People Share The Most Gen Z Comment They've Ever Heard
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Generation Z, the generation that follows Millennials, are now somewhere between the ages of seven and 24. With the oldest of their generation being in their early 20s and late teens, they're bound to leave their mark on internet culture and social media.

Though we are still getting to know this generation, they have already shown themselves to be influential on the digital world. They're capitalizing off of their quirks with Instagram influencer brand deals and going viral for TikTok dance videos.

Since they've taken the reins, we see especially from the Black community, new waves of pop culture references that trend so fast it will make your head spin. Redditors told us some of the most typical things a Gen Z kid will say.

Redditor Maxibonlikesflags asked:

"What's the most gen Z thing to say?"

If you're trying to figure out what the kids are saying these days, take a look at this list.

Everyone older than 21 is a boomer now.

"'Ok boomer' to a millennial."

- nindesk

"I went back to college last year (I’m 31) and a kid in my class found out my age and was like 'I didn’t know you were a boomer.' I was so upset lmfao."

- girl_in-purple

"I don't know who you are, but I am also upset for you."

- WabbieSabbie

"I’m gen z and I have been called a boomer by a younger gen z’s."

- Child-Reich-66

"Me too, just turned 23 and regularly getting called a boomer by my little brother."

- NoSuspect3688

"I'm dying of laughter" reduced to an emoji.

"💀 this skull emoji when something is funny."

- simp4tedlasso

"Name a more accurate duo I'll wait..."

"Me: 😭✋"

- Phalanx_02

"Please😭🤚🏼 I forgot about that one 💀."

- simp4tedlasso

​It's the "I understood the assignment" for me.

“'It’s the _____ for me.' 'Understood the assignment.'"

- Jatheone76

"I listen to a podcast and one of the hosts is obviously a Gen Z kid. She never stops saying shit like 'Can we talk about how literally obsessed I am with this?' Or 'Can we talk about how obsessed I am?' I don't care if I sound like a boomer, that drives me up the wall."

- ryanbuddy04

"I was watching a reaction video (don't judge me) of a young person and she was saying stuff like 'I'm screaming,' 'I'm dead,' at mildly amusing things and she was stone face while saying this."

"The disconnect between her words and actual actions was it's own amusement to me after a while."

- Lost_Afropick

"I'm a millennial and this just sounds like tumblr back in the day."

"'asfsgdgdhsgddjkkksjkkajks i'm SCREAMING.'"

- GloriousHypnotart

"Bussin" is AAVE for good food.


- Lakeshow0924

"Sheeesh🥶 this sh*t bussin."

- Phalanx_02

"Bing chilling 🥶."

- OpenHead4

Gen Z doesn't remember 9/11

"What was it like before 9/11?"

- Verb_NounNumber

"Honestly I think whatever follows Gen Z will be a post-COVID generation. Children born before or during COVID who never knew about the world before COVID."

- AshFraxinusEps

"We'll tell kids about the days we used to be able to go to the supermarket without a mask. And when people could just go to other countries for fun."

- nerevisigoth

Are they being sarcastic or sincere?

"I love that for you."

- wedgiepick

"I don’t know why this phrase kind of p*ss me off. I feel like it almost sounds passive aggressive?"

- expreince_explorer

"Yes and condescending. It sounds a like a busy mum saying something to fob her child off."

- londonscappo22

Adding sparkles for ✨emphasis✨

"I feel ✨uncomfy✨"

- dead-crimson

"I want to ✨die✨"

- ElLoboLudo

"Related but unrelated to uncomfy: words like 'sewer slide,' 'unalive,' 'la dolla beans,' 'Ed Sheeran.' They're all words that people created because lots of sites (especially TikTok) censor content with certain words. Kinda punk, kinda dystopian."

- SirensToGo

"'Shreks worker or 'spicy accountant' for sex worker or 'seggsual' for sexual."

- mentallyillustrated

"It’s quite fascinating to see language change because of censorship in the digital world. Sounds really dystopian and cyberpunk to me. It’s also nice to see how creative humans can be to evade censorship as a collective."

- Khratus

"Some poor marketing intern's definitely taking vigorous notes on this thread right now."

- Headkickerchamp

"I'm like 99% sure this post was probably made by some 'boomer' marketing guy."

- Wastewatertastegood

Hopefully this list brought you a little closer to understanding the youngster's internet lingo.

But don't get too attached, the next trendy thing to say will have already come and gone before we know it.

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