I know what I know and I know what I feel... and that is all.

What a way to live. Conviction in belief is everything.

But it is astonishing to see what conviction people are willing to take all the way.

Politically, culturally, medically... everyone has a list of a few things they swear to be true, no matter what the opposition says or can prove.

What beliefs are you ready to fight for?

RedditorFunWithAPorpoisewanted to hear from everyone what opinions they would take to the end, so they asked:

"What's the smallest hill you'll die on?"

Movie theaters are always going to be better than streaming.

The experience is never the same, can't say why, but it's true.

Fight me...


"Girl Scout cookies are not as good as they used to be." ~ BossMagnus


Zip It

"Squeeze the air out of a Ziploc bag before you put the bag in the fridge or freezer. I don't understand why my wife doesn't and one of these days I'll have a decision to make." ~ lookielikeaman

"ANY bag related food product that isn't crispy/fragile... bread, veggies, marinades. If it's a tricky one (like chicken on the bone) you can submerge the bag in water up till the tie off point/zipper and seal it that way too. We will die on this small bump of a hill together friends." ~ Joboxr87

Push It

"Actual physical push buttons are way better than sensor buttons. (Like the xbox 360 sensor buttons)."

"Edit: I have recently been informed that they are called tactile buttons (physical) And haptic buttons (sensor) So thanks for the bit of knowledge and the awards!" ~ I_Grimmly_I

"Kind of a similar thing:"

"I'm wanting to get a new car soon, and it drives me nuts that most cars nowadays have touch screen controls. In my current car, I can change the radio station, turn up the fan, switch to A/C all without taking my eyes off the road because it's all knobs and tactile buttons." ~ ac_hrt

Person A

"If you (person A) pull open a door and someone (person B) is wanting to come through from the other side, HOLD THE DOOR AND LET THEM THROUGH. Similarly, if you are the other person, don't dilly-dally, WALK THROUGH. Because the alternative is person "

"A awkwardly trying to pass through whilst struggling to maintain holding the door open, leaving person B waiting awkwardly for them to finish. Happens a lot at my office in the corridors and it does my head in." ~ IglooRaves

Shut Up

"Speaker phone is not meant for using in public." ~ omgimfauxreal


Speaker phones should never have been a thing.

That is a truth.

We have moved past so much.

Hey Elsa

"'Frozen' isn’t a Christmas or even a winter movie, t is literally set in the summer, a big part of the plot is that everyone was unprepared for the summer freeze. I will die on this hill." ~ Autumn1eaves


In the Water

"Polycarbonate water bottles don't contain any dangerous amount of BPA. It's a marketing ploy by 3m Eastman to force people to use lower life cycle plastics. Tritan cracks at 2 years old, and polycarbonate lasts at least 20 years. They know polycarbonate is safe because we haven't stopped using it in high impact kitchen appliances like food processors and blenders."

The Strangest 'Wrong Number' Stories | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Before we all had caller ID, wrong numbers phone calls were commonplace. But now that almost everyone screens their calls, it's wrong number texts that have ...

"They created a crappier plastic that hurts the environment to make more money. Cheap canned goods are literally lined with BPA. Polycarbonate bottles have f**k all to do with humans BPA exposure. If you own a polycarbonate water bottle keep using it, it has no BPA on it after the first time you wash it."

"Source: MS mechanical engineering focused in polymers. One of my profs posted a few papers on this." ~ miices


"Macaroons are not macarons. One has coconut, and one is a sandwich cookie." ~ picoCuries

"I remember in high school my entire class argued with me about this. Macaroons are the little coconut things, while macarons are the pastry cookie."

"I argued with my entire social studies class about this including my teacher, before finally he said LETS LOOK IT UP. It’s not like I got anything out of being the only person right, but damn does it feel good to prove 30 other people wrong! At least they all know the difference now." ~ wonderinglady20

Just Merge

"If you are on the highway and you try to move over two lanes to sneak into a packed exit right before the guard rail, you have already missed your freaking turn. Go to the next exit and turn around or try another route. Before anyone brings it up, no, I am not talking about merging."

"I am talking about seeing a long line of people waiting to get off an exit, and you breaking the law by crossing solid lines to cut in because you couldn't be screwed to read the signs for the last two miles telling you which lane you need to be in for your exit." ~ D3moknight

It's Different!

"Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip are not interchangeable, they are drastically different." ~ b0nk3r00


I am team MAYO.

And macaroons are my enemy.

I have more opinions, but let's save those.

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