do their singular job well and that's all. Why are so many things in life complicated?

Butts Out!

Jason Momoa Dancing GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy


- deeliacarolina

"It's been several years since I've gone up stairs behind some guy with his whole butt out of his pants and in my face. Thank the Lord."

- velveeta_blue


"Sending out thank you notes when you receive a gift from someone. My mom was always big on that and I understand why. I bought an expensive gift for my friends birthday and she never messaged me or said thank you for the gift. Saying thank you isn't that hard and it means a lot to the person."

- Angelic_Demoness

No Cameras

"Not everything needs to be filmed and put on the internet."

- Dangerous_Effort3355

"This. I'm fine if you take a short video or a few photos to look back on, but you don't need to share your two minute video of the fireworks you watched on July 4th. Nobody cares, and you end up wasting your time looking more at your phone than at the firework show."

- SoggyFruit17

Tooooo Many Options

"There's too many subscription services for crap. It's nice to have access to unlimited movies and TV, but like. For the most part I wind up just watching the same sitcom over and over to decompress after work. I wonder how much I could have saved by just getting B99 and King of the Hill box sets instead of paying for Hulu for four years. And anything where they mail you a box of curated crap every month is absolutely unnecessary, toot freaking sweet."

- ChasingParallax

"be that person"

"Communities within neighborhoods would be lovely. My mum talks about it all the time, but it's something I've never experienced myself. Like, we know our neighbors, but that's about it. I'd love to live on a street or in a suburb where people have little get-togethers (street parties for big events) or just generally know and look out for each other on a more meaningful level."

"Sadly I am but a lowly 23-year-old, far off owning my own property, but one day I would love to "be that person" and bake brownies for my little cul-de-sac. Sorry I can't back to all these comments, I'm overwhelmed lol, but I'm taking notes for future me. Currently, live on a council estate where not everyone gets on (there's a cockerel war rn) so now is not the time to get cuddly with the neighbours lol."

- MartyMcFlybe


Boomer Reaction GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"Get off my lawn."

- SingleFunction41

"Like a good neighbor, stay over there!"

- NotYourRealDad810

Amen to so much of this. After reading this, I feel so much less alone. Now why can't we use this as a starting off point for other discussions? Let's try...

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